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zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/Music
ACanine 1 point

Why should they? They are participating in an open market just like everyone else.

zach-wildfig 3 points

What economic fallout would happen if they didn't regulate them?

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Rusty_Shakalford 3 points

Orientals makes me chuckle. Reminds me of old wetsern where Chinese immigrants are building the railway. Amazing people still use it.

I find it kind of funny that my ancestors (White people) kept using it even though it makes no sense in North America. Asia is to the West of us from here.

zach-wildfig 1 point

I find it kind of funny that my ancestors (White people) kept using it even though it makes no sense in North America. Asia is to the West of us from here.

... They refer to East and West from the Prime Meridian on a projection map. Everything is East or West of another point, three dimensions and all that reality stuff.

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DOOMman007 905 points

I went down a rabbit hole of past shooters and I noticed that a lot of times the shooter was the bully. But often have sociopathic or psychopath tendencies.

zach-wildfig 1 point

Almost all CEOs and Presidents have had a strong lean towards psychopathy and/or sociopathic behaviors. These two traits alone do not a destabilized person make.

do_you_smoke_paul 212 points

Whilst conveniently no one does anything to tackle mental illness. If gun control is off the cards, are we not going to do something about mental health?! You can't have it both ways, refuse gun control and do nothing about mental health if you use the latter as your excuse.

zach-wildfig 5 points

Both sides of the aisle take the same do-nothing approach to mental illness whilst casting aspersions on the other. The right doesn't want to support them much at all (see Reagans deinstitutionalization), and the left wants an uber light touch where you're "helping" them and gently guiding them which has proven to be largely ineffective as well. It's two sides of a largely "hands off" policy. Bring back asylums and remove people who are incapable of functioning properly in society until such a time as they can.

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jewfro667 0 points

But would it be worth it to do both if the option is available at some point? That’s really what I’m wondering since odds are I’m still going to want to go for an MBA. Part of it is also that I never really pictured myself possibly going back to my alma mater for grad school.

zach-wildfig -1 points

If you're planning to spend 4 years and a boat load of cash on a degree why not just go for a PhD instead? It's better than both.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/funny
fluffymacaron 2 points

Eh, some people are trying to get into competitive graduate schools after undergrad. I get it, but I still think that it’s crazy to be that cutthroat.

zach-wildfig -5 points

If you have to try that hard, you probably don't belong there.

lololgong 109 points

that and the fact that people there likes to brag about their workload and how cool it is to be constantly stressed. maybe im just bitter that I got rejected though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

zach-wildfig 0 points

I never found that to be the case at Princeton, it was pretty collaborative. I think it's mostly who you hang out with though. A lot of Asians loved to brag about their course load and how stressed out they were. Meanwhile, the core group I ran with had the same course load and ample free time while still(mostly) maintaining 4.0s.

I like to go by the "if you have to tell someone you're x, you're probably not x".

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zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/worldnews
Khiva 133 points

Countries all over the world are realizing how easy it is to manipulate Trump’s base.

zach-wildfig 2 points

To be fair, that's either base. The vast majority of people participating in t_d or pol are easily manipulated muppets.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/thatHappened
Batiti2000 -1 points

20 credits is that much for double major?

I guess it must work differently in whatever country, because I had 38 credits in my first semester.

zach-wildfig 3 points

1 credit = 1 hour of class time except for labs. 20 credit hours = 20 class hours per week. There’s not an accredited University in the US that will let you carry 38 credit hours a week.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/datascience
zach-wildfig 3 points

You can apply for small companies / underfunded or nonfunded startups and probably get a foothold in as an excel analyst or something. It's doable, but your probability is low. Your resume' will likely got to the bottom of the pile anywhere with a name since they'll have a staff of PhD's applying who are more knowledgable and more capable.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/AskReddit
PowerOfTheirSource 5 points

You are arguing for "trickle down economics" which doesn't work in reality. As far as the taxes businesses pay, it is easy for a large company to cause more tax burden than the revenue it creates.

zach-wildfig 0 points

I’m not arguing for trickle down at all. That theory is garbage and has been proven to be false both in practice and using a priori knowledge after the fact in statistical analysis. I’m only stating that residency is fluid and someone being a native resident is not entitled to any special considerations.

spokale 1 point

> being a native resident is not entitled to any special considerations.

Why not? By that logic, there's no reason to suppose that it was wrong for Europeans to colonize the Americas, for example. Just because the 'native residents' were there first doesn't mean they're 'entitled to any special considerations', after all. Everyone should just be able to pick up their life and move hundreds or thousands of miles whenever the place they live becomes so gentrified that they can't afford to remain there, it's only fair.

zach-wildfig 1 point

I don’t disagree with the colonization of the Americas.

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zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/space
PokeEyeJai 3 points
zach-wildfig 1 point

They haven't added much. Is it worth noting and achievement? Absolutely. Is it based in its entirety off of research performed and published by DARPA in 2003, 14 years prior? Also yes.

PokeEyeJai 31 points

Actually China's space program has quite a healthy partnership with ESA. They also wanted to partner up USA, but was shot down by Republican politics and barred access to the "International" space station due to American insecurities (which is ironic since half the station is RUSSIAN).

Also, before pointing fingers, do know that America was the first nation ever to shoot down space satellites. China merely peer reviewed and duplicate US results.

zach-wildfig 1 point

You can successfully blow up a satellite. There are smart (american) ways to do it, and there is the chinese way of doing it. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the topic when talking about the amount of traceable debris rather than just googling for a quick soundbyte.

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zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/datascience
zach-wildfig 7 points

Along with what /u/com_alexaddison said it's a very taxing role. Some days I wish I could just write code and check off boxes on a list with specs that was handed to me. Having to be "on" for each piece of the puzzle all the time, especially when working at a startup, can be mentally taxing. I'm afforded a great salary, lots of latitude to do what I want, and can sit around for hours some days reading research papers. But there are times when I have to do the research, setup the architecture, write data gathering, write etl, write data cleanup, model, prep a powerpoint and give a presentation. It's fun, it's challenging, but it's also incredibly stressful at times.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/datascience
[deleted] 1 point


zach-wildfig 1 point

I don't think your statement serves to satisfy the case of induction to be accurately considered an analogy.

[deleted] 1 point


zach-wildfig 1 point

When in doubt, red herring.

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zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/datascience
Garv96 5 points

How to start learning data science/data analytics from absolute scratch? I want to make a career in data science/analytics but do not have any idea from where to begin. Can anybody here help me out?

zach-wildfig -5 points

Go get a PhD in a science.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/books
mousemarie94 219 points

Well of course. The target audiences are different too. People here are making excuses and "separating the art from the person", while glazing over atrocity as if the person making art is chopped liver and doesn't matter.

zach-wildfig 3 points

Who’s glazing? You can acknowledge shitty behavior and still say that his work was incredible. There’s no moral conundrum there. Both are facts.

ariadnes-thread 5 points

Except that people are still going on and on about how David Foster Wallace was a literary genius, the most important author of his generation, etc., etc. All this talk about how he was such a great and troubled and brilliant author, so it does matter that he didn’t actually belong up on that pedestal people are still putting him on.

And being mentally ill and unstable is not an excuse. Most depressed people harm themselves only, they don’t stalk and abuse others. Saying that “oh, this is just one of the demons he was facing” is excusing some awful behavior AND stigmatizing depression, which does not actually cause you to abuse women. He was depressed and mentally ill AND he stalked and abused Mary Karr. Stalking and abuse isn’t an intrinsic feature of the mental illnesses he had.

zach-wildfig 5 points

What does being one of the greatest authors in modern times have to do with his personal life and generally shitty character?

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
MgmtmgM 0 points

What fields aren't worth researching?

zach-wildfig 1 point


Halo98 16 points

Happy to see my university in the Top 50. Makes all those years working towards a PhD worth it, right? Right???

zach-wildfig 3 points

Depends on the field of study whether or not it’s worth it.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/datascience
zach-wildfig 5 points

There are more data scientist jobs than there are data scientists. The unfortunate part for entry level is there's not a short path to actual data science. Dashboards are not data science. Machine learning is not data science. Programming is not data science. Data science is where all of those disciplines and tools coalesce and create actionable insight into something. So is data science going away? Not anytime soon because there are so few capable enough and educated enough to perform it. Are non-data science jobs like analysts, dashboarders, small ML(nn, cnn, etc) style jobs going to burst? At some point, absolutely.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
chozabu 31 points

I'm sure this has already been commented - but as a Viz practitioner you deserve to hear it again.

This chart does not show which initial application worked out, or any separation beyond the code/phone interview.

Solutions: 1. don't fully aggregate! the interview node can be multiple nodes, stacked to keep the data separated.
2. you can maintain the colour of the original (1st/2nd layer) nodes throughout (perhaps not easy if you are using d3.js)
3. failing that - you could even hand-draw a line showing the "winning path" at the end

Glad you got the job - Glad you used a sankey chart - and used it better than the last poster who posted a similar chart!

zach-wildfig 0 points

They are a viz practitioner. Never stated they are any good at it.

zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/pics
ChachiV 1 point

Morality is knowing the difference between right and wrong. With the current system in place in the US, the right thing, the moral thing, is to leave a tip. I'll restate, that if you do not believe in tipping, stay at home for drinks and meals.

zach-wildfig 1 point

Morality is artificial and subjective. Please don’t attempt to impose a flawed argument as fact.

ChachiV 2 points

I just feel like now you're arguing just for the sake of arguing. All I am trying to say is that people in the US who sit down at a restaurant or order drinks at a bar have a(n) [REDACTED] obligation to tip the server.

zach-wildfig -1 points

Also factually incorrect. The only obligation is that they pay their bill. If there’s a mandatory tip on the bill, then the obligation includes tip. If there isn’t, no such obligation exists.

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zach-wildfig commented on a post in r/worldnews
theth1rdchild 14 points

So you think we're just the only first world country that can't figure out how to run its own healthcare system? Your points are lucid and presented well, but you act like we live in a vacuum where no one else has done this before.

You also don't really explain why the government shouldn't own and run healthcare in general.

It is not a tough situation or unfortunate reality that families have to debate whether they can afford to take Dad to the hospital for his chest pain. It is a crime, it is unacceptable. Shrugging it off is therefore also not really acceptable.

zach-wildfig -2 points

Which current first world country with UHC is geographically, demographically, and economically similar to the US ?

Draculea 0 points

None, and I think a lot of the world (and folks who live on either coast) don't realize just how much larger and more spread out we are than most of the world. We have significantly less people, but we're actually physically larger than China. All that space presents infrastructure problems.

In England, 50,000,000 people are packed into 50,000 square miles, so they get all kinds of benefits for needing less infrastructure overall.

Add onto that, we're not in a physical location with a ton of trading partners all around. In Europe, you have neighbors all around you, and generally within a few days' driving distance (for now at least, lol). In the US, there are some states that couldn't be crossed that quickly.

It's just such a different landscape, I'm taken back when people are like "lol England does it, why can't you."

zach-wildfig 0 points

ding ding ding we have a logical person!

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