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In my experience, doorbell transformers and doorbells are finicky beasts. Although probably not an issue, I would avoid piggybacking to avoid either device interfering with each other, and to avoid loading the transformer above spec.

Whats on the other side of the hallway walls? It's usually pretty easy to add a receptacle on the other side of a wall from an existing one. This will fix your real problem (no receptacles), keep things looking neat, be up to code, and provide more utility.

The CF light indicates that the CF card is busy.

The AIM light indicates the presence of an "Advanced Integration Module" inside. IF this light is intermittent and seems to cause problems when lit, you might look inside for some loose or bad connections. Maybe remove the module alltogether.

Edit: This is your bible for questions like this.

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It's probably going to be easier and cheaper to buy a new router.

Edit: The 1841s take SODIMMs for the replaceable SDRAM. If that's the portion that is defective, you might find some on eBay for a reasonable price. However, given that you can get a completely new router for $50US, it's probably not cost effective if you are just troubleshooting.

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My brother has moderate dyslexia--written tests were the bane of his high school and college years. He had a lot of success using tinted transparencies over a paper and tinted glasses; apparently, the decreased contrast helps.

From what we learned growing up with my brother is that there are a huge number of approaches and only a few--a different few--work with each individual. So do a bunch of research and try as many solutions as possible.

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Do they not provide joules and clamping rate because of laziness or because surges are so infrequent that there is no need to really bother provide that kind of information?

Because most consumers purchasing from Argos don't care about--or even know about--energy or clamping ratings.

If you care about those things, then purchase from a reputable manufacturer who rates and tests their equipment. APC and CyberPower are two brands that come to mind.

If you pick the right places, yes. I know it's hard to comprehend for many personality types, but it's pretty easy in practice. It keeps you from hermiting yourself away and keeps you in practice for meeting potential employers.

Mostly, however, you should be visiting places where people are expecting to be social, and where those people should be in your field.

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In order. Don't worry about hitting the complete list if you're not already doing so. Accomplish #1. Then #2. DON'T give up just because you make a mistake. Depression and lethargy are your greatest enemies.

  1. Shower. Every day.
  2. Shower before 8:00 am
  3. Get out of the house. Every day.
  4. Go somewhere with people.
  5. Meet someone new. Every day.
  6. Tell that someone you are between careers.

70%+ of jobs are found in some way through a personal connection. While applying to jobs is a good task, that can be done on your own time. Meeting people and making connections is hard to do at 3 AM.

Also, don't say "I'm looking for a job", you have a field, you're just not working in it at the moment. Instead say, "I'm a healthcare professional, looking for a new employer".

More to your point:

  • Find and visit career support groups.
  • Find and visit professional organizations in your field.
  • Find and visit some outside form of self-improvement. Study at the library. Start yoga in the park. Volunteer at a food bank.
  • Find a way to start your career without a job: intern at a non-profit, sell your services locally
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so oscar just needing the kvm group

Yep, that's what I was heading towards.

Looks like a reboot was required for the group changes to take effect. (Is there a service to restart instead of just rebooting?)

Never had to do that before, usually restarting the TTY is enough, but it might be because this is a kernel module.

This won't make a big difference to you, but best practice is to run services like this under their own user (I'm assuming oscar is your username) so they don't have access to stuff they don't need.

The GNS3 server project has templates for both Systemd and Upstart depending upon your distro. This will also auto-start GNS3 when you boot your host.

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Depends on your home network.

Honestly, Cisco hardware that supports the speeds that many home networks demand today is extremely expensive. You are paying for a slew of features and performance you just don't need outside of the data rate. They are also loud, hot, and power-hungry. One exception is the 2960G/3750G-era Catalyst gigabit access switches, however, it's rare to find a home that needs more than 24 ports, and they're still loud, hot, and power-hungry.

IMO, it's far better and far cheaper to use two separate networks, each designed for a particular use.

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Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied

This is a permission problem, not a networking problem.

  • What user is the GNS3 process running under?
  • What groups does that user belong to?
  • If you run the server as root, does it have the same issue?
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Yes. Given the sheer amount of knowledge contained inside, it's an extremely cheap resource for a CCNA student.

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A "multi-access interface" is a completely different thing than a "multi-access link".

His first? response describes the interface, the second describes the link.

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Not a home setup, and the USG is what I have to work with for now.

Fair enough, you still won't find many people familiar with the USG here. I'm not sure I agree that associating the Unifi line with home networking was an assumption, but whatever, agree to disagree.

The problem I have is that I have two devices which require certain outbound ports to be open. It's built in and not something I can change.

Do you mean inbound ports? NAT, usually, allows all outbound connections and their related inbound packets.

The destination ports are irrelevant as we're dealing with the WAN addresses and the edge device. NAT is essentially a stream translator, and a TCP/UDP stream is defined by the port and IP. The destination ports can be the same as they live on different addresses. The source ports must be different if they live on the same address. Your other option is to run a proxy between the devices and the router. Your choice.

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Oh, fair enough. I've never actually used that command, so didn't realize it would set the boot var and everything for you. I just know it as the command that puts the GUI files in the right place.

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I linked the configuration guide specifically because it had details on the archive download-sw command, no?

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Configs, backup IOS images, logs

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  1. You should really, really re-think opening up port 80 on a home (or any) network. This is a well-scanned port and you're going to get attacked.

  2. A port is a port. Either pick another number or use an application-layer proxy.

  3. Try /r/homenetworking, as per the sidebar:
      This subreddit does NOT allow:  

    • Home Networking Topics.
      • We aren't here to troubleshoot your "advanced" video game latency issues.
      • Home Networks, even complex ones are best discussed elsewhere like /r/homenetworking
      • HomeLab discussions, as a tool for learning & certifications are welcomed.

    The USG isn't really an Enterprise Networking platform.

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1m / 2ft is the shortest you're going to find from any reputable retailer.

I used to fret about it, then realized that fiber coils really, really nice, and got over it.

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I'd like to do it via USB rather than slow-@$$ serial

A good thought. There are other high-speed options that don't require making 52 copies of a USB stick, however.

setting them up with the basics to FTP would be a pain I want to avoid for now

It's really not that hard--like 3 lines of config--but to each his own.

which adds a complicated layer to finding a step-by-step.

You mean, the step-by-step procedure outlined in the 3750E Software Configuration Guide, the first result for a Google search of "3750e ios upgrade"?

  • Copy image
  • Delete old image (if necessary)
  • Extract new image
  • Change boot var
  • Reload
  • Verify version
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Resist the urge to CYA

I think this is a common misconception: CYA happens before the event. Document your change steps, consult vendor best-practices, loop in a senior tech as a second pair of eyes, schedule a maintenance window, and notify possible affected parties.

If you are coming up with reasons it's "not my fault" after the event, you're just looking for excuses.

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Run through every topology in a CCNA book.

Start with:

  • Base config
  • VLANs
  • Trunking / DTP

Move on to

  • STP
  • VTP
  • Etherchannel

Finish with

  • Point-to-point L3 links
  • Static routes & ECMP
  • Routing protocols
  • FHRPs
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Indiana Jones 1/3 are probably up in my rotation, but it depends entirely on my/our mood. More than 2 in a night is hard to do, IMO.

Picking a theme and making your own series is more fun, IMO, and avoids those mid-series disappointments.

  • Heists: Oceans 11, Italian Job, Art of the Steal, Lucky Number Slevin
  • Mel Brooks: Blazing Saddles, Dead and Loving It, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs
  • Get Off My Plane: Air Force One, Executive Decision, Con Air, Snakes on a Plane
  • Dramatic Actors' Surprising Comedic Roles: Evolution, Down Periscope, Galaxy Quest
  • Comedic Actors' Surprising Dramatic Roles: Truman Show, Stranger than Fiction, Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Best of Tom Hanks: Appolo 13, Green Mile, League of Their Own, Big
  • I'm not Crying, I'm Alergic to Feelings!: The Guardian, Men of Honor, Act of Valor
  • Adult Sing-Alongs: Pitch Perfect, That Thing you Do, Blues Brothers, School of Rock
  • It Came from Outer Space: Alien, Independence Day, Predators, Starship Troopers
  • Quote Them for the Next Month: The Rock, The Replacements, Ghostbusters, Die Hard
  • Better than Bring It On: Varsity Blues, Stick It, Fired Up!, Waterboy
  • Remakes that Rocked: Total Recall (2012), Dredd (2012), TRON: Legacy, Fury Road
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The show definitely gets better. If it had run longer, it may have challenged WW for my favorite Sorkin.

However, the tone doesn't change much. The pilot is a bit of a special case, but if you don't like the tone by E3, I wouldn't worry about continuing. It is definitely unique by being the most preachy of Sorkin's work, and the comparison of the Sorkin philosopher king with a reality we all lived--and lived recently--makes it quite an effort to watch.

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My first distro. Trying for weeks to compile an SMP kernel for my dual Pentium machine taught me that, not only could Linux be a platform for learning, but the OS itself could provide that education.

Happy birthday, you glorious bastard.

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