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Reading this proposed strategy, the words "thank goodness for a voice of reason" were echoing in my mind. Applauding this as a strategy for BU. With the BCH split I was hoping (naively) that we were done with unnecessary conflict.

Imagine a 1990 where TBL declared: "We envisage the world wide web where every user should run their own HTTP/0.9 server". How popular would that have been?

Um, MacOS (8?) and windows 98 did come with personal web-servers.

Residential upload restrictions probably helped end that.

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Are you suggesting that the "real" world wide web failed because of residential upload restrictions?

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Another tip: check the VIN number on your car before driving it to make sure you don't take your spouse's car by mistake.

At least check the license plate. It's so easy to confuse my Miata with her Astro, I can't even tell you.

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Fortunately my wife's lambo is yellow and mine is red :-) This license plate thing is a good starting single factor of authentication but then I worry she switched the license plates overnight when I was asleep. Then I wonder whether it's possible to reburn the VIN on the plate inside. Then I wonder whether aliens really did spawn Life on Earth.

Life can be amazingly complicated once you agree to you release your grip on what is practical, believable evidence supported by decades of evidence and listen to random "alternative" facts that have no supporting evidence at all.

Also, can people spell right for at least one sentence. It trips me up badly when reading. If you can't spell then please at least be polite and use a checker to correct your text - if you don't bother to do that then my feeling is: Why should I bother to read your opinions which are likely to be equally badly validated (as MOST are).

I'm not going to say that it's moonshine to expect every person to run a home server... Actually, I am going to say that it's absolute moonshine to expect that every person would run a home server. Only the self appointed technoglitterati would possibly suggest otherwise. Practical actors have a different view.

That's sort of like a political candidate saying : I don't need your vote unless you are already a lifetime member of my party...

Why would a protocol need investors? Http didn't and yet it is one of the most widely used.

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You really don't get this? Well stand back and wonder what it means to invest in a protocol. There are such things as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, Opera etc etc. All have made an investment in a protocol called HTTP for dissemination of public information via the web. Suppose... just suppose... that were to happen for money.

Do you feel your disingenuous remarks contribute to the welfare of the community?

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You are aware that crypto holdings are property according to and taxable as such?

Of course the other option was to make your penultimate post the last one...

Short run: Massive adoption

Medium run: Substantial adoption

Long run: Adoption

It's somewhat hard to believe any other narrative.

Apparently there is an equivalent opcode sequence that will do this. Which makes me wonder what the concern is with the opcode. Anyone know what the equivalent sequence of "original script" would be and what the issue would be with compacting the checks into a single code?

Like you, I'm holding off my opinion until I "get" the issue fully.

Doubtful that 70% of miners are running ABC code.

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I'm of a similar view.

Core version: Buy a dish with litecoin or paypal to receive records of your bitcoin "digital gold" trades.

Cash version: Buy your TV service with bitcoin "digital cash".

The difference in mentality could not be more plain.

Worked fine for me

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Worked fine for me

...using a sample size of how many transactions and what range of values?

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Thereby adding a bunch more stress and drama for good reason at all.


In the UK, there was a famous news broadcast made from Radio 3. It merely said: "There is no news of any consequence today". People could learn a great deal from that editorial style.

Dumbass wall of text.

Good luck with building and operating a coin without devs.

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I'm surprised that you can declare your ignorance of what was said, then make a comment on its content? Do you do that with all information that requires more than 1 minute of your attention? SMH

All character assessments aside, I have noticed that I learn valuable and clearly expressed insights about Bitcoin when I read csw's publications and following through on his references.

Interesting read. A thoughtful contribution. Much appreciated, Tom.

I like the bullish sentiment for reasons of base value but I doubt you are right about the end of the dips (assuming a short/short-to-medium viewpoint).

Agree that adoption is the key metric to pursue.

Sure... let's play: how to avoid seeing the forest for all those darned trees.

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What is your name? Sir Whaleahad of Coinalot.

What is your quest? I seek BitGrail.

What is your favorite crypto? Nano. No, Bitconneeeeeeeeeeect!

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Original Poster2 points · 23 days ago

Trick question:

What is your favorite color: Orange, no Green!

This whole thing could run and run... :-)

You could likely read this and conclude that "it's not about adoption". How wrong you would be. How terribly wrong you would be.

Hmm. Doesn't sound like you are properly hedged against future events.

Well worth a read.

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