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zirophyz 2 points

Sounds normal, I was also like this as a teen probably worse. Some nights I couldn't sleep until about 3am. I was always late to wake up as a child, usually around 10am since I can ever remember, even on Christmas morning.

As an adult I still have an off pattern, sometimes I think its some sort of problem.. I start to get sleepy about 1am, the other night I laid in bed for three hours, didn't sleep until about 2.30am.

I find that marijuana will put me back onto a good schedule. Definitely NOT something for your teen, but it helps stop my mind racing and I can get off to sleep at 10.30pm instead of 1-3am. Some food for thought if his rhythm doesn't get back to normal in his twenties, at least.

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zirophyz 4 points

Not quite related to OP but on topic nonetheless.

I went searching for a pro recreational cannabis lobby group, surprise, there was next to nothing. The HEMP party came up, but they don't seem serious enough about the issue and I've read some negative comments about them here. The rest were in support of medicinal, but still didn't seem like fully fledged lobbyists.

How can we get this issue into the public spotlight without decent representation in the community. Where is the capital being spent to make noise, to discuss pros and cons and to sway public opinion to the positive. So, I've been thinking, what could a campaign look like.

Firstly, Canopy Growth, apparently Canada's largest medicinal supplier is going to be setting up an office in Melbourne. Thus will primarily be for medicinal cannabis research and development, I'm not sure if they'll be cultivating to sell on the domestic market.

The CEO has stated that medicinal cannabis is a precursor in almost all jurisdictions to recreational. Normalise cannabis use with medicinal first to soften the fight of recreational. He was also hinting that recreational will be a thing here, and really that's what their Melbourne office is going to capitalise on - they're getting a foothold in the market, ready to flood the country with product once recreational is legal. Of course, this us where the money is at.

Could it be that this company could supply capital to a serious advocacy group? This could pay for radio, TV and print advertisements. Its win win, the lobby group gets much needed funds, the company reaps the rewards at the end if the fight.

So, what would the ad campaign look like? Well, we need to distance ourselves from the stereotypical lazy dole bludger punching cones, generally not being a productive citizen.

The medicinal cause has thus sorted. Who can say no to little Suzie with endless seizures, who could refuse hardworking occer Mick with cancer - its easy to tug the heart strings.

Could a similar approach work for recreational use? Could we normalise its use so its no less taboo than the person who responsibly drinks a single glass of wine in the evenings? Yes. Let's start with that. I propose a campaign of "and I use marijuana."

Let's get normal Australians in front of camera with, them saying a short spiel about themselves; "I'm Jess, I work as an accountant in the city and raise two beautiful boys. I love camping on the weekends.... And, I use marijuana." "Hi, I'm Bill, I've worked as a public lawyer for twenty years, I love to surf... And, I use marijuana."

Let's show Australia that this is normal, this is everyday, this is your neighbour, your grandmother, your teacher, your best friend. Let's say to people, hey, this is okay and people are fine, its no big deal.

One thing that caught my attention about media coverage in the US is there aren't any typical stoners. Its all regular people. Going about their regular lives, buying a regular plant.

I'd love to find out if there are any ents on here from the advertising industry and also the lobbyist industry. Let's get sorted with some real lobbying, get registered and find some funding and start advertising our position to other regular Australians.

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theycallme_manoso 4 points

My dad got a telemarketer call to sell him long distance, he said he didn't have a phone and stuck to his story

zirophyz 2 points

I like doing something similar to the virus PC help scam calls, pretending I'm a total idiot.

Turn on your PC sir.

Okay where is that? The screen? Oops I think I turned it off. Which one is the power button?

See how long I can string them along before they get the shits up and hang up..

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zirophyz 3 points

This is good advice, scarring has been a big issue for me so I'm always wary. So far any scarring I've had hasn't been in my main field of vision, so its not a concern. I have scratched my cornea before, and this can just feel like discomfort that won't go away - if you feel any discomfort that's unusual, get the lenses out and go to your optometrist immediately.

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skekze 13 points

Israel has been doing years of research by now.

The US is paying Israel a 100K a year for the past 50 years to research medicinal uses of cannabis while denying those same uses while also holding patents for those same compounds, so don't listen to a schizophrenic government or follow it's policies.

zirophyz 10 points

Yes I was surprised to read many articles about high-CBD concentrate Cannabis strains being developed in Israel over the years.

Just figured that that country would be quite conservative, and be against items such as Cannabis.

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pzhn9 3 points

Just so hard to get decent buds in Brisbane. Sad.

zirophyz 3 points

Hey fellow Brisbane ent. I feel your pain, haven't been able to find a hookup here at all so far.

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Nomindnobody 4 points

it apparently increases oral and sublingual bioavailability, so there's so form of decarboxylation or other occuring. Meant to be a much smoother smoke too, and it's at a point of being smokeable in 6 weeks or so, but should then be left to cure after that point. I believe the compression allows for a more consistent texture, while raising the temperature aids in uniform distribution of the... fermentation juices?

They're kept under vacuum for much of the process to minimise risk of mould development, we'll see how they turn out I suppose.

I'd highly recommend having a look at the thread linked above, user Tangwena kicked it off and they seem to have got it down to a fine art. Page 212 contains a revised method by the op, and user repuk has a handy dandy infographic elsewhere lol.

zirophyz 2 points

Could this be an alternate method to decarbing in the oven before making a butter?

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zirophyz 7 points

I'm not looking forward to the media coverage of abusers or people with mental health challenges. I think the legal smoking age should be 21. And, very explicit provisions towards how tax revenue will be invested in rehabilitation and mental health services. As someone pointed out, the media will make light of an expected budget outcomes that aren't met - I think a realistic ten year plan needs to be included, so that people don't jump on the unrealistic budgetary expectations bandwagon.

Pricing may be a disappointment, especially as it will attract a lot of sin tax such as alcohol and tobacco - if not more. It'll be incredibly disappointing if its taxed so hard that no one can realistically afford it - think $150+ for a quarter. I'd happily pay up to $120 for a quarter, if I could buy it in a shop without the stigma currently attached.

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zirophyz 5 points

While I've voted for LDP in the last two elections, and will continue to keep them in the top ten, I get a feeling that David Leyonhjelm doesn't get taken too seriously. While I support anyone fighting to regulate legal cannabis, I'd really love to see the major parties doing something. Until we get some traction within the Liberals or Labour I feel these items will just be easily dismisses by the other reps.

zirophyz 3 points

Just to add I really liked seeing the Greens start a debate on the topic, it seems the closest we've gotten to a mainstream party looking at this issue properly. Backed by support from the Australian Medical Association, I really got a little excited.

But what's happened since?

Skunksta 10 points

It would be nice if something comes from it. Being such a "Christian" country it will more than likely be swept under the rug.

zirophyz 5 points

I fear the same thing. I've heard rumblings before, but then it just goes away. We need to get loud so this time it doesn't just drift off...

therickestdawn 1 point

Just in case you guys haven't seen there is an official petition to turn a plebiscite for the legalisation of cannabis in aus

zirophyz 1 point

This is great, I signed it. Thank you for the link.

therickestdawn 1 point

Thank you for signing!

zirophyz 1 point

4533 signatures, yeah!

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zirophyz 1 point

I took my stuff to Bali in 2017 no probs.

I read that its illegal but I don't think that's right. I saw vape shops and even chilled with some local vapers. Its a thing there so I'm sure the customs officers won't be very ignorant.

Edit: think I put most of my juice in checked bags in case I had to dump it thru customs. I remember some shit about liquids going into customs but just had to dump my water bottle, juice was fine, maybe its a quantity thing. Sorry bit fuzzy lol

hunting_chickens 3 points

all I can say is lad r/microgrowery start with attitude seed bank and follow the rabbit hole. it's a worth while journey

zirophyz 1 point

So tempting. I've done a grow before, it was really enjoyable although made me a bit anxious. I have some of the leftover equipment - how are LED lights these days? I grew under HPS before.

Thing us times have changed, and I have kids now. Two problems - law enforcement, what if I get raided, are the punishments worse for a parent? And, keeping the kiddos in the dark about what's growing in daddy's shed lol..

FailOverPeer 1 point

Agreed. It's a bit ridiculous to be studying for an exam when the official cert guide put out is unfinished. I don't even think it's half done to be honest. We'll see how it goes...

zirophyz 2 points

Yeah I've lost a lot of faith in Cisco Press due to the endless poor reviews of their books. Thanks, I'm going to start looking at some of the CCIE material today.

JF42 1 point

I used the Cisco Press books and the INE videos to study for my CCNP Voice.

I took the CCNP Voice just before it was retired. There was very little study material available. I believe this is because many candidates skip the CCNP and go for the CCIE. In hind sight, I probably should have done that.

I hope that the CCNP Collab tests are more relevant and materials are more available. If not, look for CCIE study materials and use those -- it's the same material.

The CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference Guide is pretty good. It's available on Scribd.

Good luck.

zirophyz 1 point

Thanks, I'll check it out and the product SRNDs.

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WerhmatsWormhat 7 points

I think ultimately it’s a bad business (but obviously a good moral) decision. The competitive advantage of being the only company to offer seatbelts would be crazy.

zirophyz 4 points

I think this would've more of a marketing thing like a loss leader. The PR of "inventing the seatbelt" us pretty nice considering it isn't really innovative and once a government mandated its use, some unknown party would've "invented" it without patenting it to earn money.

zirophyz commented on a post in r/IsItBullshit
devilsadvocate09 15 points

I've read that this is bullshit, that the "boost" is so small it is insignificant.

zirophyz 4 points

Anecdotal evidence but eating a spicy curry outdoors in Bangkok appeared to cool me down, not noticeably but enough to make me feel more comfortable. I always thought it was because of the sweating that comes with a hot curry. I'll often eat curries in summer where I live; 30C with 85% humidity.

zirophyz commented on a post in r/IsItBullshit
hillsonghoods 1 point

You're thinking about the Mozart Effect, which has been comprehensively debunked (for e.g.). However, there is research showing that music with lots of words in it is simply more distracting than instrumental music because your brain has a tendency to automatically process words. That automatically processing the words likely gets in the way of processing the words in the thing you're studying. It's also the case that faster, louder music is more distracting. Classical music simply tends to be softer and slower than hip-hop, in general, and is more often instrumental.

zirophyz 1 point

Thanks. And, yes it has been my experience that studying while listening to music with lyrics is almost impossible.

hillsonghoods 67 points

I am a music psychologist, and posted this comment on /r/AskSocialScience last year in reply to a reasonably similar question:

Study 6 in Rentfrow and Gosling in 2003 had about 3000 first year psychology students in two cohorts at a university in Texas do a variety of questionnaires, including the Big Five personality test and tests of self-esteem and depression. Rentfrow & Gosling had also asked the same students to indicate their liking of various genres of music.

Broadly, Rentfrow & Gosling found that music tastes sorted themselves into four categories - 'reflective and complex' music (e.g., jazz, classical, blues), 'intense and rebellious' music (e.g., alternative, metal), 'upbeat and conventional' music (e.g., pop, musicals, country), and 'energetic and rhythmic' music (e.g., soul, hip-hop). That is, people who liked pop also were more likely to like musicals, and people who liked hip-hop were more likely to like soul. Etc.

They found lots of correlations, but the notable, probably more powerful ones include positive correlations between:

  • liking 'upbeat and conventional' music and extraversion, agreeableness, and self-ratings of political conservativism and athleticism (and negative correlations between upbeat and conventional music tastes and both depression scores and self-ratings of political liberalism)

  • liking 'energetic and rhythmic' music and extraversion, agreeableness, and self-ratings of political liberalism

  • liking 'intense and rebellious' music and openness to experience, and self-ratings of intelligence

  • liking 'reflective and complex' music had a really high correlation (.44 or .41 in two separate cohorts - the rest of these correlations I'm discussing here are largely between .10 and .30) with openness to experience, and with self-ratings of political liberalism, and intellgence (and negative correlations with self ratings of athleticism).

So yes, at a broad level, people who liked conventional, upbeat pop music or hip-hop in 2003 were more likely to be agreeable and extroverted, while people who liked jazz or alternative rock or metal or classical were more likely to have the trait of openness to experience (which correlates with things like being intellectually curious, creative, and self-reflective).

However, one thing to point out here is that half of these genres didn't exist fifty years before this study was done, and the meaning of these genres and the people who are fans of these genres changes over time; the current crop of university students were toddlers when this study was carried out, and they will likely relate to different genres of music in entirely different ways than people did in 2003. And there's certainly subgenres of rock which might be a bit more upbeat and conventional (Nickelback, for better or worse, comes to mind), and subgenres of hip-hop which might be less energetic and rhythmic and more reflective and complex (Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly comes to mind as a prominent example).

zirophyz 1 point

I've heard that listening to complex music can stimulate brain activity due to the complexity of it. I've found anecdotal evidence that I can concentrate and mentally perform better while listening to classical music versus hip hop. Is there any evidence to this?

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ktroyer26 1 point

I must have mistyped. I was trying to explain that we can't use photons as a basis of proving lower-dimensional objects existing in our universe. I think the comment I replied to mentioned photons being zero-dimensional. They also mentioned black holes as proof of extra dimensions, or something along those lines. My apologies if I conveyed something that was incorrect, I was just trying to explain to the person above me that those were two poor examples to prove their point.

Edit: Yeah I'm just now re-reading what I commented yesterday. Man I was tired... Sorry for any confusion.

zirophyz 1 point

No problem, I just re-read your comment in the context of your post above and I get it.

ktroyer26 -3 points

Theoretically. But we have no technical proof either of these exist. We can infer that they both exist, but we have little evidence of black holes, and no evidence of photons.

zirophyz 2 points

Wait, what? No evidence of photons? Mind blown - aren't we able to hold them (in something like a laser) and also photograph them?

Seems right about black holes, no one can get near it to provide hard evidence but we can observe their gravitational effects.

Could you explain this a little more for me? I don't have a physics background, genuinely interested..

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zirophyz 1 point

I'm usually asked by security to separate everything into their own zip lock bags. Tank, mod and batteries. Otherwise all fine, security have been super easy even supplying the bags for me..

Was never an issue with customs on international flights.

InertiaCreeping 1 point

Pro tip, I keep one of my mods in my pockets. Chuck it in the tray so they can see it, then they know it's just a vape.

zirophyz 1 point

Yeah I will tray it, in the bags etc and usually do the whole "is this okay for my vaporiser?"..

By this time I've got it in my carry on, cuz I'm heading directly to boarding.

I think they like to see someone who is upfront and polite about it. Manners gets you everywhere. My experience is mostly in regional airports, and I'm always well dressed cuz work.

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