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5 points · 1 day ago

This guy has a fantastic attitude - keeping an open mind and serious debate. His comments about stifling the black market by allowing people to grow it are also refreshing.

Any chance you can export some of this attitude to other states....

4 points · 9 days ago

People think stoners are lazy and lethargic... Well, sometimes we are... Until u try steal our stash then its on like donkey Kong!

Last job was a one week rotation in a team of 3. We were network operations for an ISP, not very busy. Looked after our own kit, there was a Tier 2 support team that was on call for customer issues, so had the occasional escalation.

Was just salary so no extra pay but time off in lieu for OT. If I worked OT I would double it for time off. The salary was crap, so I took as much as I could. Never got pulled up on it, but I wasn't taking advantage of it.

Anyway it still bugged me that we got no OT, and no rolling break or anything. You were just expected to be paid less than market and put in the hard work.

Well, I quit that job.....

Original Poster2 points · 12 days ago

Haha good question. I figure one could dedicate an entire career mastering voip.

I guess I'm more concerned with basic everyday troubleshooting....

And that database dictionary is legit overwhelming

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Yes, there are entire careers for VOIP, like mine for example lol

The cheat sheet is hard, there's a lot of ways to skin a cat in Call Manager so it's hard to make a generic cheat sheet. Even just for adding an ephone, there are a lot of settings that will be unique for you based on how the business wants to operate.

The best idea would be to go over the study content for the first CCNA Collaboration exam (the second exam is all Telepresence). There are plenty of video courses out there that will get you up to speed.

Then, the endless settings and deployment options or scenarios will make sense, and more importantly you will understand the purpose of them.

I think society at large mostly doesn't care. There is still that lazy stereotype hanging around though. I'm not open to people about my consumption of MJ.

But these are my own experiences. I'm also in a well paid career position, you could say successful even lol. Have a large house in the suburbs, the bread winner for my family and worked every day since high school. I smash the stereotype so perhaps most conservative people in my life just shut up, as there's really nothing they can fault in my life that can be blamed on MJ.


Six plants would be insane, to legally have.

But, you can't really allow six legal plants without making distribution legal. Idk, feels like making growing legal will just pour more product into the black market.

Plus its just really uncomfortable...

I was lazy when I was younger (18 - 22) and would sleep in my RGPs. One morning it felt like the skin had grown over the lens, it was a long and very painful experience to get it out - felt like I had to slice it out. After that, never again.

Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago

You got it. Guess not too many other places have got canals hahah

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That and 30 years of growing up there too ;) I could almost guess the suburb but won't do it here.

Nice place but as with most born and bred Coasters I'm pretty glad I don't live there anymore lol...

Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

I’ve only been here 6 months but I’m loving it so far. Bit different from WA where you can drive an hour and get to another city for a quick weekend trip Haha

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For sure, beautiful part of the world. I especially liked the southern end / northern NSW. Also, feels like MJ is totally accepted down there, or there are definitely more tokers and old hippie types.

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Unfortunately I honestly believe when legislation does occur (vote wisely this year frients), plain packaging and ban against advertising will be just as strict, if not more so than cigarettes.

Children can’t know what’s in the packaging or they will instantly get schizophrenia and start shooting heroin!!!

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17 points · 20 days ago

I have no problem with it being legislated the same as tobacco, and it probably should. I also think it should be restricted to ages 21+. Also, it should not be consumed in public places, same as alcohol. Possibly, one might be allowed to consume it in a licensed establishment a la Amsterdam.

At this point I'd be happy to buy legal marijuana, in plain packaging, single/unknown strain. The difference between the status quo is that its legal and convenient.

So, this seems crappy compared to Colorado but we are totally less liberal here and we need to compromise with conservatives who would rather see it kept illegal. Politics is about compromise between the two sides.

I would be happy just for decriminalisation.

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Some states have already decriminalised MJ possession under certain weights. Decriminalisation just means that you won't get a recorded conviction, it is still criminal to have any amount of the drug in your possession.

Its a move in the right direction but IMO doesn't do much to change the status quo.

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Comment deleted18 days ago

Marijuana is not bad for you.

Original Poster8 points · 20 days ago

Yeah that's my thoughts too. Once I took a picture and ID'd it as not a brown recluse, I pretty much put my foot down and said it had to live. My SO was reaching for a shoe but I've just come back from the land of spiders aka Australia and I'm used to them by now. As long as they don't jump, it's ok.

We've had issues with pests due to this soil that we picked up from Lowes too. So at least hopefully this spider will cancel it out.

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Hey Australian here.. U know this guys a small one, no dinner plate sized house spider there - I say let him live and munch on the annoying bugs that get in the tent. He won't want to hurt u, and when the grows done drop him off in the yard - he'll either eat more pests or be dinner for a local bird. The circle of life continues...

2 points · 25 days ago

Not bullshit.

Here's a simple experiment: Imagine a hot woman at a bar, walking up to each man and offering them a blowjob in the back alley. Plenty of men would gladly accept, a few might reject due to them being in a relationship. Now imagine a hot guy walking into a bar and walking up to each woman and offering them oral sex. They'd get pretty much nobody accepting, and would probably get slapped for it.

Same goes with something like answering the door nude for a pizza delivery. A naked woman opening the door nude for a pizza guy, he'd likely love it and say that suffices for a tip. A naked dude opening the door nude for a female pizza delivery person? He'd get put on the sex offender registry.

Plus the fact that 99% of porn consumers are men...

There is simply no way to debate otherwise.

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Yeeaaah I don't know about that. Have u seen how some women act when a male 10 walks in the room. They can be like animals, just the same as men when a female 10 turns up.

From experience as a youngster in my night clubbing days, I'd say its completely the same. Just as many of my female friends were heading out just to pick up a one night stand as my male friends. I've seen women in full fist fights over men.

I heard once they arrest you they can take a blood test without your consent. So you are fucked either way. Maybe if you know you are right in the line you could get away with it.

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Saw this on one of those cop shows.

I live in Australia. If u refuse the breath test then they arrest u and take blood back at the station.

Guy on the show was trying to stall by being arrested, taken to the station etc. By the time blood was drawn he was right under the .05 limit. The cops knew the trick, but he pulled it off so they all had a laugh and he had to walk back to his car.

Yeah, idk what sort of country I live in when beating the DUI test results in laughs and jokes.. Straya I guess.

I've always wondered if he REALLY does toke. Sometimes he looks smashed...

Some parts of this make me think its junk, or at least skewed to suit their agenda.

For example, MJ on its own is not addictive. I think there are other studies out there that disprove the gateway drug thing as well.

So much BS in this post. Zero deaths related to vaping? How about that guy who died when his batteries vented in his mech and it started a fire? If a forest fire is started by a cigarette people blame the cigarette and the irresponsible smoker. This is no different.

Nicotine is NOT like caffeine. It is more addictive. That is a fact. No amount of mental gymnastics will change that fact. If nicotine and caffeine were the same, there wouldn't be a need for vaping in the first place because it would be extremely easy to quit. When you quit drinking coffee you have like 1-2 days of minor headaches and that's about it.

Teen smoking may be on the decline for now but teen vaping is nothing to be proud of. Since we're being honest here, if a teenager who has never vaped or smoked before suddenly decides to vape and really gets into it then yes there is a chance that person may eventually want an easier experience and go for cigarettes. Then he might become a dual user and develop a tobacco addiction.

You know what, the FDA has a point about us. I'm starting to see it now. This industry is its own worst enemy. If we were to keep a low profile and not turn vaping into Big Vaping, maybe we would get less flak and make less headlines. But no. Everyone wants to make money quickly and no one cares about the future so we've dug our own grave. We're addicted to cheap Chinese made products, we misuse batteries that are meant to be used in battery packs, we keep supporting juice companies who clearly try to appeal to young people with their labels and marketing and instead of treating vaping like an NRT we treat it like mana from heaven and a fun hobby.

Here's the uncomfortable truth. If vaping is banned tomorrow and you go back to smoking, you're a fucking idiot. Straight up. That's not the FDA's fault, that's your fault. People have quit cold turkey for generations. My dad quit cold turkey as did almost every one of his friends. I quit cold turkey for a year and a half and I started smoking again because I was weak back then. Vaping is a crutch.

This community is one of the most self-destructive, stupid, arrogant and ridiculous communities I've ever seen. We have zero self-awareness. Writing your senator, non stop pontificating about advocacy, etc. We live up to the stereotype people have of us.

Out of the MILLIONS of dollars the advocacy crowd demands from us, has anything changed for the better? No it hasn't. It's a damn scheme.

I'm done with vaping. I don't care anymore about any of this. Ultimately it's just a new way to keep being addicted to nicotine. Look around you, look at the billions of people who don't smoke or vape. Are they different from us? No they aren't. They just avoid a stupid, expensive, unhealthy habit. Instead of trying to lecture these people, maybe we should listen to them.

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I kind of agree with thus right here. I was not impressed by this letter nor its wording. I don't think it presented an argument like an adult should to another politician.

Anyway I'm from Australia so my opinion on this topic doesn't count overall.


So, after the stupid shit we've seen with those idiots in Canberra this week, it seems likely that the Liberals won't win the next federal election.

Is this a good time to start hitting up representatives from the other parties about MJ reform?

Can we get the word out there that this should be a topic for any new government to debate next year?

What are we all thinking here...


Mine flicked out of my eye while gardening on the weekend. Luckily I found it in the grass, bit of a miracle.

That feeling of not being able to see is awful though.

11 points · 1 month ago

Its bullshit. Worked a decade in telco as a network engineer, if it was happening I would've written it.

The truth is your ISP doesn't care. Its HTTP traffic, whatever. To identify interesting traffic like this would be a cost that the ISP won't get back, plus its probably against certain privacy regulations in a lot of jurisdictions.

Hate to rain on the parade but you residential customers are back seat to the expensive business connections. The ISP built their network to service businesses that pay upwards of $200 a month for an MPLS connection, residential customers are there to use the network in off peak hours to return the investment a little quicker. Essentially the business grade connection subsidise the home connection.

So to go to the effort of fudging speed test results is completely useless to an ISP. Besides, no ISP will guarantee anything beyond their network so who cares if says ur connection is slow - if u get the speed u pay for to a server within the ISP network then ur good.

Got caught during a mobile session with 3 others. The guy searched the car (while fk the police by NWA was playing lol) found the stash, enough for a few joints. He "tipped it out", checked how high I was as I was driving then told us to piss off and will arrest us if he sees us again. Nothing else.

Ex cable salesman here.(amongst other roles)

When 4K first came about there was a whole thing about hdmi version 1.4 not being able to “carry” 4K and that you need a dedicated hdmi 2.0 cable to carry the necessary amount of gbps to display a 4K image steadily. Now the first thing I did was test this theory when I got my hands on one of the first 4K Blu-ray players, and I didn’t make a different what cable I used. Cheap/expensive. What ever. That being said I’ve had countless dealings with customers who have experienced drop out issues and suggested a high end cable with a 70% success rate I’d say. I’ve also had customers Experience the same issues with a swish hdmi cable, is ware to god it’s just voodoo, I use a mixture of expensive and cheap, one of which is basically falling apart, but still works. I agree with what’s being said if your gonna spank some real money on a decent system spend £25 on a decent cable, don’t get sucked in to spending more, hell we sold one that was £1.750 I still to this day have no idea why it was so expensive.

My only exception to spending more money on a HDMI is when going for longer lengths, I’ve seen to many people cheap out embed and bullshit cable in their wall and it just fails. Some people are lucky tho, I personally wouldn’t risk it.

Anything over 10m should probably be sent over cat6 anyway.

Here’s a link to the 1.7k cable I mentioned to for lols The company in question used to sell a 14m jobby for just shy of £15,000 only ever saw one in harrods

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No one mentions things like packet loss or other forms of data corruption.

Thinking about the spaghetti of cables behind most peoples TV cabinets I think its fair to say that this'll be a noisy environment. If you run the cable next to a power lead there would be some interference due to conductance from the power lead, which will result in data corruption. There may be a whole host of other interferers as well, hell another HDMI cable may cause interference as well.

I don't have extensive AV experience but I am a qualified cable tech, voice, network and wireless engineer. I've spent a fair amount of time as an interference specialist for a telco.

As an engineer that deploys large voice and video installations for businesses I am all too familiar with the impact a small amount of corruption can cause to real time communications.

So, the devices would need buffers. But his large are the buffers and what amount of packet loss and jitter can be endured before the buffer empties and noticeable impact is noticed by the end user?

I also doubt that the cables are shielded. Proper shielding requires the sheath is earthed at each end.

Because of the poor research and spread is misinformation. Its almost heart breaking too see medical professionals state things such as "psychoactive properties and addiction" in a MMJ article published in proper medical journals. Its obvious to any cannabis user that a) most MMJ does not contain levels of THC high enough for noticeable psychoactive effects and b) cannabis is just not addictive. Where was their research? I don't think they did any at all, and their article has been completely discredited in my eyes at least.

I really have no idea why this is an issue at all. Especially when compared against opium based pain relief or SSRI's, that stuff really seems incredibly awful in comparison. In reality, the MMJ should be the first step for a patient before moving to the former medicines.

But, once upon a time doctors would prescribe huge amounts of antibiotics, and now look at what's happening as a result of their overuse.

Tbh the best thing you can do is follow the road rules, be polite and say as little as possible when you get stopped and dont drive with red eyes and reeking of bud. The tests are pretty expensive to conduct compared to breath tests and they only usually use them if your going through a full boose bus set up and even then most people arent drug tested or you get pulled over for minor traffic violations, looked like a cooked cunt and they decide to test you. Check your state specific drug testing stats but they are pretty rare for much they are talked about. As for mouth washes and other bullshit, theyre just a waste of money. Personally ive been tested after smoking that day and passed so i dont think the tests are too accurate and i dont worry about them.

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Agreed. Don't give suspicion, just be a normal person. In the end its just a job to them, the same as u have a job - u do what u gotta do and get home. I haven't been drug tested, but when I was driving all day for work (in signed company car) I always got that "I'm testing u cuz its my job, and I'd rather let u get on with ur own work" feel.. It gave some comradery to it all as I smile and ask how they're days been.

On another story. A mate ripped three cones, jumped immediately into the car, drove two blocks and got cornered by a bus with that stoopid TV show being filmed. He ate a handful of strong fisherman's friends, already comfortable that he's about to get ass raped by the law (on TV) - and passed! He claims it was the fisherman's friends but could've just been luck or false positive.

Can u tell us, what will this result in if found in favour of the Fors?

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