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Here's my submission! Written in native JavaScript using Canvas. Source code here.

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Hey there! I've approved your submission!

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Hello! Please find my submission here. Source code is here. Thank you for hosting this contest!

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fletch3555 3 points

like most alumni

uhh.... no? Alumni are free to keep their accounts (including email), and have been for years. If you're from before that time, then you should be able to create an account.

As for the topic at hand, you're right in that you wouldn't have received this particular email, as it was sent out by MessageCenter, which is all-but-disabled once your account has alumni status.

zonination 2 points

I never created an alumni account since I don't have use for one (and don't want donation requests every 10 minutes nor the password reminders every 60 days), and I suspect a lot of people had the same attitude.

Rhynocerous 0 points

How do you get free Amazon Prime then?

zonination 2 points
  1. Get credit card that has 5% cash back on Amazon
  2. Pay the prime membership using the cashback because I use it a lot on pantry/personal care/electronics
  3. Have some cashback left over for other things.
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DoTheDew 7 points

I was just able to comment without any trouble.

zonination 3 points

Confirmed this on mobile.

mi-16evil 1 point

Check the sort by new. Your comment doesn't appear.

zonination 2 points

I deleted my comment after a quick reply test.

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zonination [M] [score hidden]

Hey all! On 2018-01-26 we will be closing comments and submissions to our monthly competition thread.

If you can, please offer feedback to the authors who put the time in to make excellent visuals.

drunken_monkeys 0 points

I'm sure this has been asked before, so please forgive me if I'm asking a previously asked question:

Shouldn't the subreddit name be /r/dataarebeautiful, and not /r/dataisbeautiful?

zonination 0 points

This is why we have !dataare

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zonination [M] [score hidden]

This animation is a part of a larger article on this subject matter. Since the original document is an article, but we are allowing a unique gif to be posted in its place. The gif is built from the following:

If you can, please give the original study a look, since your informed opinion will rely on the context and methods presented in this article.

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SpookyWagons 3 points

I'm looking into the possibility of making a mod for the game Civilization 6, one that would create a turn-by-turn network graph (or social network graph?) that would visualize the groupings and quality of the relationships between civilizations.

In the game, these are usually dictated by "diplomacy points". For example, if I were to agree to open up borders with Japan, Japan and I would improve diplomatic relations between each other by, say, 3 points. If I were to get caught spying on them, the total would go down by 9 points.

Needless to say, there are relationships between many civs happening at once, with many factors determining the point totals between them at any given turn. I thought a network graph would be the best way to show which civs are in similar families (i.e. an Axis Powers, or NATO, etc.)

My question, then, is what is the best tool to use to make these sorts of network graphs? I'm hoping to find a way to have the game spit out data, populate an excel sheet, and then have the program create the graph and send it back to the game. Thanks!

zonination 1 point

I hear that gephi is a nice platform nowadays.

FFL_SoMA 1 point

Hey there,

New to this sub, but am a general Reddit lurker. I just started my career as a Research and Data Manager at a luxury real estate company. Some of these graphs and whatnot I’ve seen on the sub are absolutely stunning. In an effort to impress my superiors, can anyone provide me some tips or links to programs to help visualize all this data? I don’t know what applications/programs the people on this sub use, but they are incredibly stunning and I would like to take a stab at creating something like that for my company. Thank you for your time.

zonination 3 points

Personally I do R/ggplot2, but there are others.

Common /r/dataisbeautiful tools used:

  • Excel/Libreoffice/Google Sheets/Numbers - Typical spreadsheet softwares with basic plotting functions. Easy to learn but often gets called out for being corny or low-effort. It's also very "canned" and doesn't have a lot of basic functionalities that offer quality statistical representations (e.g. boxplots, heatmaps, faceting, histograms, etc.).
  • Tableau - Simple learning curve that offers more than a few basic plotting functions, and also allows interactive plots. Software is proprietary and "canned" and will cost you some. Maybe some more folks can elaborate what it's like to use, but this is my impression after hearing basic information from other users and witnessing lots of Tableau OC.
  • R (and by extension ggplot2) - R is my personal favorite, but one of the more advanced FOSS packages. The R (with ggplot2) code has a huge capability as a statistical engine and is used in a lot of parts of industry. This comes with a sharp learning curve, however. It can generate beautiful visuals, but it takes time to learn.
  • Python/matplotlib - FOSS. This is when you get into the raw code aspect of dataviz. Python is popular among software and FOSS fans, including but not limited to xkcd; and matplotlib is one of the packages that allows for plotting.
  • Gnuplot - Worth mentioning since some OC here is gnuplot based. Medium learning curve. However this software is not really well-supported, and the visuals don't come out too hot.
  • d3.js - FOSS, I think. Good for delivering high quality interactive plots. However the learning curve is steep. As is the case with R, it's capable of generating very high quality interactives.

As always, see if you can browse some of your favorite OC to see if there is a common thread among visuals that you like. All OC threads must state the tool they used (and OC-Bot will likely have a sticky to it), so if there's a lot of viz you like that's made with (say) Tableau or R, then that software is probably the right one for you.

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vidivici21 1 point

I appreciate any critiques or feedback. Thank you in advance!

Reference: The data set forth at of publication/press release was obtained from The Dartmouth Atlas, which is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Dartmouth Clinical and Translational Science Institute, under award number UL1TR001086 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

zonination 2 points

I would do a fade of each point, to give it a more "x-ray" feel and also to avoid overplotting.

zonination commented on a post in r/rit
zonination 6 points

Not a direct answer to your question, but keep in mind that some credit cards (if you bought the ticket with a card) have conditions that include travel reimbursement as well. If the situation is such that you have issues with traveling through AMTRAK, you might want to check which one is the better deal.

Check your terms.

zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
zonination 3 points

This sounds less like a debt issue and more of a budgeting issue.

  1. Make sure you have all your current essentials. Food, shelter, anything on the bottom of Maslow's Heirarchy of needs. Earmark the dollar amounts in your budget
  2. After that, you should start focusing on any extra cashflow going towards your credit card.
zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
zonination 4 points

I already have established good credit, and I am looking to increase even more. Basic outline for you:

  1. Get a higher limit on all cards (you can apply through your cards online). Don't worry about hard inquiries for now as they will fall off within 12 months, but the benefit will be longer term.
  2. Credit cards: Always pay off your statement balance in full, don't worry about having a minimum utilization % because the lower it is, the better. Here are some common credit myths.
  3. If your credit cards are costing you interest, you should pay them off completely.
  4. If your Plan Loan is costing you interest greater than 4%, you should really pay that down ASAP.
  5. If all else is fine, just let your score sit and grow with age.
zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
lyseelicious 1 point

I am signed up for mint, but it's been somewhat overwhelming. Any tips to make it easier?

zonination 2 points

What would be nice is a video tutorial but I don't think they have any official

I personally have a basic setup where I only use Transactions, Budgets, and Goals. Best advice I can offer is to spend 5 minutes a day playing with it, and 5 minutes a day making sure your transactions are categorized correctly.

On the other hand of things, ignore their "advice" and "ways to save" since most of them are ads, but that's what you get for free software.

zonination 1 point

Probably try out some software:

  • Mint (/r/mintuit)
  • YNAB (/r/ynab)
  • Personal Capital
  • One of the finance spreadsheets AutoModerator shared

Should be enough to get you started.

zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
zonination 1 point

Best way to go is to shop around. LPT: You generally have a few weeks to shop around for a large (aka auto) loan and have it count as only one hard inquiry on your credit report.

So see what the best deal you can find is. Ally, BOA, WF, Chase, Discover, Lending Tree, local credit union... most banks will have an auto finance division. Get quotes from everyone and only take the best deal. Competition is your friend.

You will, however, need to cover the gap in your loan to car value... personal loans are OK for that gap, but they're usually a higher interest. Also covering one form of debt with another is not the best idea.

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