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zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
skz87 [score hidden]

Here's my submission that shows the percentage of each episode's lines spoken by a particular character for the entire series. Tabulated with Excel and visualized with D3.js.

Reddit post // Direct link

zonination [M] [score hidden]

Thank you, your entry has been accepted!

FourierXFM [score hidden]

Here is my submission:

Tools used: R, ggplot2

Data source:, and the current visualization challenge

I wanted to compare IMDb rating with the number of words the top 20 character spoke per episode normalized by the total number of words in each episode (only episodes where each character speaks).

I hoped there would be a clear trend, revealing the best character, but there is none. I'm disappointed with the result, but hopefully some of you think proving the null case can be beautiful. Andy's proportion of words trends towards a lower IMDb rating if you squint hard enough.

If I have the time I hope to make another submission focusing on the content of the lines.

zonination [M] [score hidden]

Thank you, your entry has been accepted!

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zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
1winway 1 point

What are some good resources for datasets, particularly in the field of power and energy? Looking for alternatives to

zonination [score hidden]

Check out /r/datasets if you care!

zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
zonination 3 points

Future work:

  1. !pies ... this could have been much better represented with a bar graph, see below
  2. Redundant labels. You have a direct label in the pie area, and then a redundant label beneath it.

Other than that, this is an interesting concept and I think it's some neat work!

zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
zonination 16 points

All depends on what you guys can agree to. There's multiple ethical ways to divide rent:

  • By square footage
  • By person
  • By income rate

If it were me, I'd divide by square footage and then divide the utilities by person. IMO that makes the most sense, since you're paying for what's getting used.

As a side-note, you might want to see if you can find a more responsible roommate, or move out if this is starting to take too much of your time.

dildoswaggins71069 10 points

People split rent by income rate? Wow that’s kinda fucked up.

I typically charge by the person but offer a slight discount if the room is shared. So in your case, the 2400 rent would probably be 700, 700, 1000 with utilities split evenly. That’s fair. The chores are a separate matter.

zonination 4 points

People split rent by income rate? Wow that’s kinda fucked up.

I know I do, but again it depends on your situation.

For instance, I'm getting married next spring and my SO is making 40% of the household income... I think it would be fair to contribute 40% of the mortgage. But that's not a typical roommate situation, unless you call a married couple "roommates".

zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
ElusiveTurtle 1 point

Is that second paragraph only if it is assigned debt?

Also thank you for your help and time

zonination 2 points

Second paragraph it depends. Even if it's sold debt, you would still have a receipt stating you paid your bill.

The burden of proof is on the collections agency. It is their full responsibility to be able to demonstrate (both to you and/or in court) that they own the debt they are claiming.

ElusiveTurtle 1 point

So if it came to that would the utility company owe the collections company the money since they took the payment for a debt they sold? Or how would that work?

zonination 2 points

If it's assigned debt, the utility company keeps your payment but owes some kind of contractual fee for Collections handling the debt. That agreement is between them, let them work it out.

If it's sold debt and the Collections Agency owns the debt, the Utility Company shouldn't be the ones getting paid and they will let you know.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. If payment posted to whomever you paid, keep that documentation.
    • If it's a notice stating that you paid the bill, either request a copy or print it out.
    • If it's a check that got delivered, print out the check and your bank statement, staple them together, and keep a copy.
  2. Relax, and read the wiki. You paid your debt, and you have proof that you paid that debt. You can legally tell the Collections Agency to fuck off. If they do not fuck off, you can get a lawyer (they can work for a portion of the fees the CA will pay) to push criminal and civil penalties on them ($1000+ per violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).
  3. Your credit. If it's sold debt, it will appear on your credit report as a distinct tradeline item. If it is assigned debt, it will not appear on your credit report at all because the collections agency never owned it in the first place (and utilities do not appear on your credit report). Read this portion of the Wiki if it's sold debt.
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zonination commented on a post in r/personalfinance
zonination 2 points

Combination of 2 and 3 is the norm. I think Schwab reimburses you for #2 if you used specific ATMs.

You might want to set up a credit card with no foreign transaction fees that you can autopay through your bank. Here is a decent list, but be aware of that site's advertiser disclosure.

aes_00 1 point

Yea I was looking into credit cards but I have no idea how those complex ones work either and don’t want to make a mistake and have everything on my plate when I’m overseas!! Thank you though! Baby steps lol

zonination 3 points

Cards are easy.

Step 1: Use the card.
Step 2: The card will send you a bill for the amount you used.
Step 3: Pay the full bill each month. You will not pay interest if you pay in full each month.
You can ignore Step 2 and 3 if you set up to autopay in full, just make sure you have enough in checking.

You are now done. If anything, it's another layer of security against fraudulent transactions (in addition to the benefit of not having to use cash, and not having to pay FTF).

zonination commented on a post in r/rit
dress-code 12 points

You can take a handful of thousands off of the debt with co-op work, but even still 90-95k is a lot. But isn’t there a rule of thumb not to go into debt more than double what you make for a starting salary? I’ve heard something to the effect somewhere and don’t remember where.

zonination 2 points

You probably heard it from /r/personalfinance.

The rule of thumb is to not exceed 1x your prospective starting salary, but thumbs vary in size...

zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
assassinateur 1 point

what would you use to plot a 1 million (1000 by 1000) value dataset that has two variables (x,y) → f(x,y)

zonination 1 point

Do you mean two independent variables?

  • f(x, y) --> z - I would use a heatmap.
  • f(x) --> y - I would use a simple scatterplot, maybe fade the points a bit to prevent overplotting.
odarpcire 5 points

Could someone make a visualization of the average age of american congressman over time? you can usually find the time that the meetings happened on wikipedia and use thier age and death dates as a way to tell thier age.

its all your credit if you do this

zonination 1 point

You gotta go to /r/datasets to get a dataset, then head over to /r/datavizrequests.

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zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
nathcun 3 points

If you're going to steal someone else's posts at least change the part of the title referencing their username.

zonination [M] 1 point

It's likely a bot.

We've been seeing more and more of these; keep a sharp eye out!

zonination commented on a post in r/rit
ht5k 7 points

He was #3 in his own episode. Through two episodes, he's #6 out of 6.

zonination 2 points

Source? The article is incredibly unclear.

ht5k 3 points

Apparently there are a lot of sites out there dedicated to Jeopardy results/recaps. At least a lot more than I was expecting.

zonination 2 points

Ah, well, now I stand corrected.

Yeah, OP's article doesn't clarify whether Sheldon was #3/15, or third place in that round.

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Agar4life 7 points

A bit optimistic to be putting box plots to four data points, but let’s all take it with the massive grain of salt. AvE says as much in the video.

You can try running a statistical analysis to see if there are actual significant differences between oils, but the data might be too limited.

Edit: just eyeballing the data, there is nearly no chance that any differences between oils can be attributed to more than chance (ie not significantly different). More data points are needed.

zonination 5 points

Agreed. It's not really a statistical analysis so much as it is a display of a visual. This was just a quick bit of fun, not like I did any p-value stuff. I even claimed in my citation that this plot was "un-scienticious".

When AvE scrawls down raw numbers, it's hard to interpret spatially. All I wanted to do was show it spatially.

Agar4life 3 points

Indeed, though your title might be a touch misleading ;)

Saying that, many Redditors are gonna view this and buy PB blaster simply because “More is Better, right?”.

It’s incredible how many people don’t interpret graphs or even read axis titles...

zonination 2 points

though your title might be a touch misleading ;)

ayy lmao, that was the name of the video on YouTube tho...

But I agree with the sentiment, we'd need a bigger sample size if we were to get scientifical about it. We would also need a control sample of bolts that go in raw, without any lube.

Come to think of it, there might be a paper out there somewhere...

zonination commented on a post in r/rit
Prof_Brown 7 points

This is probably because we professors didn't know this was an option, which is why it's rare.

zonination [M] 3 points

True fact as well, it isn't really advertised.

Want to hit us up in modmail?

EDIT: You are now flaired!

Mkrah 2 points

In terms of #2 we could always have an un selectable flair like a blue check mark (think Twitter) that we assign only if they are verified. The text would be assigned with it, which would be something like “Professor” or “Resnet”.

zonination [M] 3 points

Hmm. Why not an orange brickmark and a highlighted username?

That would have to be done through CSS flair classes, which I suck at, but it's doable. Reddit is also getting a facelift soon, though, so anything we write today is subject to breaking tomorrow.

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zonination 3 points

Tool: R and ggplot2
Raw code

Longtime fan of AvE here. Saw his video (Source, above) and was inspired to make a quick un-scienticious dataviz. AvE took 16 corroded bolts, applied 4 oil products for each 4 bolts, torqued them, and found the torque where they broke free. Unfortunately, he used an osmelloscope and provided direct voltage; they're supposed to correlate to a torque like ft-lb, but I don't have the conversion.

Anecdotally, he found that WD-40 was the better product.

Unrelated: Come join the fanbase over at /r/Skookum.

zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
pairyhenis 1 point

It's a new visualization of the same data set that /u/zonination represented in this plot, right? Both are great and I do wonder whether Roser was influenced by /u/zonination...!

zonination [M] 1 point

This is exactly the same image that I posted two years ago:

Not faulting Max Roser, but you gotta get to the original source!

zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
deckar01 1 point

Data Source:

I suspect the actual score will be somewhere north of 20%, but the quadratic fit is interesting.

zonination 5 points

A simple linear fit illustrates the point well enough...

  • Adjusted R-squared: 0.9124
  • p-value: 0.00729

A quick warning against !correlation ... but it would be interesting to see this against IMDB ratings.

zonination commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
BunnicusRex 3 points

Mods, this is a repost spambot. Reposts old #1 stories, like this one

Super annoying because of false claims this is OC :(

zonination [M] 3 points

Got 'im

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