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Brings tears to my eyes!

Too precious!

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I have a really sweet older cat named Vince. He's the best little snuggler, and sleeps under my arm or in between my legs every night. He was always a bit frantic when we came home after work, so we decided to get him a kitten to keep him company during the day.

We went to the humane society and zeroed in on a handsome orange kitten named Deputy Hamtramck, and while my girlfriend was spending time with him to figure out if he was the kind of cat we wanted, I spotted a little fluffball hiding in the back of a different cage. His name was Tyrion, and he had a serious facial injury. He had been seized by police from somewhere, and was missing his lower lip. Kind of looked like Skeletor because you could see his teeth. His long fur was matted and greasy because he couldn't really clean himself with his messed up mouth. But he let me pet him, and even rolled over and let me rub his tummy. When I went to pull my hand back from his cage, he ran out from his hiding spot to get more pets. He was so pathetic, and I was choking back tears loving on the little guy. We decided that was our kitten.

We brought him home and made him a little hangout spot in a closed bathroom so that he and Vince could just get used to each others smells before meeting. We would always find him hiding under a shelf, terrified of open space. We were worried he couldn't eat with his messed up mouth, so we had a bunch of different food options. As days went by, he thrived and became affectionate with us. He would always run when a giant human came walking toward him, but if you snuck up on him while we was sleeping he'd let you pet all over him and purr up a storm for you.

We eventually introduced the cats, and Vince wasn't very happy about the new addition to the family (despite immediately bonding with every human that ever came into the house). He eventually grew tolerant of the little kitten, though we were always a bit wary that someone would get hurt. Especially because little Tyrion, as he got used to being in the house, started doing full-speed laps of hallways and living room. He was a bit too active for old Vince.

We came home one day to find grumpy old Vincent doing the exact same thing the cat in this gif was doing. Sitting by the kitchen, waiting for dinner, looking like the happiest cat in the world while he flicked his tail back and forth and the kitten tried to catch it. Tyrion would eventually try to wrestle with Vince (despite Vince being more than twice his size). Vince would tire of the kittens antics and bowl him over with one paw, then sit patiently and watch the kitten crawl away. He was so gentle with his little friend. Tyrion took after Vince's example and became more social. He'd join us in the evenings in the living room, sleeping feet or next to chairs. He'd sit up in front of the TV and swat at football players, and stare absolutely entranced at the ocean water when I'd play AC: Black Flag.

Unfortunately Tyrion slowed down one day, about six months after we got him. He wouldn't play and looked sad all the time. We would find him laying on the floor in the bathroom we had originally made his home. We took him back to the vet at our local human society, and found out that he had apparently acquired feline leukemia as a kitten and they had missed it on their pre-adoption testing. By the time we got him to the vet he was almost out of red blood cells so we made the easy choice to let him go rather than suffer. He ended his short but happy life peacefullyin his mom's arms.

Fortunately Vince survived. FeLV is highly contagious, but he had either been vaccinated or had just shrugged it off (older cats can survive it). When I came home from work the next day, I went around the house to gather up all of Tyrions toys and blankets so that his mom wouldn't have to, and Vince followed me from room to room, meowing anxiously. He had seen us take his kitten to the vet (he knows what the cat carrier means), and had seen the empty cat carrier come back. His little ears perked up every time he heard a toy jingle, and as I was preparing his dinner he just sat staring under the kitchen table, Tyrion's favorite hiding place. I didn't know how to help him, because I didn't know how to tell him that his little friend wasn't coming back. I didn't know how to help myself, because all I ever wanted to do was take care of the little guy and there isn't anything you can do about FeLV. Made me feel like the Rockbiter in The Neverending Story (you know the scene).

In time we all found peace with the ordeal. Cats don't think like people, so they don't really look forward to having long lives. They're only aware of the quality of their days while they're here, and then they're gone. Tyrion came from somewhere awful, but he had the safest, happiest life a kitten could ask for. It may not have been long, but it was his entire life and it was great.

Obligatory pictures.

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My heart goes out to you. It only takes a second for our hearts to fill with love for a little buddy. And, it takes only a second for our hearts to shatter. You were awesome in giving this kitty more of a normal like than he would have had. Please take comfort in knowing you will be reunited one day.

So sweet!

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So precious!

So proud!

Obviously needs to see the movie!

Headmaster at the school.

I shouldn’t be laughing this hard!!!

Duh! It took me long enough to figure it out!!!

I want to learn this!

Night and day. Like looking at the globe.

I want one! Awesome structure!

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So focused and gentle.

Give her a snuggle from a Florida friend! Adorable!

Very talented!

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