Can’t select Link or Text when trying to create a post by dosemakespoison in apolloapp

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Same here!

I have to go out of the submit post area, tap on the tabs down the bottom and go back. Sometimes it works after doing this once, sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to quit the app and restart.

Hermès Feu Epsom single tour knockoff - Amazing quality, review inside by [deleted] in AppleWatch

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I bought a Hermès Feu Epsom single tour knockoff from a seller on Taobao, a Chinese website similar to eBay and Amazon, and the quality is amazing!

However, the site is completely in Chinese and there is no English version. It cost me AUD$84 and delivery was $10, about one fifth of the price of the genuine band from Hermès here in Australia (AUD$499).

Link here:https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09. Review by a blogger here: https://superphen.co/2016/11/21/best-replica-hermes-feu-epsom-leather-single-tour/

Leather: Definitely much thicker than the genuine Fauve Barenia and Indigo Swift that I have. It feels and smells like real leather. The pattern on the orange side is not as pronounced as the real one.

On the back of the leather, there is exactly the same engraving as the genuine ones.

Stitching: It's not as refined as the genuine one, but still a lot better than other knockoffs. The stitching seems ever so slightly further in from the edge of the band than the genuine one.

Buckle: There is engraving of Hermès on the buckle, but the fonts are smaller, and the indents are shallower than the genuine one. The actual buckle is also thinner. However, the latch which passes through the hole in the band is not as sturdy and can be twisted from side to side.

Connectors: Indistinguishable from genuine ones. There is even the tag line "Made for Apple Watch"

Package: It came in an orange box and sleeve, identical to the Hermès packaging. Of course the quality is average.

Buying experience: The whole Taobao site is in Chinese and the buying and tracking are hard to follow if you don't know the language. But once you understand how delivery and payment works (you pay for the band first, it gets delivered to a central warehouse where you can bundle your purchases from different sellers into a single package, then you pay for the delivery separately then).

There is an accompanying app where you can communicate with the seller, make the transaction and track the delivery. The seller is very courteous and cut the length of the leather to the size of the wrist.

Now here are the photos. In comparison photos, the knockoff Feu Epsom is always in the middle. The brown is the genuine Fauve Barenia and the dark blue is the genuine Indigo Swift. Full album is uploaded to Imgur here: https://imgur.com/a/qUZfo

Timothèe Chalamet was on Fallon tonight! by ago2911 in callmebyyourname

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OMG he is so adorable! In a geeky and sexy kind of way 🍑😍

Swarm of rats by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Probably a type of rodent - Can’t change the thread title...

Rodentia - gophers, mice, rats, squirrels, porcupines, beavers, chipmunks