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why would I follow it on Tumblr

I follow it on Reddit

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It does not add up.

Sticky? Check.

Popular sub? Check.

Lods of subscribers? Check.

Why does it have 0 score?

sees tumblr link


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ITT: People dislike tumblr.

Jesus, who cares where /r/showerthoughts posts its stuff. Does it really bother you?

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Gonna post on 9Gag, FunnyJunk, Chive, and BuzzFeed as well?

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Watch out Facebook here we come

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Roll up your pants 4square, MySpace, Quickmeme, and Russia

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What kind of social network is Russia?

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looks at map

A funny shaped one

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Socialist media.

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Get Ready 4Chan!

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All these people with their heads up their ass about what social media site they use, if that's what you pride yourselves on, you're beyond help.

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It isn't pride in reddit, it's hate on tumblr.

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But why? Tumblr is better than the likes of 9gag and others that have nothing but stolen or dumb content. Tumblr has a far more diverse community where you follow what you want to see and there are tons of OC there and information to learn. It's who you choose to follow, just like you can follow horrible subs here or follow ones you like.

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I'm just thankful someone made out in time to try and insult everybody.

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Quick explanation for anyone interested:

There is a very popular Tumblr account that reposts all ShowerThoughts content that hits the first page of this subreddit. We certainly welcome users to share our great content - all we hope is for these pages to provide a link back to the original content. This unofficial page does not do that - so, we decided to make our own. Our page provides links back to each and every Showerthought posted - our effort to make sure each of you gets the credit you deserve.

We know Tumblr isn't the most welcomed word here on reddit for some, and we understand this post might rub some users the wrong way. To those people, feel free to click 'hide' under the post title.

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I am now slightly less butthurt.

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It's funny how downvoted this is. What is Reddit's deal with Tumblr?

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Tumblr told Reddit to quit being racist once. And as such, they are impinging on Reddit's free speech and are therefore the very definition of evil.

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Being serious here, but didn't they call us misogynistic?

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Yeah, that too

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And they say that every white person is racist by default, POC can't be racist, men can't be raped, all men are sex crazed violent rapists, and many many other things.

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Ummm no. I mean, sure some people on Tumblr do say that kind of stuff. So do some people on Reddit. Every site is going to have shitty people on it, that doesn't make the site as a whole shitty. Plus you're saying this as though there are no horrible people on Reddit. In my experience the bad people on Reddit are actually more popular than the bad people on Tumblr.

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I agree that there are some bad people on reddit, and there's some good people on tumblr, but I haven't seen anyone on reddit say any of the statements above unless in a sarcastic sense. Reddit agrees with the exact opposite of those statements.

I could be wrong though.

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No, I think that you are right about that. My point was just that there are bad people, even though at opposite ends, on these sites.

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Of course. There's many bad subs on here.

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More details? Was it the tumblr staff, or just a handful of users?

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Tumblr has a collective hive mind of that ideology.

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Just like Reddit

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Every website has a hive mind now that I think of it.

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Not youtube or google.com

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No, their 'minds' are formed from the google AI research servers.

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"Tumblr stereotyped all of Reddit!" they say, stereotyping all of Tumblr.

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tumblr is the home of the people that south park make fun of

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reddit is the home of adults that watch cartoons

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You got the good side of tumblr, cupcakes and good softcore porn, and the bad side, feminazis and pronouns from hell.

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"Tumblr stereotyped all of Reddit!" they say, stereotyping all of Tumblr.

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Those posters were trying too hard to be anti-parent and PC.

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I'd give it credit for an image representing each shower thought, but that's only true of it's 3 most recent posts.

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excuse me

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You're excused.

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Thanks, I've been waiting.

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I think I rather not.

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u suck