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My dog is teaching my new kitten how to weekend...

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Give Bently a fist bump for me.

Original Poster53 points · 5 months ago

if I can teach Walle to fist bump Bentley...

"So we can just lay here all day like this?"

"Yep, until dinner time comes."



"Hey dog?"

"Yeah buddy?"

"We make a good team, huh?"

"The very best team, cat. The very best."

Well this is fucking precious.

Great comment! My thoughts exactly

Looks like you've got a quick learner there.

If any dog can teach a cat to be lazy, it would be an English bull dog.

Cat got lucky with built in protocalls. May malfunction at 3am, causing loud noises and disturbances within the home. Hopefully good puppers can keep him in line at bed time! :) Not too much day rest for the kittens!!!

So many times I come out of my bedroom with my 9mm only to find my cat gripping a doorway and looking at me wildly.

… And the cat is a good student, too.

Is that a dog bed? It looks amazing.

Original Poster22 points · 5 months ago

It's a casper dog bed with a blanket on it. The blanket was on the couch, but he fell in love with it and would steal it off the couch and drag it onto the ground. He eventially won and I bought a new one for the couch.

Thoughts on the Casper dog mattress? These two are picky as hell about their beds. Also, Bruce and Nugget would like a lesson from Bentley one day.

Well aren't they freaking adorable.

Yes they are.

Ha ha ha, I love how the cat is looking over at the dog, as if to say "Am I doing it right?"

Dude Bentley is such a baller!

4 points · 5 months ago

Looks like the student is a good one.

THIS is cute as hell

Sometimes i wish you could upvote something more than once. This is the most timiest of times

Two chill buddies.

This is too sweet.

Nailed it!

They be like smooth(what?)

Can you teach me how to doggie?

You know why?

Cause all da bitches love me(aye).......

Cat: We nailed it.

I need to take lessons from this dog.

Such cuteness!

Have you been waving meal worms over their noses?

So important to let the boys air out from time to time.

Can your dog teach me how to weekend too?

Copy cat

Dear god, so cute!

I think your dogs head is melting

"Yo bro, first things first. Get. That. Belly. Sun. Nothing is more important."

That's what I call 'Expert Chillaxing.'

I want this dog, cat and blanket to be at my house.

More pics of your dog please :3

I see the dog, but where's the kitten?

Camouflaged by the blanket on the right.

I could learn from this

Looks like your kitten is loving every second of it too. :)

Is that a Bulldoggle? Love them!

That is the lovely thing about Bulldoggles. Half English Bulldog, half Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix). They have longer snouts, shorter soft palates, and larger nostrils. They also seem to have fewer allergy issues and better hips. They also snuggle so hard. Damn good dogs.

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