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I don’t think he knows how to row.

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He isn't rowing, he is pulling the earth beneath the boat with the paddles.

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It's that stupid green bag. It's jacking up his flow.

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Pretty sure he’s already jacked.

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It looks like he's rowing the oar that is off the camera

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Yeah, but he's still rowing like a guy who does a lot of bench presses and not a lot of rowing.

Do you see how he's pushing the oars forward, thus utilizing his pectoral muscles? That's literally the opposite of how you row. You pull on the oars instead of pushing. You use your back in rowing. You face away from the direction that you're rowing.

A swole Roshi he may be, but he's canoeing a rowboat

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He’s back paddling to turn...

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no... even than you'd rather make just a pull on one side (if you have the room, which he has) and than backpaddel just a bit on the other side (mainly just "breaking" by holding the paddle fixed in the water)

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Plenty of people push when paddling a boat, and while yes, pulling is much more efficient, if you aren't trying to go fast there's no real reason not to push.

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Canoeing a rowboat, spot on.

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Isn't he just using one oar to turn the boat around? It's looks windy as he'll and that he's just trying to get the boat turned a bit. The right oar (facing him) isn't even in the water.

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Maybe he's training his pecs. Maybe he's teaching the camera person that this isn't how to row, like see even a guy with as much muscle as him isn't getting very far rowing this way.

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Don't bother arguing with redditors. They strangely assume they know everything about a person's life and current situation after merely getting a glimpse of that person.

Today a picture was posted of an an old man with a funny quote about farming on his t-shirt. Redditors somehow gathered that he's an old bitter conservative who complains about government handouts while simultaneously collecting farm subsidies, and also complains of working long hours while hiring illegal immigrants to do the work for him so he can sit in his $150k truck and curse all day. It was bizarre. The poor man simply wore a goofy shirt and now he has to deal with a bunch of know-nothing brats making assumptions about his life.

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I’m pretty sure if that’s a picnic basket and the other side of the boat is his date, he is doing this the rightest way possible

*getting a pec pump

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I think that I understand what you're saying. I'm not saying that the guy should be facing the other way to be rowing properly. I'm saying that he should be rowing the other way.

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I'd like to point out that while maybe you get like 30% more power out of your back compared to your chest (source: I'm a certified raft guide). He's clearly a strong boy, so he's probably getting plenty of power out of pushing. Side note, most rafts you'll see on any given river will be rear rigged, so the guide can only push. Crew rowers are all backwards in their boats because they can use their legs, since that sport is mostly leg intensive (source: am on the ASU crew team)

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You seem to be knowing what you're talking about (were/are you in crew?) but how could he possibly row from the other side? Seems like the boat wasn't made for that

I don't doubt you, I'm just concerned about the orientation of these boats

EDIT: Guys its a genuine question downvoting was pretty unnecessary

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What do you mean the other side. He’s supposed to be rowing away from the direction he’s facing. You can see he’s pushing forward while the oars are in water and even then it’s poorly executed.

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not all boats are pointy at the front https://i.imgur.com/KG3SYad.jpg

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He's like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Conan movie, turning that giant wheel for like 10 years. Turning the wheel didn't accomplish anything, but it sure did wonders for muscle definition.

Here, Roshi's probably been rowing without getting anywhere for years and years. He stuck in place, but damn does he look good.

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Explain how else you would turn on a row boat then.

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But he sure know how to roid.

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When you're that big you can get by with poor technique

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He is pushing to row raher than pull. That would feel awkard to most people i think.

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When I'm hella old I'm taking a fucking ton of steroids because I'm dying soon anyways, so why worry about consequences?

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I think a lot of rich old people are taking steroids as an anti-aging treatment. Not enough to get swole, just enough to replace the natural decline. It's not the 70s anymore. Steroids aren't going to destroy your body if a doctor who knows what they are doing administers them.

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lmao like, Im pretty positive the dude in the gif is on something

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Of course he is. He's on a boat right there in the gif! /s

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Without question. His abs are large. Abs don't generally gain much size the way biceps or quadraceps do.

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Just the fact that his body looks so... Young... I cant really think of another word to describe it, but he's definitely atleast taking testosterone, and probably is on hgh and some steroids.

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he's definitely atleast taking testosterone, and probably is on hgh and some steroids.

You do realize that testosterone itself is a steroid, right? So you're effectively saying "he's definitely on steroids, and probably on hgh and some steroids."

That being said, this guy is 100% on AAS, and I'd say the odds are greater than 95% that he's using more than just testosterone. I don't think he's on hgh, but that's a much more difficult question to answer based on just looking at someone.

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You know, he could just be young but looks old.

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Either way he's on something. That is not the way the natural body builds muscle. The dude is swollen from every aspect. To look like that without steroids is nearly impossible.

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As sun tanners always look. Always

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nah hes fucked

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It's the traps that are a dead giveaway for something anabolic. We have more testosterone receptors in the traps and shoulders and they tend to be muscle groups that respond strongly to juice. The gut is HGH belly.

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Sure, when you're lower than 25 FFMI. However, this guy is clearly well over 26. His arms, shoulders, traps, lats, and everything else are outside of the natural range for someone lean. Looking at his traps and shoulders add very little when everything else looks equally unnatural.

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The traps are a dead giveaway.

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That's called TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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All steroids will cause heart enlargement. Sure it's not as risky as trying to dose without a dr but at that age your heart is at its most fragile point, it's already taken a lifetime of abuse

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I have the same plan, but with heroin.

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Lol, that's basically what TRT is.

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Biggest consequence when you're that big is that you can't touch your elbows together. Sad, sad day.

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What consequences? Too old for consequences to catch up? It might actually be medicine at that point. Age related fragility due to reduction in bone density, muscle tone, and flexibility are due to natural hormonal decline. Your doctor might even legally prescribe this to you now if you are a middle aged person who has low testosterone and is drastically low for your age

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Master Row-shi

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More like Roid-shi

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Master Row-shitty

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You deserve more upvotes.

Now get out.

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Master No-shi

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Sensei Swol

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On the way to fuck Bulma

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Clearly he didn’t get that fit on a rowing machine.....

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He sure looks like Roshi... but does his nose bleed when he sees an attractive female?

Edit: One of many references.

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I thought that was Asian dudes in general. Anime is inaccurate.

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OMG that is in Ninh Binh Vietnam. It is where they shot some of the new King Kong!

Edit.... I was there: https://imgur.com/a/99kIY

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Oh yah, there's that green bag to prove it

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MAybe he plays Mario in the new Donkey Kong Movie

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I bet you’re the one with the hat.

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That looks rather cold

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It ain't me starts playing.

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Testosterone is a hell of a drug.

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He has quite the case of uni-lateral gynecomastia on his left pec.

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Mmm, I concur

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Question remains, who is this?

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This guy couldn't row a boat to save his life

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That bag probably contains panties.

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Nice try. That's Batista.

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Gendry, day 2316 at sea

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So sorry to say, but it's roids.

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Hard work plus roids, a lot of both

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gyno clearly

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Yeah that doesn't mean he didn't work hard, steroids arnt a miracle drug that give you a instant incredible physique.

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They kinda are. You should read some studies.

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I'm not denying that maybe audiate is but I'm just pointing out a clear sign of steroid use

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Hard work lmao. More like proper diet. You don’t have to lift a lot to build those muscles with high doses of Test-C, but you DO have to eat a lot, and eat right, because it won’t keep you from getting fat too

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Oh, steroids. It took me a few seconds because I thought hemorrhoids XD

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Did somebody say steroids?

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He's got that rowing pump going.

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I didn't read your title and just clicked. I immediately thought THIS is who should have played Master Roshi in the Dragon Ball z movie, if they ever made one.

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They did. It’s universally hated.

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I think you're mistaken, they never made one.

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More like Master Row-shi

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Missed title op

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I feel like this guy should be more well known than he seems to be.

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Japan Bilzerian

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Hes not moving the boat, hes readjusting the lake.

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I kept hoping that part of the cliff would break off and fall into the water

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all that money is making Jeff Bezos get weird

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He has to sit there powering up and yelling at the top of his lungs for 20 minutes before the cameras start rolling.

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Master "Roidshi"

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ngl he sexy as fuck 🎅🏽

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I would like to point out that Master Roshi is redundant since Roshi means Old Master.

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Considering how cut he, his rowing game is weak.

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TIL Master Roshi is Captain of the Swole Patrol.

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Do you even Dragonball?

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Yes, I Dragonball. Iirc, Roshi appears jacked like that one time, when he does the Kamehameha to put out the big ass fire. I also haven't watched Dragonball in years so I could be forgetting.

Edit - spelling

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Looks like a buff Mr. Miyagi

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Hugo Strange from Gotham

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master swoll-shi

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If he's Master Roshi, where is his porn?

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Wow he’s jacked...

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Now, all that's needed to confirm is a Nudie mag!

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He’s terrible at rowing.

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Please teach me your signature move!

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Blaine finding Cinnabar Gym. 1999AD. Colourized.

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Argghhh...can't unsee this shit now

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He may be Master Roshi but why the fuck is he rowing the boat backwards?

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Master Roids

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If Tommy Chong’s drug of choice was steroids.

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Ripped to shreds but paddles like a t-Rex.

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Holy shit, this guy's more shredded than a julienne salad.

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All those muscles and he’s not getting anywhere.

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Master Roidshi

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I bet his balls are tiny.

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MmKay, steroids are bad. Don't do steroids kids.

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“Years of rowing made me one with my body”

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Perry Saturn’s double.

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all natty brah

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that guy does all of the roids

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Maybe he trying to find a server to play DBZ Fighters beta

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That’s a lot of beach muscle.

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Is that what they call steroids?

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Bad rowing

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All that steroid muscle gone to waste

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Can people naturally be this ripped or is this steroids? I feel like this is almost impossible to achieve without the assistance of drugs.

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Correct. Not possible naturally.

Huge traps and spherical delts are a big indicator because everyone has the most androgen receptors in their shoulders (traps and delta) and steroids attach to that receptor.

Also, gynecomastia is common side effect and almost exclusively due to steroids when seen in men. He has it in his left pec/nipple.

Another sign of roofs is having a lot of muscle while also being very lean/ripped. A natural person loses a bit of their muscle ass they lean down, but gains muscle as they gain fat. This is also why strongmen are kinda chubby and not ripped - more strength.

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Steroids don’t add muscle magically. It’s like adding more stamina to your overall so you can lift longer.

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It's pretty much magic.

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wait is that batista?

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Master steroids**

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Steroids are legal in Japan. Just sayin

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How can everyone be certain it’s steroids?

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Because a large amount of people have never seen the inside of a weight room before.

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Yeah, reddit's basement dwellers seem to have a hard time believing getting big and cut is even possible without steroids. Although, in this case, it does kinda look like he has bitch tits.

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I immediately assume he’s a huge pervert

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Found Master Roshi-roid IRL

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He looks like those dudes you fight in double dragon.

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How does one become that large, with as little work as possible?

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Oh yeah.. you like that? Huh? You like that? Oh yeah you like that.

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Never skip leg day

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Someone seems to have missed a lot of legs days.

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yeah but master roshi doesnt skip leg day :/

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Roshi forgot leg day

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still droopy manboobs?! This gives me no hope.