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This video should be mandatory viewing in all high schools in America

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Original Poster26 points·1 month ago

I guarantee you that r/inceltears will avoid this thread. Science is their kryptonite.

6'4'' BIG OGRE11 points·1 month ago

They will just claim data source is untrustuable and incorrect.

20 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I once had an educated conversation with an inceltears member about this, and we really got down to the bottom of the issue regarding the disparity between expectations of women and men.

Lol, jk, when I linked the video, he said it’s not reliable because it must have been uploaded by a an angry jaded MGTOW, then when I asked him to reason against it he told me that I’m a loser.

Correction, it was actually two different guys. The one below me was just saying it’s based on pseudoscience, which I do not agree with, but still, it’s not like he started attacking me on first sight.

6'4'' BIG OGRE7 points·1 month ago


That was probably me and you are a fucking lair.

Lie 1: Im not from Inceltears i am banned for shitting on them

Lie 2: i didnt call you a loser because you asked for argument you incels talk as much shit as you get.

This video is fucking psudeo science. Basically it cites basic data and makes huge claims about it without sources.

"Fact, most women and some point in their lives will attempt to join a relationship with someone near them." Which is a fact because it is very general, but is misleading because the graphic shown implies that all these women are "settling" for someone. Because the idiot thinks all women are mentally as unhealthy and pessimistic as they are.

Actually, you’re totally right, I just looked up, and it was the same conversation, but a different guy. For reference, if you look at my profile, I replied with “right there, the debate culture of inceltears”.

So yea, I apologize, that wasn’t you. In my defense, I haven’t had a sober day for two weeks though. I’ll make a correction in my previous comment.

Still, I told you to look at the sources in the video description. Did you?

The source used in the video dont actually correlate because the claims are generalization. The average amount of people married or coupled does not mean every woman settles like the video implies.

I can make facts too.

"Most incels have some problems with women" it's a fact because its so fucking general that i doesnt really say anything.

Original Poster12 points·1 month ago

Skip to 4:30 in the video to get the most brutal blackpill you will ever experience.

All Colttaine's videos should be mandatory viewing for all males

I may have lost face, but I haven't lost heart.11 points·1 month ago

Yep agreed. His videos also completely shit on TRP and show the black pill for the universal truth it is.

21, Dartmouthcel16 points·1 month ago

Schools should have a separate sex ed for males.

My 5th grade sex class did.

posting Colttaine videos on incel boards should be bannable. to much sui fuel

Bring back slut shaming9 points·1 month ago

One of the most important videos of our generation.

Stop dickriding. Everyone already knew this.

Comment deleted1 month ago
Comment deleted1 month ago
Comment deleted1 month ago

I mean, maybe if they learned to spell threshold first.

Cucked post made by a cuck.

When the only thing they can make fun of is your spelling

You know you’re right

Haha, you guys get so bitter. Just saying, if you want to show something in school, get the basics right.

Bitter is a wrong word, I pity you for dismissing something based on one spelling error.

That's not the only thing it's just the first thing

Still waiting for the second, mate.

2. The facts in the video are only facts because they are so general "most girls will try to find a relationship with someone near them."

3. There are real sources used but they are not actually used to support claims they are only used to speculate.

4. It wouldn't be incel if it didnt generalize and animalize all women.

5. It implies that all women are whores who just settle when they cant have a chad, as if it is a pregiven fact.

There's the other 4.

Find a girl that'll settle for you

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