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Full disclosure- I'm a big VEN and WTC fan. It's good that there is competition in this space though. I'm actually pretty surprised that Wabi isn't doing anything to drastically separate themselves from those big 2. The only thing I saw is maybe the vendor rewards part? Hopefully they have a sense of urgency because if they haven't started initiating partnership conversations yet (besides 2), they might get left behind.

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WaBi is a client channel, Walimai is like WTC and VEN. WaBi is B2C where VENa and WTC are B2B. Close use-case, but in fact WTC and VEN are more competitors to each other while WaBi has no cometition yet

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the only problem i have with wabi is the lack of token utility. Their token is simply a loyalty-based coin which is not really integral to the technology they provide in the market. Their company and the service they provide is useful, but the token... not so much.

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VEN and WTC are not just b2b, half the point of both is to enable businesses to better interact with consumers. This has always been in both of their views.

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No more uncertainty. WaBi shows their potential with this roadmap

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Masternodes you say?

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You got that right.

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I feel like their consumer focus and Chinese regulations on blockchains and tokens will cause some issues. It doesn't really seem like stores can actually accept WaBi as a currency for goods like they want, and they're so Chinese focused it's almost a negative. So it's basically a vendor reward point system for now.

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Will WaBi always remain an ERC20 token? I few months ago I reviewed this project, but doubted it the moment I read data would be stored on their own internal server.

Is that still the case? Q2 references Masternodes - so will WaBi migrate to their own blockchain?

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Masternodes in Q2 are gonna make Wabi blow up in price the same way it’s been happening with VEN the past couple months. I’m accumulating as much as possible right fucking NOW!

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Be careful with WaBi - the value of the token is very questionable.

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Why do you say that?

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I’m holding til at least July. I put it in a wallet and stopped tracking it on delta I hope I return with fat stacks.

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2018 will be great year for VEN, MOD, WaBi, WTC, MOD and AMB - no doubt.

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That MOD double shill.

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You forgot ICX.

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You are right. Have to add ICX to the list!

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and WAN

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Also MOD!

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MOD as well!

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I think Neo will also do well

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The map shows great potential

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Q1 (Ends 31st of March) Business Development - Initiate discussions with Fortune 500 companies in the food, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries [Negotiations already in-progress with 2 out of 3 industries as of 01/20/2018] Brand Portfolio - Grow our product portfolio to a minimum of 50 SKUs and expand across new product categories Sales Network - Partner with industry-appropriate Chinese influencers with substantial online followings (circa 50.000 followers) Technology - Design the digital touch shelves Thought Leadership and PR - Redesign and update the websites Walimai.com and Wacoin.io - Launch official communication in alternative languages (Chinese)

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Finally some good projects highlighted today on this sub, compared to the front-page filled with pointless VEN partnerships

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Hold on let me ruin that for you: "FEEL LIKE YOU MISSED OUT ON VEN AND WTC? WELL, GET YOUR ASS IN WABI!"

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Wabi can literally just be a child chain on WTC and its tokens are useless. Cool logo though so it will probably gain a lot in price.

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We'll see how far can this coin go! Moon?