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When he is focused bjs is one hell of a boxer. Totally had writen him off he proved me wrong in this fight

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    Come on teacher as much as I dislike him I'm not down with calling him a name cause of his background or race

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    I don't get the downvotes, I find people using 'pikey' pretty fucking stupid. You wouldn't say it to their face, they don't use it to describe themselves, it's offensive.

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    "they don't use it to describe themselves". Clearly you've never met a pikey so don't know why you're weighing in... for the record I have lots of friends who are pikeys and I call them pikey's all the time, been to pikey weddings and they all use the term. Its used as a joke, stop being so serious. It's not like people are using it to start a next holocaust, it's just british culture to take the piss of everything

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    "They call themselves Niggers so I insist I am allowed to call them Niggers"

    The history of both words is pretty similar i.e. what was once used as a slur became used as the actual word, then people acknowledged how offensive the word was but the intended victims kept saying it until the aggressors got offended that they weren't allowed to say it (more commas/fullstops needed).

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    This would only work if black people were remotely comparable to pikeys. Pikeys in england turn up, trash a field, rob a neighborhood, don't pay taxes, get in fights, then leave in their caravans after the council gets the local police on to them. I'm guessing you're a yank

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    Right. So I guess we should be throwing around the so-called N Word now, too? I don’t get it.

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    No mas?

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    I don't know why you're getting downvoted. Unless he's referencing a movie or something and the reference went over both of our heads.

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    Cause they're very much a separatist group in society. They live among themselves generally in caravans and tend to marry in the community.

    The slurs are due to them being the British isles main crime syndicate.

    I also know plenty of very nice traveller people, but I know just as many appalling ones.

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    Cause they're very much a separatist group in society. They live among themselves generally in caravans and tend to marry in the community.

    Like with most races who've experienced oppression?

    The slurs are due to them being the British isles main crime syndicate.

    Like with African Americans in the U.S.?

    I also know plenty of very nice traveller people, but I know just as many appalling ones.

    Like pretty much all people?

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    Are you going to be okay, sunshine?

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    Well color me impressed. I wonder how high those numbers would have been if the fight had taken place in the UK

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    Is bjs much of a name in the uk? Genuinely have no idea

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    He isn’t a household name like Amir Khan, AJ or Ricky Hatton, but the casual fans know who he is. In terms of how much of a name he is, I would put him just below Degale and Groves, he does have more followers on social media than both of them though. I hope managed to put that into context for you.

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    Same as Fury, mainstream media don't care for him because he's a gypsy but boxing fans appreciate him.

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    It's not that he's a gypsy alone. Many other British title holders aren't famous either...

    Khan was a silver medalist in 2004 at 17. The only boxer in the GB team.

    Aj was Gold in 2012 in London. Heavyweight are loved also tbh.

    Ricky had Manchester city fans but also we didn't have many title holders back then, plus he had an exciting style... And became a household name post mayweather tbh.

    Bjs has said some controversial things so that doesn't help. Even if he beats Canelo and ggg he won't be a household name imo. It will be Joe calzaghe level where sports fans will know him

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    Ricky had Manchester city fans

    All 30 of them?

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    Yeah totally. BJS is probably as well known (or better) as Selby, Yafai, Burnett, etc. Nothing to do with his background.

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    I think it's more notable because he beat Eubank who get's a lot of credit.

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    May have misunderstood but are you saying AJ is not famous in Britain? He's huge

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    I'm.sayojg Khan, aj and Hatton are famous

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    Ohhhh now I understand. My mistake sorry

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    Well no, sky sports just don't cover fighters who don't box on sky or with Eddie. nothing go do with them being Gypsys. Probably more to do with the many offensive comments from both. Saying this as a massive fury and BJS fan

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    Sky sports isn't the only place to watch boxing fella

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    Not even close to what I was talking about. Sky sports is the mainstream sports media

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    It's only part of it. You might need to Google a definition of MSM.

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    Well the BBC don't ignore BJS or fury neither do box nation or BT sport. You have no point to make

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    Not too sure, but he's been partially credited for trying to get Fury back into shape and they are very good friends. That coupled with the fact that he's a belt holder in the division that Golovkin and Alvarez are currently fighting in leads me to believe that he has to be a relatively well known guy

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    They're more than just friends, I believe they are cousins.

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    No they're not related.

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    I'm not from north America so can someone tell me if these are considered good ratings or not? UFC on Fox that night had 1.7mil viewers and that's been considered "dismal"

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    1.7 million on a regular network channel. Most households if they have television have Fox. So there is a bigger pool of people to reach. HBO is a premium channel you have to pay extra for. So the amount of people is different from that on Fox. I’m a fan of nth sports. 1.7 million for that fight going against Star Wars and NFL football is not a bad number. Same with the HBO number.

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    Also, I bet hbo would get more if they would show the fight live on the damn HBO app like Showtime does.

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    716k is not good for hbo. If I remember correctly I see the ratings are usually closer to 925k ish for boxing on premium channels. The Loma card on espn did 2 million which was higher than I thought.

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    Idk I think those numbers are pretty good for Lemieux and Saunders. Cotto's last fight just cracked 1 million peak on HBO I believe and he is a much much bigger name than both of these guys. I am honestly a bit surprised it did this well.