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How did Freeman get the win if we had the lead and never lost it when Soroka came out?

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A starter has to go a full 5 innings in order to get the win and Soroka got pulled in the middle of the 5th which is why Freeman got the win

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For a starting pitcher to qualify for a win, he must go a minimum of 5 innings.

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I just now caught highlights from the game. Culberson is a damn HR machine now.

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Someone convince me Sam Freeman just had a lucky outing, he looked great out there (2.1 innings, no hits, 4 strikeouts, and his velocity looked great). Same with Moylan to a lesser extent. It almost made me forget how bad they've been recently, and how badly we need bullpen help.

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People forget that Sam had a really good year last year and was good this year until the past few weeks.

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I really like Freeman and Moylan in non pressure situations. If we're wither up by a few runs or down by a few late in the game, they tend to pitch well. In tied or close guys they just can handle it.

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No pressure with that lead

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Sometimes it really do be like that. Good win.

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Camargo's line change after 1 massive game.

Before: 176 PA, .221/.341/.409 (.750)

After: 181 PA, .240/.354/.448 (.802)

I thought he was hotter lately than he was, but since 5/23 he's racking up XBH and RBI

15 Freeman 6 8 1 14
14 Swanson 4 9 1 10
11 Markakis 1 10 0 12
11 Camargo 5 6 0 17
9 Albies 2 7 0 8
8 Culberson 4 4 0 12
7 Inciarte 1 5 1 10
7 Suzuki 1 6 0 7

Braves with 7 more doubles, 2 HR and a triple

NL XBH: 245 ATL, 244 LAD, 224 PIT, 221 CHC, 217 SFG

NL 2B: 148 ATL, 135 LAD, 127 CHC/PIT/SFG, 118 MIL

Freddie triples

8 in his first 799 G, 3337 PA

10 in his last 286 G, 1270 PA

Updated Grandslam List

Last 9 of 11 were on the road. 6 of the last 10 were from 2B, SS, 3B

Camargo, Ozzie, Ozzie, Peterson, Simmons, Uggla

First 3B Grandslam since Juan Francisco 5/8/13 @ Cincy

And before that? Wes Helms AND Castilla in 2002

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stat barfer making good with the moniker again.

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Can someone link me the Joe highlight?

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Hey guys - don’t know if you’ve heard but the Braves are pretty fucking good at playing baseball.

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Was freeman's "triple" really ruled a triple? That's an error all day every day

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Camargo sure went off today. Love to see him do well. I hope he keeps it up. Also Ender finally seems to be returning to his usual self

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how about the bottom of the order getting 10 of the 14 hits!

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Camargo > moose

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If this is an automated post why does it take so long to go up after a game is finished?

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I love baseball especially when the braves win by numerous runs it is fun and life is good.