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Do they take out of state patients?

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It doesn’t say anything about taking or not taking out of state patients

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Call them and find out.

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Some clubs won't let underage med card or not without an instate ID in anyway. Simply to protect themselves from the possibility of revoking permits.

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True that. Dispensaries always have the prerogitive to be extra careful. Calling first never hurts.

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clinics out here take any united states license or any country passport,acceptance ratenof about 80% on the passports and 100 on the ID,all you have to be is 21 now

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He said he was 19, so he needs a card still. Without a card clubs are getting strict on IDs, so as not to threaten their legality.

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I've used nuggmd, it worked, but I'm pretttttyyy sure you need an in-state ID

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Now that I’ve confirmed out-of-state IDs are a good to go, what exactly do you have to do? Just curious

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Some dispensaries only take in state IDs. It will depend on dispensary, so call ahead.

I’ve used Nuggmd. Literally takes 10 min, and you get an emailed pdf of your rec. If you pay extra for the ID card it will show up in a few days. Super easy.