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Tokenomics FAQ: DIVX to DIVI Redemption

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If you are non-kyc compliant then you need to park your DIVX at Bleutrade, since they will be supporting DIVX and DIVI (on June 25). Sell your DIVX for BTC and then turn around and buy DiVI. DON'T DON'T DON'T sell your DIVX at the market. Watch the price of DIVI when you set your prices. Remember that 1 DIVX is supposed to be worth 100 DIVI. There will be some scum sucking, Non-Americans trying to pick off the panic sellers. Don't be one of them. A Copper masternode is 100,000 DiVI (the equivalent of 1,000 DIVX). Good luck and may the odds always be in your favor!

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it doesn't look like Bleutrade is working. Is there another way?

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Update. For those who were not eligible for the KYC and have to go on an exchange and sell DIVX to then turn around and buy DIVI; Good News. As of tonight, the DIVX Ask side on Bleutrade isn't offering enough DIVX for even 1 Copper masternode. If those lucky enough to simply Swap DIVX for DIVI because they passed the KYC, don't already have DIVX, where are they going to get them? Cryptopia? There is not currently enough for 1 Gold masternode. Maybe enough for 3 Silver or 9 Copper. All I'm saying is don't let yourself get screwed just because you are an American. The DIVI team has already said that if you bought the DIVI instead of swapping into it from DIVX, you don't need to complete the KYC to stake a masternode. If you have enough DIVX for a masternode, then you'll get one if you play it cool - and smart.

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The President of DIVI Project, Geoff McCabe, personally banned me from Discord - on launch day! Glad he had no other pressing matters to deal with, today. I was accused of lies and FUD. When the head of a decentralized asset, demonstrates his distrust for decentralized communications by exercising authoritarian powers, you know something is wrong. Good crypto projects can shrug off the naysayers. This is the kind of thing Scammers do. I didn't think DIVI Project was a scam - but if it walks like a duck.....

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IMO Divi is more legit than virtually almost if not all every other project out there. You were not banned for being a "naysayer", but for being an asshole. We have been beyond patient with every type of FUD there is to the point where many community members actually didn't feel like engaging in conversation anymore in what they felt was a toxic environment till we start banning people, which for many months we have been very hesitant to do. Criticism is fine and welcome, but certain behaviors will not be tolerated anymore. There will be new guidelines of engagement in the communication coming out soon, and everyone should adhere to them.

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