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We have a fairly good chat system with bot automation already in place for about a year on Slack, which a lot of other mod teams use.

The problem with WhatsApp is that it doxes you as you use your actual real phone number. I don't know anything about GroupMe.

I think I had sent you an invite to the Slack already.

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Seconding Slack, we already have about 10 members there and use it daily.

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Please resend the invite.

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Can you PM me your email just to make sure I’ve got the right one.

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Cool. I didn't know slack was also an app you can download on your phone

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Yup. There’s also a desktop app, at least for Macs.

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Can confirm, Windows and Linux have it too.

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What's wrong with Discord? I am already on it for a few other subs. We were able to communicate pretty effectively with it when we did the podcast.

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I second Discord. I always have it up. Slack I don't because it uses a bazillion RAM and is a mess on mobile too.

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No way.

We have two chats, one on IRC that no one uses for some reason, and one on Slack.