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I totally loved season 1 and 2. The ending of season 2 was nothing short of amazing: in facts, I believe the show should have ended with that episode. Season 3 was different from the previous 2 in many aspects. It had rushed moments, badly written characters, people surviving punishment that would have killed Wolverine, a lack of sense of a real plot. I don't understand why they chose to pick the Hanibal storyline (that happens after Silence of the Lambs) and insert it even before Red Dragon. Being it Harris'worst book, it was a double faux pas. The Vergers are badly written in the books and there is no way such ridicolous characters can be portrayed to be charming. Finally, the Red Dragon part was decent, but the movie Manhunter is such a masterpiece that the tv show turned out being much weaker (not much better than Brett Ratner's remake). Every Francis Dolarhyde that came after Tom Noonan was a parody of his genius portrayal. Thankfully, the very ending of season 3 had again the great feeling that the 1st 2 season had. I take it as an alternate ending to what happened in Harris' universe. I see a way for a season 4 to be Silcene of the Lambs (but certainly not for Chilton!). I admit Will Graham is not even mentioned in Silence of the Lambs (a choice that always puzzled me). It could be made if Will died and Hannibal survived and was found and jailed again. But can you imagine a tv show removing one of the 2 main characters? The one that drove the entire series with his inner struggles? Let the series rest in peace.

Posted byadapt evolve become3 days ago

I've struggled for a while to find shows that interest me like Hannibal did. Legion and Westworld come the closest. With season 2 of Legion having started recently, and season 2 of Westworld about to start...anyone else into these shows too? It'd be cool to talk about them with someone who is also a fan of Hannibal and will understand my references, haha!

61 I made a survey with a bunch of Hannibal related questions on it. I'm genuinely curious to see the audience response to these questions.


Will figured out that Hannibal was the Ripper based on his intuition and insight into the Rippers mind, but Hannibal left little evidence behind, didn't he?

The whole second part of season 2 was based on trying to catch Hannibal red handed otherwise it would be impossible to make a case against him. In the end, Hannibal killed Abigail, wounded Will and Jack and Alana, so there were 3 attempted murders and 1 murder with 3 witnesses, right? But surely it wasn't as bad as being convicted as a serial killer.

What solid evidences did the FBI have against Hannibal that got him imprisoned? What charges did they press? Could it possibly happen that if he didn't attack Will, Jack, Alana and Abigail so evidently, the FBI still wouldn't be able to imprison him in Season 3?


Individually what does the stag mean for Garret , Will and Hannibal?


So I've been researching tv shows similar to Hannibal, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that there's nothing quite like it. So now I'm thinking maybe there is something similar to it in the anime world. Have you watched any anime similar to Hannibal?


Hey guys. I’ve watched S01 and S02 when it came out and stopped. I generally wait for tv shows to end so I can see if it’s worth it after every season is out.

I heard that this show may be never resumed, so I just want to know if S03 provides some kind of closure or if ends with a cliffhanger.



In the season 3 mid season finale when Mason is killed. Mason was clearly “milked” by Hannibal and he would have noticed the gun compartment and removed it. He chose not to though, to force either Alana or Margot to kill Mason.


Maybe Mads Mikkelson will be cast as a surprise love interest on Daredevil! And it will be just like another season because Hugh Dancy and Charlie Cox look really similar! Right? RIGHT!?

Posted byTogether and Free13 days ago

1) S4 is not off the table so Mads can’t say how Will and Hannibal survived the fall.

2) S4 would have to have Will and Hannibal together, “doing things they shouldn’t do”.

3) First person they would go after, if Hannibal convinces Will, is Alana because Hannibal has made a promise to her and he always keeps them.

4) On the question of whether Hannibal truly feels genuine emotions.

He doesn’t wear the emotion on his sleeve. We wanted him to have every emotion as everyone else. But he chooses when to use them. So his empathy is controllable. As opposed to Will Graham who has enormous amount of empathy as well. But he can’t control it. So we got to get quite a few emotions especially between my character and Will Graham’s character.

5) On whether Hannibal is a good guy or a bad guy.

I don’t refer to him as a guy. I refer to him as the fallen angel. Meaning obviously that he does a lot of things out of love. We need Satan. We need that other side of the coin. To reflect our own lives somehow. And Hannibal is the perfect example of that. He’s a good guy. Sorry. He’s a good guy.

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