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What if Scooby was just a normal dude but the gang thought he was a dog because they were always super high.

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What if Scooby was just a guy dressed as a dog? Like all the monsters, just some weirdo in a costume.

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It’s secretly Watchdog Man

Scooby doo is a furry confirmed

He would have gotten away with it too,

No, no, no. Fred is a medium-tier drug dealer who is always selling from his mobile drug van, the “Mystery Machine”. Daphne is his hoe. Velma is the Walter White figure who cooks the meth and keeps the books. Shaggy is Fred’s blasted-out cokehead friend who tests the goodness of whatever psychotropics Fred is trying to bang for. Hence, all of the show is just hallucinations by Shaggy. Of course when they visit the creepy crack houses to do their deal, Shaggy starts tripping on “ghosts” and shit. The rest just humor him so he doesn’t go completely schizo. “Sure Shaggy, of course my massive drug-lord protection dog talks. Just try these new “Scooby-Snacks and tell me what you think? Seeing any spirits yet, Shag?”

I mean, I like the idea of this, but I think it’s pretty clear shaggy is a stoner.

So? I had a stoner roommate just like shaggy. Sure, weed was his drug of choice, but that never stopped him from trying every other drug.

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Don't be an asshole. I was just presenting my personal experiences that support why shaggy could have been into more than weed.

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So asshole is just your day-to-day personality?

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Ya, ok.

pls stop dis

Shaggy could probably be also doing lsd or shrooms or other hallucinogenic substances. If you try weed you get curious about other drugs. It’s human nature.


Have you ever witnessed someone coked-out or hallucinating? Definitely don't act like shaggy

On the original cannon, Daphne and Velma are supposed to be lovers.

I could get behind this.

Boof it

We’re going this deep huh?

I want to upvote this twice, I really do.

That would also explain why they always think they're seeing a ghost but ends up being Mr. Henderson in a mask after they come down.

And he goes to jail for false rape charges

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Omg this is not funny

Fucking thank you for this

Cant decide between upvote and WTF


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That's not how weed works.

They didn't say it was weed. Though I can't think of a drug that would consistently cause anything close to that lol


Not how meth works either. lol

Ehh, I could see how it could be meth. After you stay up for about 4 days to a week, you start getting your psychosis. And that's when you see the shadows under street lamps type shit. Someone is always "chasing" you. And when you come down you realize just how fucking crazy you sounded. I could see it being dope.

Wrong direction, think hallucinagenic/hippy drugs.

Peyote? Lmao I don't know my drugs

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There is no way on earth that those motherfuckers dont notice their tripping balls. Especially if your on a high enough dose to think your mates a dog.

Also no way they could solve a mystery or set traps. Or drive a van.

I cant even find my phone which im using on a moderate dose

I've driven on acid a few time. Granted the dose was under 400ug.

Anything above that knocks me the fuck out and has me thinking I'm dying.

Bro, if your driving on anythong more than 25ug, your an inconsiderate fucking arsehole (unless you arent talking about public roads). Your putting other people at extreme risk, and thats not acceptable, at all. Your driving a 2 tonne death machine, not a ball of fucking fluff.

Now, for those that dont know, 400ug is 4 standard tabs of acid. Most people will have 1-2 and trip balls. 200ug is absolutely insane, it puts you where your contenplating life, and unable to perform simple tasks (like, it took me an hour to make a sandwich). If your driving on 400ug (on public roads) you honestly deserve to suffer extreme PTSD knowing you killed someone elses child because you drove on acid.

Please ignore everything i said if you werent driving on public roads, in which case, it souds fun lmao.

Nah. I was an irresponsible motherfucker. I actually drove to someone's house and picked up their kids cause they wanted to play video games at my place.

Another time, a friend wanted ice cream and some of the acid I took.

I probably did deserve to die or be traumatized.

No worries, God had that covered and due to my involvement with the family, I got a gun pointed at me and got evicted because I was too scared to leave my house. The family let me stay with them after that for some odd reason.

Even though

  1. I fucked the mom's daughter and dumped her.

  2. I put her kids life in danger.

It was a very strange, negative experience that I want to say I've learned from, but I mostly just isolate now.

Came to say this.

I'll rip your heart out through your butthole.

got lost or wanted to exit you could just walk out of it. On top would be a grid of water spouts that cast sheets of water down, and the maze layout could change daily

I think you’re on the wrong post, budd...

Is it sad I know the post he is talking about?

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What if the gang didn't solve mysteries, they were just high and made themselves a nuisance until the cops showed up. The gang thought the cops were there to arrest the villain, but in fact the 'villain' was actually just the owner-manager who got tired of the gang blundering around on his property and called the cops to make the gang leave.

"Sir, do you want to press trespassing charges?"

"Naw, I just want to go back to bed and get some sleep. Which I would be doing right now, if not for those kids and their dog."

He is just a furry

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I don't think Velma gets high. I could be wrong though

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Hes the real dawg

What if the gang were all just dogs but Scooby was the high one?

Shut the fuck up, Donny

Donny you’re out of your element

You clearly have never smoked weed.

This is so gorgeous

I think OP is high in the shower

Get down, you might fall!

Oh fuck! I forgot I was high as well!

This seems like a great setup to come up with material for /r/Showerthoughts

Even better

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Here’s a Scooby snack^


got lost or wanted to exit you could just walk out of it. On top would be a grid of water spouts that cast sheets of water down, and the maze layout could change daily

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Scooby was originally written as a black man. The writers would only pitch stories that made him the comic relief. To avoid accusations of racism Hanna-Barbera changed him to a dog and changed nothing else.


I wanna be that high

Well, Scooby's friends see him as a dog and so does the audience so I am gonna assume he is a dog

Would that make it an animated equivalent of Life of Pi?

Ruh roh!

More likely he's a normal dog but they hear him speak because they're high

Fred is a high school Chad drug dealer that constantly sneaks off to fuck with Daphne, the attention seeking plastic looking for constant validation, and Shaggy is permanently in the clouds afflicted with the munchies while talking to an overfed dog that he thinks talks back. None of the group actually communicate with the dog, but the whole thing is from the perspective of Shaggy, and in his mind they do and it all makes sense.

Velma just goes along with it because in her insecurity she's finally happy to have people she calls friends.

this is, still, my favorite thing ever posted to this subreddit

That's not how any of this works

its a cartoon . yur just always high

Why are so many of these comments about weed? Getting high isn't unique to marijuana.

Also, weed doesn’t cause hallucinations, that’s what acid is for!

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Scooby-Doo's middle name is Doobie, everything clearly is a reference to weed. The live action film the chicks name was Mary Jane just so later shaggy could say!"I love Mary Jane"





Considering other characters in the Scooby Doo universe refer to Scooby as a dog I don't think that possible. Well unless the gang just smokes so much weed it gets everyone in a mile radius high and knowing Shaggy I wouldn't put it past them.

Scooby snacks are laced with LSD confirmed

Then why do the people dressed as monsters always refer to him as a dog?

Scooby Dooby Doo

According to the canon of scooby doo. Scooby-Doo is a god descended from ancient gods who were also talking animals. No seriously

This is a highthought not a showerthought.

Well with the look of their van and shaggy as a whole, seems kinda obvious.

So is he a furry or just black

You need to check out this scooby doo conspiracy page here . You won’t be disappointed

So when he stuck his tail in locks to unlock doors it was his...? Ru-roh.

obviously scooby is a dog who can talk because ancient super beings from another dimension came down took the bodies of animals and taught humans math and stuff..... nah i'm just yanking your chain they are stoners and think the dog talks because they are high as a kite.

I read that as "What is Scooby was just a normal dog but the gang thought he was a super dog because they were always super high." Still grammatically correct, I just don't know how I read that...

I just shit in my pants.

Were they at least your brown ones?

Honestly who the fuck buys brown pants

People who work retail or in an office.

No, then they'd all be dogs

DMT maybe, but not weed.

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