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Im listening

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Ooo?! A piece of candy.

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Ooo?! A piece of candy.

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What was that f- Ooo?! A piece of candy.

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Stop eating the chapstick

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You are not my real mom

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Can confirm, I'm the real mom.

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Mom? Why are you on reddit?

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I too have an uncle...

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Nobody’s coming.

It’s up to us.

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What's that from?

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No idea, I saw it on a bumper sticker about 20 years ago and it always stuck.

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A bunch of action movies...?

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This is the first scene I thought of when I read this post

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My first thought was Saints Row IV, but the Just Cause series is absolutely fantastic

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I loved that game

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so if the agent didn't change the direction, what was the Evil plan? The hell was he doing up there?

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Then they'd leave you to think he had died. But then, months later in a cafe while you were sipping your espresso, you'd look up to see Bruce and Selina. You'd nod, he'd nod. Then you grab your newspaper and walk away.

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Gotham City was in Hawaii all along?

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Tough to hide the truth because of retaliation, but this is super interesting idea and I like it.

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Trump would be too busy bragging about American heroism to lets that fly under the radar

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to lets that fly under the radar

Oh you’re good.

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You are assuming he would even know... many operations are conducted without his knowledge.

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Trump would be bragging about himself.

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well done 007, you can now retreat

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My friend was visiting a military base in Hawaii 5 months ago and said that if a missile were to head toward the US, it would go out as a warning just in case it wasn't stopped, but if they destroyed it midair, they would pass it off as a false alarm to avoid fear of future strikes. Don't know how true that is but sounds pretty scary.

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Threat Level Midnight?

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Right on the lap of Golden Face

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You’re welcome.

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Thank Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase.

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Exactly what I was thinking! Recall.

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RIP Havenrock.

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r/Arrow is leaking.

Dammit Felicity.

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It was obviously, Iron Man, like in Avengers, he just flew through a portal with the missile.

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Do you think the government would pass on such a juicy excuse to go to war with a country it knows it can stomp into the dirt?

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He knows!!!

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No its okay, don't panic.

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It was probably Batman

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This whole false alarm thing is to conceal James Bond’s identity.

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Probably actually happens more than we realize or will ever know.

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Thank you, Michael Skarn. We owe you our ives.

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Zap Zap, Look Mum I'm HeLpInG

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we wouldn't know about it

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Or like in the movie Ant-man where the Wasp sacrificed her life to stop the ballistic missile and went subatomic and gets stuck in a quantum realm and gone forever...... if that’s the case she the real MVP

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jUodZ6HqvnY Go to 2:59 Secret footage of missile being disarmed

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I guess we would be at war right now in that scenario

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I'm suction cup man look at me go

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Or it missed completely, so it's covered up by being an accidental alert.....

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More likely someone was probing for vulnerabilities.

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Hi, I’m a regular Reddit user. What is your location.

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Bond theme begins

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Rico Rodriguez probably steered it into the ocean.

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With this President? LOL.

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Did the Iron Giant II happen?