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What if there actually was a missile on its way to Hawaii, but in action movie fashion, was stopped by a secret agent last second?

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258 points · 6 months ago

Im listening

Ooo?! A piece of candy.

Ooo?! A piece of candy.

What was that f- Ooo?! A piece of candy.

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Stop eating the chapstick

You are not my real mom

Can confirm, I'm the real mom.

Mom? Why are you on reddit?

I too have an uncle...

Nobody’s coming.

It’s up to us.

What's that from?

No idea, I saw it on a bumper sticker about 20 years ago and it always stuck.

A bunch of action movies...?

12 points · 6 months ago

This is the first scene I thought of when I read this post

My first thought was Saints Row IV, but the Just Cause series is absolutely fantastic

2 points · 6 months ago

I loved that game

so if the agent didn't change the direction, what was the Evil plan? The hell was he doing up there?

Then they'd leave you to think he had died. But then, months later in a cafe while you were sipping your espresso, you'd look up to see Bruce and Selina. You'd nod, he'd nod. Then you grab your newspaper and walk away.

Gotham City was in Hawaii all along?

Tough to hide the truth because of retaliation, but this is super interesting idea and I like it.

My friend was visiting a military base in Hawaii 5 months ago and said that if a missile were to head toward the US, it would go out as a warning just in case it wasn't stopped, but if they destroyed it midair, they would pass it off as a false alarm to avoid fear of future strikes. Don't know how true that is but sounds pretty scary.

124 points · 6 months ago

Trump would be too busy bragging about American heroism to lets that fly under the radar

to lets that fly under the radar

Oh you’re good.

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

He doesn't even realise what he did lmao

You are assuming he would even know... many operations are conducted without his knowledge.

-1 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Trump would be bragging about himself.

well done 007, you can now retreat

Threat Level Midnight?

Right on the lap of Golden Face

You’re welcome.

11 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Thank Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase.

Exactly what I was thinking! Recall.

RIP Havenrock.

r/Arrow is leaking.

Dammit Felicity.

It was obviously, Iron Man, like in Avengers, he just flew through a portal with the missile.

4 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Do you think the government would pass on such a juicy excuse to go to war with a country it knows it can stomp into the dirt?

He knows!!!

No its okay, don't panic.

3 points · 6 months ago

It was probably Batman

This whole false alarm thing is to conceal James Bond’s identity.

Probably actually happens more than we realize or will ever know.

Thank you, Michael Skarn. We owe you our ives.

Zap Zap, Look Mum I'm HeLpInG

we wouldn't know about it

Or like in the movie Ant-man where the Wasp sacrificed her life to stop the ballistic missile and went subatomic and gets stuck in a quantum realm and gone forever...... if that’s the case she the real MVP

1 point · 6 months ago Go to 2:59 Secret footage of missile being disarmed

1 point · 6 months ago

I guess we would be at war right now in that scenario

I'm suction cup man look at me go

Or it missed completely, so it's covered up by being an accidental alert.....

More likely someone was probing for vulnerabilities.

Hi, I’m a regular Reddit user. What is your location.

Bond theme begins

Rico Rodriguez probably steered it into the ocean.

With this President? LOL.

Did the Iron Giant II happen?

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I don't know how a "secret agent" could stop it at the last second.

By transmitting the destruct code, obviously.

And cutting the activation wire, deactivating the explosion signal.

What about Supergirl? She could fly it out to space.

5 points · 6 months ago

Or fly around the world so fast that they stop the division of the Korean Peninsula from happening

Somebody needs to do the math for that one. Sure, no one on the earth would notice because 'time travel', and a kryptonian wouldn't age while spinning time backwards. That is one of my favorite time theories, altering a large celestial body to move back or forth.

Maybe it was the cast of Star Trek IV. The whales off the coast of Hawaii were in danger this time.

How long would that take a super to do it?

Also, everyone is glad you're okay out there Hawaii, all of you all did okay with what little warning you had. This was a good litmus for the behavior of a general populace when given reason to panic. It has been interesting to say the least. Scary shit.

21 points · 6 months ago

Then you don't watch movies?

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