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Season 5 Episode 8: "Fifty-One Percent"

Air time: 10:15 PM EDT

7:15 PM PDT on

How to get HBO without cable

Plot: In the Season 5 finale, the launch of PiperNet finds Monica suspicious of an early success, and the team must race against the clock as their future is threatened. Realizing he's made more enemies than friends, Richard makes a surprising move. (TVMA) (30 min)

Aired: May 13, 2018

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Youtube Episode Preview:

Actor Character
Thomas Middleditch Richard Hendricks
Josh Brener Nelson 'Big Head' Bighetti
Martin Starr Bertram Gilfoyle
Kumail Nanjiani Dinesh Chugtai
Amanda Crew Monica Hall
Zach Woods Jared (Donald) Dunn
Matt Ross Gavin Belson
Jimmy O. Yang Jian Yang
Suzanne Cryer Laurie Bream
Chris Diamantopoulos Russ Hanneman
Stephen Tobolowsky Jack Barker

IMDB 8.6/10


If Richard had just sold the company to Nucleus would it honestly have been that bad? Usually when a startup turns to an enterprise, they eventually merge or buy and sell IRL anyways at scale. We see it every day on the news that two major tech companies merged or got bought.

If Richard had just accepted the deal in S1:E1, he would have been able to push compression and his platform to the global scale without dampening it. Big head as a leader in nucleus demonstrates that Richard would have had enough freedom to do what he desired.

Anyone else given this thought?


What is the technology of 'the box' that Jack Barker and Gavin ultimately are so big on? I'm not that tech savvy but have not had any idea what it actually does/is. Any input would be awesome.


Was re-watching the whole show, and the last we see was that Hooli acquired EndFrame and ex-Hooli engineers who had joined EndFrame. And they quit eventually.

Since they had cracked Middle-out, wouldn't they be capable of being a direct threat to Pied Piper?

Was this addressed or was this angle just ignored as the show progressed?


Seems like it’s been over a month since the last one


There's a TV show on Netflix called "Club of Crows" that has very similar humour in terms of the business world. Of course, there are differences since that one is about the owners of soccer teams, but some of the characters and the style of humour are very similar. I binged it these last few days and I really recommend it.


Not gonna lie I almost cried. That was difficult in a lot of ways.


Erlich and Jared called it some funny term because the developers were trying to understand the code and steal the company


Season 1: Bailing on Richard and asking for a job at Kwerpy(with Gilfoyle).

Season 2: Causing the power outage in incubator.

Season 3: Deciding to stay at Pied Piper with Action Jack(with Gilfoyle).

Season 4: Disabling Richard's access key for the repository.

Season 5: Getting drunk and telling about the fridges.


Just not the same without them....



I’ve spoken to him twice today, feels weird but at the same time kinda cool.

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