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Great find! Thanks! Printing to a PDF worded for me (CTRL + P then change the printer to a PDF).

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How did you find this?

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I can't save it for the life of me.

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try windows-key + S. If that doesn't work, try print- save as .pdf.

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As for the saving, they are using a jquery function to hide the button. You can use the following to unhide


should work from any javascript console. CTRLSHIFT+J in chrome.

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How do you save it?

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    What is CMD + S?

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    It's a macbook key

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    Ah. Not a Mac user obviously. Is there a Windows equivalent?

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    See above. Someone said they did Control+P and printed as PDF.

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    Since some of us can't save it, can you upload the PDF file you saved?

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      Thank you! It kept getting corrupted anytime I tried.

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      Wow Thanks man !!!

      just need to find the SECFND book and i'm settle :)

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      Nice find OP!

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      Awesome thanks for sharing

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      thanks man!, they didnt release the first book of the certification for free somewhere else did they? that woulda been amazing lol

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      Thank you!!!

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      Thanks for sharing.