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Cost to get to CCNP

Without any experience, what would be the cost be for all the certifications up to CCNP?

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I spent $3,000 at Cisco’s Networking Academy on CCNA instruction and another $1,000 on CCNA exam fees (failed it twice). So my CCNA cost me $4,000

Here’s the breakdown of my CCNP costs so far: $700 to build my home lab $200 in text books $600 in exam fees for switch (failed twice) $1200 in exam fees for route (failed three times) Total of $2,700 so far, with T shoot in the works.

Sounds like a lot of money and people love to tell me that GNS is better than a real lab (it is not), but Cisco certs got my foot in the door, allowed me to move from cable guy to NOC to data center net eng and doubled my cable guy salary in the process.

It’s been a long, hard, expensive road but I love what I do now and have a career instead of a job.

Go for it, dude

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That is some persistence. Good on you.

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If you don't mind me asking, how long did the journey take you from cable guy to data center network engineer?

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8 years or so. 5 years working up the ranks as cable guy, spent 2 years in their National NOC, then jumped ship for a full fledged net eng position. Spent the first two years on the client side and the past year in DC WAN after a re-org. Other than all the Sunday morning work (our maintenance window), I love what I’m doing.

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6 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Not including study materials, nor taxes; ICND1 $165 ICND2 $165 CCNP ROUTE $300 CCNP SWITCH $300 CCNP TSHOOT $300

All other CCNA certifications are $300 per exam, with some requiring two exams to get certified. For the routing and switching track, shown above, to get to CCNP level, you are looking at $1230 before taxes, add in books, and that’s an additional $250 or so, that is if you don’t use a resource like Safari Books Online($30 bucks or so a month) or purchase used books or borrow from a buddy.

**updated ICND1&2 costs

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About three fiddy.

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Loc ness monsta

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Depends how many times you fail the exams

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Gns3 plus a 15.x router image is next to nothing. You can practice all the route exam topics that way. Working with switches may be a bit more costly, but overall not terrible.

I took the route exam twice, once due to failure. One attempt at switch, one at TSHOOT. I think I spent at most $1400 all told to study and pass. It has increased my take home salary by at least 20k per year.

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Working with switches in GNS3 will cost you the same as working with routers in GNS3: Nothing

It's been 3yrs since I sat NP Switch, but I think the only thing the IOU images wouldn't do was PVLANs. Someone who has used them more recently may have better info.

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Honestly packet tracer is free (or was), GNS3 is free, EVE-NG is free, all the documentation you would purchase in books can be found in Cisco documentation. If you really want toe OCG's and stuff you can pay for a safari books subscription and have access to every book you would ever need. If you want to do this on the cheap, you can if you're resourceful. The only additional cost would be your time.

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Not to sure why you guys count the money for your cert. It cost me the book for ccna + a serie of video +boson.

Just start my ccnp journey. Bough both ocg and foundation + couple switch 3750. For route planning to virtualize the router with whatever software work better. Gns or eve-ng or virl

At the end think about the job upgrade + de upgrade in pay roll.

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so it all depends.... it cost me $1k for CCNA, CCNP, and various other thru a training program via CBTNuggets. HOWEVER... before you jump onboard and try to go for it... they suck present day.

in the OLD days there was about 45 hours on CCNP route ... and 35 hours on CCNP Switch... etc. present day it's like 25 hours for all 3.

that is about 8.3 hrs for each. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT.

IMO you are better off going to a community college or something.

if you can't afford the time, then try UDEMY and see what is there.

best of luck.

also... I have had little experience as well.

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My CC was $120 a credit hour. About $1500 a semester for 3 years to do the CCNA program then the CCNP courses. Also got my Sec+ and Net+ while I was there. I had an amazing instructor who is a mentor of mine and who I now work with.

Don’t have my CCNA yet, but I hope to have my bachelors within a year and my CISSP and CCNP by then.

Also had CCDA and CCNA-S classes as well. Well worth the money as I’m now making very good money as an entry level network engineer.

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if you can't afford the time, then try UDEMY and see what is there.

I'm going through Chris Bryant (whom people seem to fawn over left and right) on Udemy. All 3 CCNP R&S + CCNA Security (which I already have) for $11. Seems okay so far.

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how much do you value your time?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I have all the time in the world!

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Never...give...up... :)

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If you can, get your company to sponsor the cert cost. Did my CCNP at a company that was willing to pay for first attempts, the rest you paid on your own. Had access to study materials and lab at work, too.

All in all, from 0 to CCNP, I spent around $300 or whatever the cost was for ICND1 and 2 (separate). Had to pay that out of my own pocket as I failed the sponsored first attempt.

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