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      Looks like the chef added more than one kind of man go

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      god damnit this was so dumb but i snorted so hard

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      Wow, didn't see that at first, but whatever it is it looks incredibly similar.

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      That's was a good one 😂 Here's an upvote

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      Is there any nut in there?

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      Feel like I'm in Breath of the Wild right now.

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      The ambiance of the restaurant feels like that! I feel at home, I guess I belong in the the wild lol

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      This is one of my most favorite Thai desserts. Not too sweet and perfect for summer!

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      straight up best desert anywhere ever

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      Yo that's some Boomer skoomer from the pantry guy

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      Hope you didnt left a bad Yelp critic it looks like the Yelper Special if you know what i mean

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      very nice just felling hungry

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      This is delicious as it looks!

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      Oh man I'd die for this

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      Aren't all petals edible?

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      It depends on where it grown?

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      What does that have to with it?

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      Not sure, really hehe

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      I wouldn't dare to eat delphinium petals. Very pretty and probably deadly, there are others that can kill you as well

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      But you can still eat them.

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      Edible by definition means fit to be eaten (by humans)