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My puppy loved to jump on the trampoline too. She would get up there and whine until someone got on with her

1.1k points·5 days ago

I... I think I need a sub dedicated to animals on trampolines now.

463 points·5 days ago

I think I need a trampoline

1.0k points·5 days ago

Fun fact: they used to be called jumpolines until your mom got one

Comment deleted5 days ago
151 points·5 days ago


No me

Yesn't me.

Y'nt Zoidberg?

Wouldn't that be 'yn't

Where did you get that +7 TubeTop of Skankery? Sweet loot!!


UN hawtmombuns6969420

Thats how I read it too lol

Like Tinder?

Maybe it's mayboline


fuckin got em

8 points·5 days ago



The comments on this comment read like something off of facebook. What have you done.

2 points·5 days ago

no u

Ahhhhahahahahahahahhaha 😂😂😂

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Do you want to break your ankles? Cuz that's how you break your ankles

But moooom...

No ... is MOON MOON.

'If you fall and break your ankles, DON'T come runnin' to me!'

What if I wanted to break my arms instead?

Then your mom will have to help you with certain tasks.

Those things are death traps. In high school my friends and I would move the trampoline between the house and the above ground pool and then jump off the roof onto it and into the water.

From that perspective anything can be a death trap. Sounds fun!

I'm not sure you can call something a death trap because you chose to jump off the roof onto it. Sounds good though.

In Canada we call these hold my beer moments

“Y’all watch this.” -last words of many southern folks

r/HoldMyBeer is a great subreddit.

Also, it’s used in the US too! :D

In America, we call it Tuesday.

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Have we seen you on America's Funniest Home Videos?

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I have a trampoline but no dog, NOOOOOO

Yeah, me too! After watching this video, the dog can't just have all the fun you know.

That sub was made 3 years ago. And the first and only post (up til now) of the fox isn't working :(

Works fine for me. It's from this, if you want the full video.

...and now girls jumping on trampolines!

cue credits


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animals on trampolines, with your host Jimmy Kibble

I've seen too many broken ankle videos to associate trampolines with fun

2 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

We need a sub for animals pretending nothing happened

Or a show. We could call it the Manimal Show, and have dogs in tutus jumping on trampolines.

I swear on my life, I had a friend in elementary school that had a pet goat, and the goat loved to jump on the trampoline! He even did backflips sometimes!

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Oops. You saw nothing!

Your dog understood the concept of the double bounce. This is incredible.

Mostly she just loved being chased/play fight, but I like to think she was smart enough to realize you went higher with someone else there

Mine used to love it too but if anyone else was on bouncing she used to go underneath and nibble their feet as they bounced down on the mat.

My cat hated it. He actually would escape our netted trampoline by squeezing between the springs...

It was that foot roll that slowed him down... I know that feeling, the feeling you just defeated the broken ankle fate... Also r/likeus

Real talk, can a dog injure themselves easily on trampolines?

I'm no expert, but if I had to guess, I'd say I don't know.

I am also not an expert so I do know what I'm talking about and this guy is pretty much spot on

Ah I'd have to say that a dog could more than likely hurt themselves easily on a trampoline, as it's a movement they're not used to.

Source: Kitchen designer

All I know is my gut says maybe.

If I don't survive, tell my wife, "Hello."

Anyone/anything can

dogs are immune to injuries so no

I wish that this could be true! :(







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4 points·5 days ago

Trampolines can injure anybody. It's like their job.

Yes but their ankles aren't like ours and he would have to have a very awkward bounce/landing

So its less likely than a human injuring themselves on a trampoline?

Honestly I assume so. But that's the only time I've ever seen a dog jump on a tramp lol

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Aka the "I almost really fucked my shit up, better chill"

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That whole looking at you out of the corner of heir eyes is such a husky thing

Sure is! I get the side eye look all the time. Especially when I ask him to move over just a little bit on the couch so I can squish in beside him.

Whale eye!

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306 points·5 days ago

My cat does this. She only plays with toys and whatnot when no one is looking. The moment she notices that someone has seen her playing, she stops and just flops over onto the floor like, "Nothin', Bro. I was just chillin'. Must have been your imagination."

Mine too. It's so obnoxious. They do so many cute and funny things but as soon as I pull out a camera they stop

you just need to set up cameras all over the house so you can record everything they do

Yeah.. that’s totally the reason for the toilet cam...

Tbf, that would be a hell of a shot if the cat fell in somehow.

At first a horrified cat face coming right at you, then just water, fur, and claws in a high speed blur.

Like paranormal activity but cute.

Cats are predators. This behavior is normal for predatory animals, especially cats. Even their playtime is based around hunting things like toys and it's an instinct to avoid making moves while being watched. In the wild the big cats have to be basically invisible because any eyes on them might leave them hungry for the day. Even if only one of the hunted antelopes notices the cat, it can warn the others and save the herd.

Not to mention getting killed by another cat. Or a pack of dogs. Or an angry boar.

Why is the boar angry?

'Cause he got them big tusks but no toothbrush!

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Huskies are notoriously weird.

For a long time I though it was just my experience with them. They're constantly doing goofy shit that makes you wonder if they have mental problems.

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115 points·5 days ago

And I thought I had enough reasons to love huskies.

There's always a new one. They're good about that.

12 points·5 days ago

If you want a couple reasons not to, hit me up. I've got a 2 year old shithead Siberian that constantly drives me up a wall. But when I head up to bed, he dives into the lower part and curls into a ball which is adorable, so it somewhat evens out.

I can only imagine the mind-blowing joy if they would have put down the camera on got on the trampoline too. Puppers woulda lost his shit.

This reminds me of Toy Story.

I'm seeing more and more farside around, and I love it. Gary Larson was huge for me as a kid.

He doesn't like his stuff on the Internet.

hope he doesn't care that much then, he can't prevent it

Not easily, but his fans tend to listen.

I don't doubt it. But reading that he doesn't want his stuff on the internet gave me the momentary urge to gather as much of his work as I could and put it on the internet.

Someone with more motivation than I have has probably already done it.

Damn party police

Fun police

certain reddit mods aka [no fun allowed] enforcements ಠ_ಠ

When the manager walks in

Guys Andy is coming!

clears throat hmm yeah perimeter's clear boss

Must not make eye contact

"I don't know what you think you saw, but I am a dignified descendant of the wolves."

When I'm practicing Fortnite emotes and my girlfriend comes home

Anyone who is practicing Fortnight emotes is too young for a girlfriend.

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The undercover dog from out space

You mean the Good Boy!?

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Its super cute but I’m just curious why did he actually stop?

OP won't know because it's a repost.

I think he rolled his doggie ankle

plot twist , the cat is recording this

One of my favorite things about dogs is how they think you cannot see them if they look away. XD

Had a dog that we taught to play hide and seek.

He thought he just had to hide his head, because if he couldn't see me, I definitely could not see him.

So many nights of going to "find him" only to walk into a room with his butt sticking out behind a curtain. I would just laugh

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Derp like no one's watching

Weeee. Yipeeee. Wahoo-oshit.

Play it cool. No body saw that. Nope.

Smart dog learning how the people jump.

This reminds me a lot to my chihuahuas, you can listen to them in a room playing around, being fools with each other, the moment you peek in, they turn to look at you with those eyes that say nothing's going on here and wander off to another room to resume their royal rumble.

This is awesome!! I’m jumping so high!!! .....I wonder where I buried that bone?

I love this

If I look the other way they cannot see me

Somebody get that dog a double bounce, STAT!

Move along. Nothing to see here.

I’m gonna save this and repost it a month later for that sweet karma.

My husky did this too. But he would do it to jump over the fence!

Don't jump to conclusions, I was doing nothing wrong. - the dog

THIS IS SO MUCH FU..... I think the human saw me, stay still he won't notice.

I bet it was the cat who snitched.

Love how he notices midjump his human is watching.

Hahahaha my dog does this. She'll be rolling around in the grass and when she realizes we're watching she'll just freeze.

Reddit has taught me one thing. No animal is funnier than a husky.

When I was a child my neighbor had two Huskies. They seemed so regal. They would stroll down our sidewalk. And would stop and sniff my hand and grant me a few seconds of attention before turning up their noses and continuing on gallantly with their chests puffed out. I imagined Huskies to be stoic creatures, with a disposition as cold and level as the arctic tundra from where they originate.

......... as I’ve become an adult and had multiple exposures to Huskies ever since ............

I’ve realized they are all goofy as fuck

I'm not bouncing YOU'RE bouncing.

Can confirm. Have Husky. They pull this kinda stuff all the time and it's hilarious to see what they do when they think nobody's watching!

My brother plays with my dog every so often and she gets really into it but when I enter the room she just stops everything and stares at me. lol

Man get back in your living room, let him have fun.

Hooman *

Doggo presses paws button on Trampoline @ first sight of hooman.

I'ma say with sound you can probably hear the dogs name being called.

Still. Funny as fuck that's what Pupper does in his off time of being doggo

MoonMoon Sense is tingling!

Who is talking?

That’s awesome.

I think it's thinking, Don't Make Eye Contact.

Butterfly or moth?
I see something... looks like the dog's chasing a bug.

Like a kid in elementary school...

Smash Cut to Them Both Jumping on the Trampoline

That's the cutest I also own a husky very smart dogs ginger is my bestie

Report that owner to PETA! Look how bad this dogs fleas are, they’ve hijacked his mind!

I'd have approached that dog, and start jumping on trampoline like crazy. To show that I kinda like that too.

All dogs do this, they get embarrassed. It’s almost awkward when it happens even though they are animals.

Shaggy dog get caught in the act, and still claims, “wasn’t me”

They're just like us

Huskies really do make life worth living eh?

And I thought it would be another Zuckerberg post.

You saw nothing, human.


Whatever you do, don't make eye contact

God damn it, you homo sapiens!

Oh, how funny! What a contrast of joy and consternation.

I miss my dog :'(

For a husky, that is normal.

“Hey what's thatoverthere...”

My Pyrenees would bring small rocks into the trampoline and bounce and try to catch them. She would then proceed to glide her butt across the surface. I stopped using it after I saw that.


Nothing like a good tramp on the jumpoline.

we had a plastic chaise lounge in the back yard and one of our huskies would stand on the seat and bounce her front paws on the back until the arms would bounce out of the grooves that locked the adjustable back into position

Just put a bikini on him and you got a franchise going

When a dog wishes it could be a free wolf, not a slave to dumb humans

That transition from jumping to sitting is awesome.


I love how he looks away at the end 😂😂

Why did the dog stop jumping on the tranpoline when it's owner found it?

He hurt himself..really..just like I hurt my ankle

When ur MTI/MTL enters the dorm

Now what ? 😀

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