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I got a cardboard box in the mail today, but there was just more cardboard inside. by piefacepro in gaming

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You turned into an insufferable twat. Why would anyone take your advice?

Guerrilla games congratulates Santa Monica on the release of God of war with this artwork by chriskrolo in gaming

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Kratos is gonna try and destory a bunch of computer systems cause they're named after Greek Gods.

Luck Stats Maxed by Scaulbylausis in gaming

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You really nailed the top comment. I was looking around like, “who else saw that part of the gif?!?”

Waiting for E3 2018 to be like by Sleegi in gaming

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They’ve already been popular over a year and are most popular among college students. But nice try to feel superior to people with different gaming preferences than you.

This a new take on my childhood by Bungee2002 in gaming

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yet ill still buy them by _thr0wback in gaming

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Please tell me why the switch was your first opportunity to play Skyrim in seven+ years. I have to know.

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Epic Diablo Cosplay. by zacklas in gaming

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Something something I put on my robe and wizard hat...

Where boys became men. by jbird221 in gaming

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Tell 343 to make a good Halo game and maybe people would play it.

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Nature sure is wonderful by tforpatato in gaming

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Your Uber Eats has arrived.

No, said the Jaeger. by Keratel in gaming

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In today's top story: Things are getting out of hand in giant arms race

Kermit Finally Snaps by kgt94 in gaming

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Big Bird would summon Snuffleupagus as a finisher. Radar becomes a boomerang-style projectile weapon.

All of Gonzo’s moves would involve some combination of plungers, saxophones and chickens. Camilla shoots him at his opponent out of a cannon as a finisher.

The Count would keep track of his own combos and turn into several decoy bats as a defensive move.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew would have an electric attack involving Beaker and summon a robot gorilla finisher.

Grover would have waiter-tray projectiles and his filled super meter would turn him into Super Grover.

Animal could summon Electric Mayhem, grapple with his mouth and grow to enormous size.

Bert and Ernie would tag team. Ernie has a fast-hitting rubber duck combo and Bert can summon a flock of angry pigeons.

Miss Piggy would have devastatingly powerful but slow karate attacks and the ability to deflect all incoming damage for a short time by presenting her Contract.

Cookie Monster creates cookies with combos and eating them fills his super, which strikes his opponent with the Moon.

Sam the Eagle can disable his opponent with powerful blasts of Patriotism and can deflect any incoming attack with the correct inputs.

Sherlock Hemlock can appear to be in two places at once and has a “stumble” attack where a random series of inputs might result in a powerful, unblockable magnifying-glass attack.

Statler and Waldorf would be ringside announcing.

..I got more but I my daughter is awake for some reason

[Request/NSMBWii] Does anyone have a recording of Luigi throwing Mario in a pit? by Staidanom in gaming

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Sure but I feel like I'm gonna take like an hour to do it and then someone else is gonna swoop in and post it.

Why VR is awesome by ExoHead in gaming

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I didn't offer you shit

Twas a beautiful site at my sisters 18th by motojoel in gaming

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That's pathetic

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