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This is the most Alaska thing I’ve ever witnessed. It had the drag, the singing, the horror, the humour. WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER

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Sis imagine an alaska movie with a real budget

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Oh bitch I need that!

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The comments under the video about voting for Alaska to be on season 5 make me so proud of how far she's come

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Ok but why is this an actual amazing, showstopping pillar of modern cinema

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I live for the fact that back in season 2 and 3 we thought she was one of those boogers who would never make it on the show. Bitch done shook us

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This is great, and how awesome is Alaska for just leaving this channel alive on YouTube unlike other queens who deleted their history.

I still chuckle every time I stumble across that "10 minutes of sharon needles squealing" video and see who created it.

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Her old channel is a treasure

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I love her so much ugh baby Alaska is so precious

edit: omg she's voicing over her friend right? lmao I live

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Yeah she's voicing everything, it's hilarious

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we love a multi talented queen