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7 months ago

Daily Discussion - November 27, 2017

Please keep all memes and market talk within this daily discussion.


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Beta/Public TestingEarly December
Genesis Block/Parent Chain operationalJanuary 2018
Converting from an ERC20 to WTC tokensJanuary 2018
Information on Master Nodes releasePrior to Feb 2018
Operational Release of Master NodesFeb 2018
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When will these guys get on Bittrex aleady? Binance SUCKS

I personally think binance is better then bittrex. Binance in a year will absolutely destroy bittrex.

I am on both, but the volume is on Bittrex :)

For now yes. Binance is rapidly growing with ll the great coins they are adding. The only advantage bittrex has isnthe stop loss function.

Today showed us again that WTC price is highly manipulated on Binance. Bots left and right doing everything they could to convince new buyers that the price was going to plummet at every moment.

I'm sorry, I believe in WTC but with the rampant price manipulation I can't really plunge much money into it until it is on multiple exchanges.

Today was the first time i was actually scared to trade. Im so dumb i could have made a second node if i did.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww YEAAAHHHH brought back in fully yesterday as I got a bad feeling, Walton you are my BOY <3

I just love this coin. it cant keep its member hard for longer than a few hours! Great for buying cheap!

-5 points · 7 months ago(2 children)

That's exactly true. One of the slack Walton mods is an utter asshole! He's killing the community there. I got banned for mentioning ICON there. No warning or anything

3 points · 7 months ago

It’s kind of ridiculous how an anonymous fool that isn’t part of the team can decide whether or not you can be a part of a community you’ve invested money in.

Never watched the charts for an extended time. WTC needs on multiple exchanges BAD.

Guys, i love WTC too, i'm a holdler...great coin..but can we stop with the "Knights of Walton" and all this stuff? its making us look like a cult.

I respectfully disagree. WTC has every right to call their MODS "Knights." Resistance is futile... Get over it.

Comment deleted7 months ago(1 child)


Knights of walton on the search for the rfid holygrail!

2 points · 7 months ago

That’s exactly what I got banned from the slack for saying and the mod called it fudding. THAT doesn’t make walton look good. A dork running the slack channel

Guardians of the Knight Cauldron Dungeon Clan wut it do

and it isn't helping with the price

Can somebody explain to me, if it's even possible at this point, how to estimate the mining costs associated with becoming a master node? I have no mining/staking experience whatsoever and I'm trying to estimate potential ROI.

no one knows. my guess 10% a years

My question is the estimated additional electricity costs associated with mining and not the payout.

Lol. You have much to learn young Padawan

dude is a masternode is not a PoW just setup a masternobe in your wallet. that it

It is still heavily PoW. It is a legitimate question. You will be running a miner in the wallet as well as staking the coins, so it is a legitimate question as to what the electrical cost will be.

Dude! I don’t think you understand what a masternode is . You dont need a asic or gpu. Your cost is 5k wtc and a vps that it . There no electricity cost except your masternode is on your main computer, then you will to have your computer running 24h . I highly don’t recommend it. So a vps is the way to go. Total cost 32k for 5k wtc plus 20 $ a years for your vps .

Dude. I don't think you understand. Walton masternodes stabilize the network using Proof of Work. Since you will be running a miner, you will be expending your computational resources (electricity) to validate the chain. Guardian masternodes will have the least difficulty, and so will require less computational work to achieve the same reward. But the work is still required. How much this will cost is a legitimate question. We don't have info on it yet, so we'll have to wait for the team to tell us what kind of hardware is recommended.

😂 please someone educate that fool .

What don't you understand. This is quite literally straight from the Twitter post. Waltonchain is PoW + PoST. We've known this from the beginning. And they reiterated in the post a few hours ago that masternodes validate the chain via PoW. We know from alpha testers that there is a miner built into the wallet. This is how this works. You will mine wtc with lower difficulty with your guardian masternode, but you still contribute electricity to do this, by definition... It's Proof of Work dude. Do you not get it?

You can also stake your coins in the wallet, btw. That's the Proof of Stake (and Trust) part.

Please read how to setup a masternode . I don't have time to educate you

we are going down slowly. fucking bot

Huh? Were up almost 30% from yesterday...

o WTC, how i love how reliable you cant keep your price matter what!

I hope the bottom is around 6$

yeah me too..but we both know it wont be.

I only have 200 coins, with no chance of a master node, is this project still for me or am I not going to make the profits in the long game?

You can still make big profits and you're still able to stake your coins. You're better off here than in ETH or BTC i'd say.

Y'all got any more of them master nodes?

Y'all got anymore of them

$5 Walton Coins?

I got u fam

Another thing to touch on, in the announcements they Said you can unlock new rewards by extending performance and reliability over time. And each successive promotion leads to an increase in rewards and decreases in mining difficulty. They go a bit deeper into masternode seniority with this.

Will we see 5's (USD) again before DEC 10 do you think? Keen to add to my stack but don't wanna FOMO

2 points · 7 months ago

It's hard to say with the manip. at binance. After the last bull pump it got dumped quickly to <5 again, the difference this time is theres actually good news behind it, with many new hodlers, so I would guess its gonna settle around 6-6.50

Bought in around 6.3

figure down the track it should be a drop in the ocean.

lets see on the next 48h. it will go down around 5

I doubt it. I could see us stabilizing at $6, which is hopefully where I can put in some more $$.

-1 points · 7 months ago

your insane if you think this coin wont break into the 5$ territory. clearly you haven't been paying attention in class.

For someone with little knowledge of a masternode. ELI5 What are they? Whats the difference between a normal masternode and a guardian masternode? Previously tried googling it but all explanations have been a little bit too in depth for me.

Masternode will give you a % return in coins on your total number of coins per year. It's proof-of-work, which means you'll have to be running mining hardware to get these rewards.

A guardian master node will just hopefully give you a higher % return than a normal one.

Okay. That makes sense. Like an interest system. Thank you.

For all who kept their hands strong...

This is the start of the rise. $20 by February, brahs.

Lol at the weak handed doubters of Walton. Miss the boat :)

market manipulation at its finest- just watched a 25k sell wall at 70k sats move down all the way to 67k sats in increments

3 points · 7 months ago

the amount of times I read 'sell now because walton wont go up until mid december' - thats why you hold and diversify.

This guardian masternode I really like. It means people will be before the 10th to own a guardian masternode, you can never own one after that date. And even after the date, if your wallet goes below 5k WTC, you lose your guardian status if you top it back above 5k (it says this in the announcement). This will prevent selling afterwards and actually reduce the supply on exchanges greatly.

0 points · 7 months ago

It's not "until the 10th" but "starting from the 10th"

Read it again. 5000 coins have to be in a wallet prior to December 10th to become a guardian masternode.

This 100% correct, and a very important point. The team was looking to create a system where the most loyal community supporters could have a special role in securing the network. We think it's pretty fantastic.

Burn weak hands Burn ⚡⚡⚡

Any clues why December 10th was chosen as the cut off date? Any relevance to this particular date? My only guess it could have something to do with CME futures starting to trade bitcoin on the 11th and some people expect a drop? Thoughts?

They have public testing early december so public testing probably starts 10th/11th

Probably just the day they decided to roll out. I doubt it has much significance.

How long do you think it will take for WTC to expand to other trade markets? I get a fat paycheck on Friday and I'm trying to add more coins to my portfolio before the price hike.

expecting more gains in the coming days, look at the market cap.. grown ridicilously high over the last month. New investors who are currently in BTC will notice the rise in WTC.


PG Tips or Tetley?


oooooo, you maverick!

Can't believe no one has mentioned the finest of them all yet, Yorkshire Tea

You're not wrong, to be fair. Yorkshire Tea currently makes up approx. 50% of my tea-tin portfolio.

Wow. Refreshed blockfolio and saw that it has shot up. Came straight to the sub and guardian masternodes!

just need to wait for other side of the world to wake up then another pump perhaps

As much as I want this to happen and would love for it to, this hasn't been the case.

This is a Chinese coin, though. I hope it's not the case, so I can get a guardian MN!

really thought until Jan nothing would happen...really thought of shifting my stack to mooning coins in the meantime... first time in my crypto life i stayed patient and kept all my babies... lucky day

congrats my friend. Something tells me if another week went by you would've sold.. Just keep this lesson in mind because thats what a lot of people in Crypto lack. It's patience.

I would be ok with wtc consolidating above $7.00 for a few days or weeks.

I would be really happy if it consolidates right under $7.00 until I can get enough for a guardian MN.

The price will fluctuate a lot between now and December 10. So if you're looking to buy, you can probably get a good price a week from now once the hype dies down. Now is not a good time with this announcement still fresh and high volatility

It'll spike again a few days before the deadline.

Of course it moons 24hrs after I sell all my Waltons. FUuuuuuuuuuuuuu

10 points · 7 months ago

Why sell at the lowest price point?

I couldnt handle the price being stagnant for so long

lesson learned. We all do it eventually!

Not all of us.

i sold alot too..hours before this news...luckly this is WTC, so we will see $5.50 again before the 10th..FOR SURE

11 points · 7 months ago

A moment of silence for the people who never had the possibility to buy a Masternode :( been here since 1 dollar and still only have 1/5th of a MN. Cherish your MN's, big guys!

preach.. if i didn't sell powr early i would have a MN... RIP MN

Hopefully we can stake our coins together and make a MN that way.

Similar story. I've been accumulating as fast as I can, but still a lonnng shot away. Got in at 1-2, and have kept buying even at ATH.

the rich get richer

Hear hear.


Keep going back up please Walton, FOMO'd in and I'd like to go to sleep knowing I'm in profit on my new additions ;P

Are the masternodes PoW or PoS? Ie. Do I need to invest in CPU/gpu or can I just simply leave in MEW with nothing else required?

You will have to invest in something but not sure what yet.

Doesn't the notice say Proof of Work though?

Yeh that's what confused me too, will be good to have clarification from Lila or someone in the team

POS Proof of Stake i think it means just staking it inside a wallet

Okay I was confused because the official announcement kept saying "PoW" but Walton has always struggled with English communication despite being a solid team so I thought it might have been lost in translation

2 points · 7 months ago

Guardian Masternode rewards are correctly stated as Proof of Work. We are not sure yet about regular staking and how that will work yet.

So much shit goin on in the order book that the binance bots are fucking up with 2 coins sells lmao

To think this guardian masternode could easily return $1000+ a month

Based on what?

DASH pays $55k a year, not even WTC masternodes, WTC Guardian masternodes will surely at least provide $12k a year

Yeah but how can you make that assumption with no idea. What % is staked per year? I guess it also depends on Walton’s price because you’re rewarded with Waltons?

I'm expecting at least $15 with the release of blockchain. This is because the blockchain, wallet, staking and masternodes will have been released. They also would have made a GitHub and already stated theyre in talks with bigger exchanges right now. Its a considerate figure imo

we need percentages lol. dash pays 7.5% per year

So you’re looking at 375 WTC per year. Small amount assuming same price of token. Over time might pay off.

How??? I got 5 nodes

what... now i feel like shit

I know this is kind of odd an out of place, but the fact I am saying it is a testament to how much I believe in WTC and where I think they are going.

Remember in the future to be generous and gracious with your wealth, especially during the holiday season. WTC will reward many of us early investors and pay us handsomely, remember to be generous and kind with that amassed wealth!

Judging for that shit show we just witnessed, i don't think there is a lot of kind and generous spirits holding walton right now.

i m gonna buuy a lambo

Super Saiyan God Activated

Ultra Instinct soon to come!

Both Defense and Offense.

Big green dildo, my old friend...

I've come to talk with you again...

because a dildo softly creeeping

Left it's seeds while I was sleeeping


All I can say is after catching up on everything, wow I’m holding this thing stress free for a long time

I'm so far from a guardian master that it's not even worth dreaming. But given this announcement, I have high hopes to participate as a proof of stake node someday. Congrats to all the master nodes!

Buy more or wait for the dip!?!?!?

day trading heaven right now

truth! I always hold my main stack, but my day trading stack I've made $1000 off wtc in the last week :D

explain why this is daytrading heaven? :p

huge volatility

Price starts low, price goes high, price goes low, price goes high.

the dip was the last month :)

this is the dip

C'est n'est pas le dip mon chère piotr

This is crypto, dont expect a pump and stabilize at the top lmao? We gained 1$+, expect more waves and a huge one right before 10 December. Dont forget, whales, 1 "big" exchange. This is a golden coin.

Don't forget Bitcoin futures open for business on CME around the same time, giving whales the ability to short BTC from its ATH. It could be a red xmas.

I look at it this way.. Whales gauged the impact of the news and saw the demand. They promptly stopped it from getting out of hand to accumulate a little more and the next wave will be takeoff. Also a 60% move in an hour is hard to sustain 😂

Or they keep accumulating? :/

Comment deleted7 months ago(5 children)

I'd suggest to change your outlook.

huh? what chart u lookin at?!?!

CMC it's at $6.21 and seems to be dropping

we're holding above $6, rn it's $6.5. This is a good level to hold

Take a look at the Binance Chart. Thats where the real live price action is. CMC is not live.

Normally i would be all over this, accumulating more walton following predictable market pump behaviour, but this walton manipulation over the last weeks makes no sense

in their Q&A in response to price manipulation being solely on Binance. They responded saying they are in talks with bigger exchanges. So be ready, anyday they'll announce a big exchange listing.

Yes. Careful trading. They could announce more exchanges any time now.

Wow, did not know this, thanks!

Coinbase taking 4 business days to load my bank deposit onto Gdax. Sucks when do it on Weds.

Comment deleted7 months ago(5 children)

We are in this together. I was fortunate to find out about Antshares at $8 on a board like this. Then I found out about Walton at like $1.20 on the Antshares reddit and went balls deep. I still hold both Neo and Walton but went in on Modum last week. Many people who were on r/Antshares and r/Waltonchain at those prices have taken interest in Modum now. Just saying ;)

Or diversify a little with a crypto stock.....GLNNF. WTC + GLNNF = House paid off !!!

been buying up Modum for the last few days. ENG too.

no. no its not.

2 points · 7 months ago

Any reasons why not?

that was a quick 8 dollar back to 6.5 dip

A normal coin would moon, correct, moon some more, etc. Walton whales: naaaah, i want more masternodes

What kind of hardware setup is needed to justify buying a masternode?

That was just wave 1 boys 🌜

damn.. htought bitcoin cash was supose to be fast. Knew I should have converted to eth before sending to binance. oh well at least it saved me from fomoing at the top.

a $.25-$1 difference in entry at this point will be a rounding error quite soon.

wouldnt it be better for WTC to list on more exchanges before announcing this news? dips crazy in a matter of minutes..

1 point · 7 months ago


pisses me off, when a whole community literally begs for more exchanges, they just choose to ignore it and let the whales manipulate the price.

2 points · 7 months ago

Don't be mad. They are not ignoring the request. They are working on it.

You’re a dickhead Did you read the AMA they heard the community and said they’re in talks right now with well known exchanges ready to list

And the whales will even have more power after this

Why did this dip back to 6 dollar???

Some whale just crushed all the buy orders. It was insane to watch. Held through it.

If people don't sell, whales get nothing of out it and actually lose money

It so obvious that they just want to accumulate more guardian masternodes, its not even funny

Just gotta ride the waves I guess.

Was just at 8 like 10 minutes ago... Now 6.5, lol.

We gotta get onto something besides Binance

Because crypto

Imagine if this is still whale manipulation :/

It probably is 100%

Remember the general base of 7 dollars 2 months ago..

You know something's going down when blockfolio freezes up

What a shit show. There's no greed like walton's greed.

Hey incentive to move funds off of the exchanges.

"Hold a minimum of 5000 WTC tokens starting from 00:00:00 UTC on December 10th, 2017 in a trackable wallet (such as MEW). Registration is automatic"

So everyone has to stock up there WTC tokens before the 10th of December? The price will guarantee rise until to the 10th of December...

Or whales could crash the price to accumulate more ASAP. Not FUDding or anything but I think we're not done dipping yet

Comment deleted7 months ago(1 child)

Yeah if they crush the price I will get another MN too! Next year this is gonna be big.

For now it could be. The future looks bright untill 10th of december

do we havta keep 5k wtc for having to earn from masternodes or can we not keep it?

you have to maintain more than 5k in a wallet(not on exchange)

damn son

Damn what do you guys think price will stabilize at? I need 2 days to get a bank wire to GDAX!

I'm hoping $6 so I can get second MN, but it's not looking like it currently. I slacked this morning man. Definitely thought we had more time before this thing was going to move up.

sell or hold? IM TOO SCARED

I've just sold 30% and keeping the rest in so that I've at least capitalised slightly if it falls back a bit.

Looking to buy back in again at some point with the 30% in case it drops again after 10th December.

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