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how can you find anything with it all organized like that?

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And two hours of cleaning up before taking the picture, like last time?

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Close, about 1 1/2 hours, lol

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You do checkering?

Also, those pencils make weak pins for the hinges i would think, why?

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I play around with checkering, long ways from a “professional”

The hinges were made out of necessity, I didn’t have any hinges at the shop so I made my own. They have been on the cabinet for about a year, believe it or not they have held up well.

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Hmm, well nice cabinet!

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Thank you!

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I’m digging the flag in the back ground. Looks great. Go Canada!

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The flag caught my eye before anything else! Great looking cabinet, and heck yea Canada!

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Thank you!

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No, thank YOU. I’m stealing your idea for my family room.

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Send 2 bottles of whiskey or I’ll sue for copyright infringement! Ha ha

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Heh can I pay you in doobies?

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That’s my standard currency

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I knew I liked you.

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Did we just become best friends

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Funny enough, I do have an opening. Sure! What part of this great country do you reside in? I'm a west coaster myself. If you like woodworking, electronics, martial arts, ukulele, beer, bbq and enjoying life, you are in, son.

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I like several of those things, can I be in? (Also on the west coast, in the Bay Area)

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I’m a B.C. boy but now living in Edmonton, Alberta.

I love beer! I love woodworking I live BBQ I enjoy the sound of a hardcore riff on a uku! I like electronics I have blocked a lot of punches with my face,.... I bruise like a peach I love life!

Am I in?

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You won't win. He'd have to use it commercially for it to be an infringement. But if you send me one of those bottles, I won't tell anyone.

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Love the pencil hinges!!

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Thanks! I didn’t have any hinges laying around so I improvised

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I need to get around to building one myself.

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I like those (Japanese?) long handled chisels on the right.. We've got almost identical setups, except that mine is sprawled across a laminate countertop and covered in shavings/dust.

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Digging the pencil hinge bolts!!

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Nice cabinet!

Can you tell me about the Japanese planes ?

I am considering getting some

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Japanese planes are amazing! I personally feel that you have much more control with the pull stroke. For first planes I would recommend some around a 48mm and another one around 70mm, that should definitely get you started. If you don’t have any Japanese chisels I highly recommend getting a few! They are amazing!

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Thanks for the review

I have some Japanese chisels I use for fine work and absolutely love them

I will definitely give one a go

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Where would you suggest picking some up? I try to avoid Lee Valley when possible.

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I highly recommend eBay for Japanese planes, spend some time researching and buy older ones! The steel is fantastic

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Thanks for the tip.

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I bet i can guess which tool you use the most.... Hmmmm

My gut says the 16 mm Japanese Nomi at the bottom left... But im gonna go with the low angle block tucked away in the upper right corner.

Also im loving your pencil swivel hinges😂

Gorgeous spread!

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Damn! Your spot on!

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Looks like you've added some tools in the past five months. Also, you drank all the booze.
I'm really just envious of the nice cabinet full of nice tools. One day I'll know what they all do.

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Had to relocate the whiskey, added a few more bottles and now they don’t all fit... first world problems eh!

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Friggin' donate some extra stuff to a poor Gepetto like me. No cabinet necessary.

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Keep you eyes open at garage sales, that’s where I got a bunch of my planes. They are also really fun to restore!

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For me, an absolute beginner in woodworking, this is inspirational porn, especially combined with the earlier picture mentioned in the comments (size/context).

Thank you on behalf of both my left hands.

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When I see these cabinets I envy hand tools woodworkers. I made a tote that theoretically has everything I need to make most projects, (based loosely on the poor man's toolkit from Wranglerstar) and my plan was to be able to just work outside in the sunshine from time to time but every time I get going on something I run inside and get some damn power tools.

If I'm gonna take a solid moniute to cut through a board I'm not gonna want to take it to a shooting board to square it up next dammit!

Still nice having all the hand tools I generally use well organized.

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Great looking cabinet! What is that three sided chisel on the right side?

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I made several of the large chisels on the right, the “coffin” shaped chisel I made for timber framing job I did a few years ago

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Extremely cool cabinet! There is something bloodborne esque about it.

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At first glance It looks like you're either a professional torturer or a vampire slayer

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I see a lot of people with large collections of hand planes. Im not a woodworker myself, but I like to watch various YouTube videos for entertainment. I rarely see people on there using them. Is it more of a collectible, or have I just not seen the right kind of videos?

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It could well just be my opinion, but it seems a great deal of Youtube content creators are either beginners themselves or cater to the I-can-do-that-too crowd. You start getting into hand planes and hand tools as you progress and want to refine your work.

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I use my planes almost daily, they are amazing tools!

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There are quite a few people using hand tools on YouTube. I am especially fond of the woodworking masterclass series. There is just so much info in those videos.

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Thanks mate, that looks like a dope channel. I'll check it out.

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I literally know zero about wood working but I loved the pencil hinges... great touch!

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This is the start of a beautiful process. Eventually, you build so many cabinets that you get to post, "I'm running out of room... time for a new shop?"

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I like the way you think!

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I'm nerding out so hard right now

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I spent a good 10 minutes looking at your cabinet and your tools, what I like most is there isn't a lot of fluff in there. You have a set of tools that one would almost use all of. That is really awesome!

Most of the time (I include myself big time!) we buy and display so many tools that we either may never use or rarely use because they are awesome to own and look at. I will be selling so many hundreds of tools when I die haha.

Also what is that chisel with the 45 degree sides? That is really interesting.

Thank you for sharing, love your set! What are in the drawers! What plane #'s do you have in total there? Is it 1-7?

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I’m wondering about that chisel too. I imagine it’s a lathe tool but I don’t know it’s purpose.

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The coffin shaped chisel I use for cleaning up my Japanese scarp joints (depending on the locking system I choose); I made it specific for that but I’ve ended up using it for quite a few other tasks.

I have planes running from #8 down to a #3 that are used almost daily, I also have a number 1 and 2 that I “display”

The tools in the cabinet are my daily tools. It was totally built out if necessity.

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Thanks, that Chisel is the first time I have ever seen that. I am not some storied master at woodworking but I sure have tried to learn over the last several years and that struck me as something cool.

Do you really use your #8 almost daily? that is freaking awesome, I gave up my iron 8 for a 30" old street wood jointer. I still have it but I don't use it now. I guess you use it for edge jointing a lot?

Glad to hear someone as good as you likes a #3, it's pretty much my favorite and always has been. I have tried to use the 4 as much but I just love the 3.

Thank you for sharing!

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Absolute pornography!

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I love that cabinet! May I ask about dimensions of see other pictures of it?

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I built it all from scraps laying around the shop, the dimensions are roughly 28” wide x 48” tall. I honestly didn’t take any notes or measurements... sorry.

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Didn't you build this recently? Im pretty sure I remember those pencil hinges from a post a while back lol

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Yup, built it a few months back

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Love the hinge pins!

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But what will you build it with?

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IKEA panels, lol

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Yes, definitely need a new cabinet and I'll take this one out to the dumpster for you.

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Omgz i dont know! So cool

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Definitely stealing this. That is, when I have a hand tool collection worthy enough!

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Show off! Lmao, dig the setup.

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Or less tools :-)

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Boo to that. MORE MORE MORE!! :-). He needs more cabinets to hold more tools you mean.

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Ummmm.... nope

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Very nice!

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I still see empty space. I bet you could rearrange this to get more space...

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That’s gorgeous, I thought my cabinets were nice but this makes mine look like trash. What’s that (lathe?) chisel in the middle of the right door?

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It’s a chisel I made for cleaning up edges of scarp joints, don’t really use it much anymore

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Are those all hand planes on the bottom I didn't know they made them that big

Edit: also don't those weigh a lot

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The largest is a Number 7. Typically used for final flattening of tabletops. And yeah, they do weigh a lot. You certainly wouldn’t be moving that cabinet while full.

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The largest plane I have a #8 Union with a corrugated bottom, I love it for flattening slabs!

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