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ChaoticG00d commented on a post in r/factorio
ChaoticG00d 22 points

This is what playing factorio is all about

preludeoflight 6 points

Seriously! Pipes are my favorite sub-game in the game. I'm nothing like a lot of the wizards on this subreddit, but will spend hours tinkering with pipes to get them how I want. It might look like a cluster to an external viewer, but to me it's beautiful harmony.

ChaoticG00d 2 points

Yeah it reminds me of the first time I played it and how proud I was and I want to feel that again but I haven’t played in a while and it’s hard to find the time even though I really want to. I know I’ll get swallowed up almost immediately and it’s intimidating.

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ChaoticG00d 3,515 points

Maggot Brain -Funkadelic

Edit: nevermind it seems that a lot of people know this song. Also thanks for the gold, but it doesn’t feel nearly as good as this song sounds

Song here

bdonvr 1 point

It’s been 5 hours and NOBODY has posted the YouTube link? Like what the fuck this is the top comment. Get ahold of yourself reddit.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

My bad

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ChaoticG00d commented on a post in r/AskReddit
LordOfHunger__ 398 points

They respected the older students... now they try and start a fight with anyone, the little shits

ChaoticG00d 16 points

I’m a junior in high school and when I was in middle school I was deathly afraid of even kids the grade above me let alone kids in highschool but now that I’m almost a senior, it’s almost absurd how disrespectful younger kids are of their teachers and us upperclassman. I’m not saying that I demand respect, but it would be nice if all the younger kids weren’t jackasses just because they can get away with it.

Edit: I go to a private school so I can’t really assert authority, but if i were at a public school I would put the fear of god in them in a heartbeat. I didn’t go through years of being afraid of older kids just to be treated the same way by kids that are younger than I am.

supersonicfan169 1 point

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I don't believe younger kids should bow down to upperclassmen purely because they popped out the womb 2 or 3 years earlier. Of course, everyone deserves to be respected, but no one is above anyone else, especially not because of age. Disrespecting teachers and administrators is a whole different story, but we're all in the same boat here, so don't expect any extras because you're a bit older. Granted, shitty kids should be put in their place, but instilling a sense of fear into younger kids is just stupid and unnecessary.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

I don’t necessarily want to make them fear me, it’s just that it seems like fear is the only way to make them not be jackasses

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TobiasMasonPark 2 points


ChaoticG00d 5 points
ihatethesidebar 3 points


ChaoticG00d 2 points
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Skater_Sirian 2 points

Aluminum ingot muffins and a bucket furnace. Are you Grant Thompson?

ChaoticG00d 2 points

Inspired It was something I’d wanted to do for a long time until I found his vid which made it a reality

919surfer 5 points

What’s with the muffins?

ChaoticG00d 2 points

It’s a good mold to pour the aluminum into

ChaoticG00d commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Catacomb82 663 points

Get utterly wasted. It teaches you a lot about yourself.

ChaoticG00d 4 points

I used to drink alone because I was depressed and I never failingly drank 15 shots even though I was only 110 pounds. I ended up just dry heaving into the toilet a few hours later while leaning against the wall with my fingers in the water. Honestly some of the worst experiences of my life just because of how I always wanted to take it back but I couldn’t and I felt trapped past the point of fun and forgetful to just plain scary. I really should be dead from the amount that I drank and I implore everyone to never do it if you haven’t already.

welto9 1 point

Your USB drivers probably corrupted when your PC crashed as USB works in bios.

Start windows in safe mode if you haven't yet, worst case just format.

If you can get into device manager you can delete the USB device / drivers and get new ones from windows update by checking for new devices.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

Is it possible to boot safe mode from startup in this version of windows 10? The only method I've found has been to mash f8 or shift+f8 but that was a really unreliable way to do it. All the other methods require the ability to log into windows, and I'm not able to do that.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

I'll give this a try but I'm not sure I'll be able to safe launch

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