Who else cringes at everyone's scene-by-scene suggestions for deadpool 2? by jonesyyy26 in Marvel

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I cringe at just about anything Deadpool now aside from actually watching/reading deadpool.

Too many fanboys have jumped all over him and used him as a platform to build some warped kind of social ability by cosplaying him all over or completely idolizing him with endless merch even going so far as emulating his personality. Really just kind of sick of it.

What is a reddit gold worthy post? by legendofnerds in AskReddit

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Comments like the one I am writing right now are always perfect for reddit gold. 30% of the time it works 9 times out of 10.

Is Devers an issue? by bigdavelittle in redsox

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I would personally switch Devers out for Nunez, Holt or even Bogey whenever Mahtinez is playing right. Those two playing the same line is just terrible. While both have made some great plays, paired up like that just increases the chances they fuck something up.

Unless we magically grab Longo from the Giants now, I wouldnt want anyone else having a majority playtime at 3rd.

Practicing skating by O-shi in yesyesyesyesno

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Pretty sure she just went down a cup size.

Sarah tricked us on Q2... by mitchdwx in hqtrivia

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I'll happily admit I picked flimsy taco as well completely based on the food statement. Ah well. I love that she threw that in there. Best way to clear out half the game for bigger prizes.

Bourbon Review #62: Four Roses 50th Anniversary “Al Young” Small Batch by blaw84 in bourbon

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this has been a question of mine as well. Where do I sign up for this!?

An ASG Favor! by ExProxy in redsox

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Unfortunately I dont, but it looks like I'll be going through my contacts to find out who does! Thanks so much. Hopefully we get a pair!

Infinity War Soundtrack [mild spoilers] by EpicQuests4Crafts in Marvel

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I think youre confusing "soundtrack" with "score".

I didn't know it was so salty up North. by redditjwh in redsox

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Agreed, however Toronto fans arent far behind.

Sure they play the Canadian part so well when visiting the US teams, being delightful guests but its the home game fans that only attend on a weekend for something trendy to do that brings out what Toronto fans actually are. Bandwagon kids with a chip on their shoulder.

Wearing my Sox jerseys around the Skydome has shown me over and over again what kind of idiots actually attend these games. From "Boston is racist" to talking trash to my then 5 year old son.

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in Nationals

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eh, people arent always going to agree with that. Thats the problem with being any GOAT, always going to have haters. Bryce is a good example of that too.

An ASG Favor! by ExProxy in redsox

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Yep, I have posted in there as well, a lot of comments but downvoted into oblivion already. Oh well, worth a shot.

Entered the lottery as well, didnt make the cut.

The secondary ticket market is something Ive always tried to avoid (except for of course Ace Ticket). However I may still have to try and pay the over inflated pricing. I figure I'll come up with something with a more detailed story of our relationship, how bad we tried to get married at fenway, and more details and hopefully send that off to MLB. Heres a good start though.

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in Nationals

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and I still appreciate it.

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in Nationals

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I already counted on that should that be the route I end up going down. I just always hate supporting the secondary ticket market.

I entered the ticket purchase op lottery and unfortunately the email came back today I didnt get it. So figured I would start here, get a little attention that someone in a position to help out could and if not, no harm done. I continue to explore opportunities and stay within a budget as obviously a lot of finances are going towards the wedding.

I know youre not trying to be negative, and there are definitely no expectations, just hope and a little bit of luck.

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in Nationals

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fair enough! consider that part removed!

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in baseball

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thanks man, I appreciate it!

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in Nationals

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I thought about that, but figured I would keep it in just because I am very proud of our son. I guess it just serves as useless information everywhere else though.

An ASG Favor. by ExProxy in Nationals

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thats definitely an option I havent ruled out and is still a real possibility which I would be more than stoked to go. I am crossing my fingers for the full strip though. Somehow, someway, someone in some kind of office.