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angry reac

Very nice fight. Over quite quickly, but that's okay because what we got was just awesome.

It confirms that Monsoon's weapon problems are pretty much here to stay, though.

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Mostly owch

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Hey not all machines are $25k beasts - Monsoon was hand built in my parents garage, with reused parts, with no major sponsorship on a budget less than half that

The virgin Vanquish

The CHAD Monsoon

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Alpha af 😏

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Emails for KOB UK have just gone out, and I’m in with Straddle 2 (as Team Monsoon). I won’t be applying for the main KOB HW series this time round though.


We are Team Monsooooooon!! Ask us Anything! Team Monsoon is a combination of three UK Robot Wars teams – Tom (Team Tauron), Tim and Sam (Dorset Roboteering Team – Concussion) and Sarah (The Alien, from classic Robot Wars!) Tim isn’t around for the start of the AMA, but if you leave a question on here for him he’ll try his best to get back to you.

A bit of a writeup (plus photos!) from our fight with SOW is here:

Tom - u/TauronTom | Sam/Tim - u/sam_drt | Sarah - u/Sarah_Louise

Shoutout to our sponsors K-Cut:


Now that Huge is so far unbeaten and is one of the fan favorites, would you consider bringing a heavyweight version of Straddle. I would love to see Straddle vs Huge in any weight class. Also, will you be going to KoB 2?

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Original Poster1 point · 29 days ago

HW Straddle actually formed the basis for the original application - however due to the time constraints (and we’d rumours about a certain huge boi was also applying), we went for Monsoon instead. Fun fact: working name was “Torsion”. It probably won’t see the light of day (unless people really badly wanted it, but not sure if the world is ready for a HW Huge and HW Straddle)...

Well I might have to come over to Motorama some time and say hi! Or hey, maybe Huge should come to Insomnia in the uk!

Not applying to KOB this time round, I’ve got too much going on right now and the only HW I’m designing right now is Monsoon 2. However I will be entering Insomnia in the UK, which is now branded as the KOB uk Feather championships, so in a way I am sort of applying to KOB...

How have you had to adjust to a US environment?

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Well for one thing none our of UK power tools worked. Next time well buy a set of 110v power tools whilst we’re out there

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What was the yellow hose thing for, and why did it take an hour to get it out of the box?

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Original Poster5 points · 1 month ago

To extract the huge amount of smoke pouring out from the batteries. That stuff isn't exactly healthy to breathe in...

That bent weapon bar

It's easy to forget through the TV how terrifyingly destructive these bots really are but seeing an easily bent inch and a half solid steel weapon bar definitely reminds you.

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Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

that's what happens when a monster horizontal and vertical spinner collide :O

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Dong worry, I’ll be putting up plenty of photos soon. We’re also doing an AMA on Tuesday!

How is that not the main event?

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Because all of these fights are immense, and all worth being main events :)

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Tim, the tall mawhoak guy that scream constantly in the team was part of Tauron in robotwars. He had an other robot concussion.

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Tauron is mine, Tim and Sam’s bot is Concussion

Unless they had the robot pre built or designed

Monsoon is basically Tauron Mk3, so it's technically been around for a couple of years.

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It has? I only got into robot combat less than 2 years ago aha

Original Poster-19 points · 1 month ago

Eh I think I'll just stick to manufacturing of goods. I think it's a nice tool to get kids interested, I'm not the type of dude to sit around and make Dr. Who puns, game of thrones references and spend all day doing generic quirky stem student shit.

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you know nothing, Lynch_king_1

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since welding is illegal

is JB weld legal?

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Yep, welding is illegal. That's why Huge is made of plastic this time round, they got kicked out of last season because they tried to weld their armox wheels back together

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That'll buff right out

What weapon motor are you using in Monsoon?

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The ME0708 (otherwise known as the Etek-r) at 12s, so around 50v. Same one used in Tauron infact

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There was a lot of talk in the team about this. But it came down to time and design. But also, I think most people forget its a 4 wheel drive robot, and the Battlebots floor is Tombstoned all over the place. Getting a wedge right on a 4wd robot is hard, and probably only works if it pivots. In my personal opinion: wedges get in the way and let you get stuck. Forks can work in that arena. Anyway, I don't think any form of wedge/fork helps against Sawblaze :D

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did somebody say forks on a pivot?

That had to be a tough repair- I hope there were spares!

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It was very though, and there weren't any spares! We went out to McMaster and got enough titanium shaft to make 3. Thankfully the Tormach guys in the pits made us a new one, plus two spare!

If you don't mind me asking, why has your weapon motor died in both fights so far?

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The motor has never stopped working. In the first fight, when we hit Red Devil inverted a piece of them jammed the bulkheads and stopped the weapon. The smoke was from the weapon belts slipping.

Against Petunia, we hit them so hard it bent our 30mm gr5 titanium weapon shaft! :O The motor is still good - it’s actually the same motor I’ve been using since Tauron 1 back in series 9 of Robot Wars!

As long as they don't strap little bits of plastic to Monsoon's wheels this time

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This ain’t concussion :P

44 points · 2 months ago

It was a bummer for us as well! but to be fair, we were kinda on fire :) I can't hate too much on the Monsoon guys though, They're such an awesome and fun team.

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Love you guys! Petunia is one tough bot!

(Anyone got any marshmallows?)

Builders were in the live thread saying the editing was kinda fucky on that one and both robots were spazzing around a little until Petunia stopped moving.

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We lost traction due to the hydraulic fluid in the arena, we were actually wiggling about/doing circles trying to get free for most of the time at the end there

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