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TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
Tweedy_ 7 points

Something with a heavy focus on damage to offset Vanquish's control bot style, I'd personally love to fight alongside Yeti or Monsoon in a UK vs US tagteam.

TauronTom 1 point

Yes lad

Tweedy_ 13 points

I'm not 100% sure outside of the live audience but the fans over there were amazing, constantly hyped up and always ready for the next fight. The show definitely felt a lot smoother on the production side but both shows have extremely passionate fans and I think it would be a disservice to them to say if either were better.

Apart from being there for the tournament the couple of days that myself, the Monsoon and Predator teams were living in an airBNB had some of the funniest moments I've ever witnessed in person.

TauronTom 1 point

Things got weird for those first two days 😂

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TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
TauronTom 1 point


Bot Name: Monsoon, Tauron

Competed In: Battlebots 2018, Robot Wars Series 9 and 10


Use Picture Flair (selected from sidebar): Yes

TauronTom 1 point

!flair Reset

TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
HarleyWorking 2 points

Sub-zero should be lower. Didn't make a dent in S2, really.

Red Devil should be tier five as it's a very complicated robot that's been given to a completely different team and it could do either way.

Whiplash should be a bit higher in Tier 2 due to recent Robogames showings. I believe, while Rotator should be lower as I didn't feel it did that great in S2.

Double Jeopardy: Tier 5

Bale Spear: Tier 5

Monsoon: Tier 4

Petunia: Mid/Low tier 4

Kraken: Tier 5

Double Dutch: Tier 4

TauronTom 3 points

Uwot m8

TauronTom 5 points

I guess monsoon doesn’t exist :(

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
NHawk87 1 point

Wouldn't be the first time, had a silly vote by Gary Cairns in my rewrite of Series 9

TauronTom 1 point

In all seriousness though, it would be a close one between Concussion and Foxic - I’d probably go for Foxic though. Partly because this version of concussion had a few teething issues, and it would have caught fire eventually ;) I think Concussion Mk.2 would beat this version of Foxic though.

The other fight I’m probably not allowed to vote in... but I see a vert spinner and lots of large exposed wheels!

In a 1v1 between Heavy Metal and Chimera 2 though, I’d probably give it to Chimera. It would be close, but I think they’d win on aggression and damage as their weapon should deal out more damage than Heavy Metal can.

TauronTom 1 point

RR1: Iron Awe wins RR2: Iron Awe wins

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TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
TauronTom 4 points

Very nice tweedy! See you soon mon, soon...

lgeek 2 points

Have Tauron and Vanquish met at a live event before?

TauronTom 3 points

No they haven’t yet

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
TauronTom 41 points

Gutting news. It’s been a genuine honour to be a part of robot wars, it’s been a real childhood dream of mine realised. Made countless friends and memories along the way and I’ll never forget my time on the show. Enormous thanks to everyone that made it all possible. ❤️

Sam_DRT 21 points

Robot friends :) You're right though, it's been great to be a part of it.

TauronTom 11 points

Love you man ❤️

theoddman626 3 points

Well looks like the uk is invading america.

TauronTom 3 points

The British are coming!

Catharsis1394 13 points

Sarah from The Alien!? As in the Series 5-7 robot with spinning hammers? If so, that's cool to hear she's still around in robot combat. Best of luck Tom & crew! Can't wait to see Monsoon in action!

TauronTom 9 points

Yes it’s her! Thanks man, we’ll try our best! :)

TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
TauronTom 5 points

Soon mon, soon!

TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
PM_me_ur_tourbillon 6 points

Everyone running brushed in HWs runs these.

Continuous ratings on these things are basically "3 minutes continuous" not hours.

It's expensive because it works. Well, it works better than the alternatives

TauronTom 3 points

I run a pair of NPC T-64s on 8s, on a single ragebridge with current limiting on. You don’t really need VEXs for them

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
ThatGingerBeaver 4 points

Awww The Grubs and Crossfire are fighting each other in the first round? That legit sucks.

Also I would kill to see a Tournament bracket at some point.

TauronTom 6 points

Seems a bit cruel on the Watts’ team, as we might have what could be another Son of Whyachi vs Creepy Crawlies on our hands...

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