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TauronTom commented on a post in r/battlebots
PM_me_ur_tourbillon 6 points

Everyone running brushed in HWs runs these.

Continuous ratings on these things are basically "3 minutes continuous" not hours.

It's expensive because it works. Well, it works better than the alternatives

TauronTom 3 points

I run a pair of NPC T-64s on 8s, on a single ragebridge with current limiting on. You don’t really need VEXs for them

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
ThatGingerBeaver 4 points

Awww The Grubs and Crossfire are fighting each other in the first round? That legit sucks.

Also I would kill to see a Tournament bracket at some point.

TauronTom 6 points

Seems a bit cruel on the Watts’ team, as we might have what could be another Son of Whyachi vs Creepy Crawlies on our hands...

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
TeamPhantom 8 points

I am in equal measures flattered and confused by our inclusion, thank you.


TauronTom 4 points

Fite me

TeamPhantom 1 point

Pffttt we'll wreck u and your little bar

TauronTom 2 points

Your gearboxes will break before you get the chance

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
TauronTom 1 point

(Probably should have posted this a while ago) Thanks for the AMA guys! If you’ve still got any burning questions, feel free to leave them here or message/tweet at/shout at any of our social media pages.

PrimevalBrony 1 point

If you're allowed to say, what games company do you work for, and do they know of your Robot Wars career? If they do, what do they think of it?

TauronTom 2 points

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say, but my co-workers do indeed know about it!

Half of the guys think it’s ridiculous, the rest suggest crazy robot ideas constantly. I’ve actually also managed to get one of them into building an ant weight.

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TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
DiamondWhyte 0 points

A drum is "best" for verticals to be honest, but I like how Tauron is unusual in using a bar, same how Aftershock is unusual in using a disc.

TauronTom 2 points

Also, part of the reason for the bar is purely because it’s unusual and helps the robot to stand out in a crowd of spinners.

Moakmeister 6 points

While you're here, would a feeder wedge be in order for next series or live events?

TauronTom 3 points

We are indeed adding feeder forks/horns for T3, and the new bar will be a different shape to increase engagement.

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TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
HoorayForLexan 1 point

The Big List of Reasons to have a Non-Reversible Vertical Spinner:

1: You don't want to spend the extra money on a reversible speed controller. In the old days this was a lot more common; lots of weapons used brushed motors driven by relays or contactors, brushless ESCs were almost always designed for airplanes or helicopters and therefore non-reversible, and even some brushed ESCs wouldn't reverse. These days high-current brushed ESCs are quite a bit cheaper, but people still sometimes use contactors. For brushless weapons plane and heli ESCs are still most common (because car and boat ESCs tend to be low voltage, and "rated" for stupid amounts of current), but these days it's a lot more common to install new firmware on brushless ESCs and I guess the newer ones are physically capable of reversing with the right firmware. Examples: K2 (uses a contactor).

2: You want to use a weapon shape that doesn't get any bite if run backwards: e.g. Pulsar, Hypershock, Concussion, Sabretooth.

3: Your robot's shape fundamentally renders the weapon less effective if inverted, e.g. Attrition, Hobgoblin, Pulsar (again), Smash. Even if you have top standoffs so the weapon is technically usable inverted, your wedge is useless, you likely have a huge amount of ground clearance that makes you extremely vulnerable to other verticals, and your maneuverability may be reduced. You won't get any good hits spinning in reverse, so you might as well spin downward and hope that you flip yourself back over when you hit something.

4: Your robot can self-right via gyrodancing much faster than you can spin the weapon down to a complete stop and spin it back up in the other direction, and it places less stress on your motor, ESC, and batteries too. Examples: the Touro family. I think they sometimes technically have reversible drums, and their shape would let them be equally effective inverted if they put sharpened skids on the top as well as the bottom, but in an actual fight it might take their bots 1-2 seconds to spin-flip themselves over; unless the weapon was almost completely stopped by the hit that flipped you over, reversing the drum can't compete with that.

TauronTom 7 points

Or you could always have a reversible weapon and design the robot to run both ways up :P

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
TauronTom 7 points

I was just gonna mention it was running at half speed, thanks for the kind words though man! :) We got to the grand final of the weekend’s tournament, before a lipo caught fire...

tru_power22 3 points

When are you guys going to get a feeder wedge?

I fear I see glancing blows in the future otherwise.

TauronTom 2 points

We’ve got some horns/feeder forks on Mk3 for that very purpose currently, however they weren’t every flat to the ground so they proved to be somewhat ineffective at maidstone. I’m most likely going to replace them with hinged ones, with a better angle to match the tooth of the new bar when it gets made.

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
Spearka 31 points


TauronTom 16 points

We ended up getting stuck on debris in that first fight. Shortly after cease was called, I actually managed to wiggle it free and drive away (there was actually a shot of me reversing away in the post fight interview) but by then it was too late

TauronTom commented on a post in r/robotwars
ukulelekris 4 points

Out of curiosity, what makes Gabriel so loud?

TauronTom 11 points

It’s because it’s constantly slamming it’s massive axe down when driving back and forth. Although, rumour has it that there’ll be a spinner there this weekend that might contest them for being the loudest...

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