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I play both WoW and KH....they look nothing alike....Unreal Engine and Blizzard's WoW engine have nothing even close to the same look.

So let's see...mild pressure, Tai Chi , and one of those God forsaken quick release tables. Where do I start. Oh, I know, with the one that is the MOST insane.

These tables are DETRIMENTAL to your health. Bullcrap all you want with your 700 sessions a year of soft touch and funny sounds, if people fall for it it's their fault, but this table does 2 things:

1 . any and all pressure before the release is so small it can't do anything, and any pressure hard enough to do something is nullified by the give of the table. 2. It drops you. Meaning if he is holding enough pressure he is basically open hand PUNCHING the spot his hands are on. I don't think anyone here needs to be a doctor to know being hit with an open palm is a bad thing.

Well, what exactly did he expecto?

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How does that whole Gold thing work? Because you deserve it.

Don't really want 100 male deer, but the gif 3 below yours of the kid falling into the pits of hell is far superior to an old racist joke about black people and crappy quality chicken.

Look up Majhong tables, they are way more black magic than a small pulse on a motor.

and how they can be buffed? it is unreal to get every keyblade to level 30, not to 35 by a regular player, maybe some player, who play from the beginning have enough gems, but i dont think so

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It's as simple as going "hey, these are really useless, let's pull a Tier 4 7 star and buff them up to be on-par with the later stuff." Yes the 4 first blades are meant for story running, and this buff would break story, but maybe just make it so the +20 on every blade is a massive buff to signify you put in the work.

This could be a great way to let people know when they should switch from 'beginner" events to things like the Intermediate stuff or Proud Mode.

The Trait "Extra Attack 40%" allows you to attack twice. You get it by putting multiple of the same medal together. Traits are random, so it's not likely to get a lot of double attackers.

Cheat engine works without having to patch or anything, just find your exp and change it. Then you can do things like find the memmory for drive guages and lock them in place, or unlock them for things like Luxord ;).

The memory addresses are pretty available online, and it's much more customizable to using premade codes.

Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Do you know of any website/link to assist me in that process?

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Just search YouTube for Memory Address Cheat Engine and follow the tutorials. I do like this guy specifically though, because he goes in depth with things you need to know about the program. This is the video specifically on the topic, but his series is worth watching.

As for the KH2 specific things this video Seems to do a decent job, as it's what started me doing things, explaining what to do and why.

This gives me the idea to look for things in other languages, even if it is just Google translating Healing, lol.

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When I go mining for woo I open a private browsing window and start with some video from this sub. Without all the "recommended for you" clutter YouTube usually has, you can find some pretty unique stuff.

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Good to know :)

The poor guy looks like he is about to cry from his shirt being ruined by a guy who is just insane with a flaming wallet.

The Kingdom Hearts runs started as community, and ended up as achivments. Low level runs turned into lv1 runs with the Final Mix games, no changing equipment is awesome, lv1 no equipchange no damage is (to my knowlage) the only real run people do that isn't tracked by achivments.

Oh. And Darksouls "nude" runs are insane. You and your trust +0club.

Tldr:Yes. You MUST have played (almost) every game to follow the story, or at least watch Letsplays/cutscenes.(ps4 has a 100USD bundle that has 4 games, 2 movies, and comes with a pre-order for 3, this is like getting 4 games and 2 movies for 30-40 bucks which is insane.)

Now on to the fun: This isn't actually Kingdom Hearts 3, it's like Kingdom Hearts 9 or 10. Every game to this point has had at least some signifigance to the story and you should at the very least watch Letsplays of the 1&2, the cutscenes of Re:Chain of Memories, 358 days/2 (three five eight days over 2 is the pronunciation, yes it is stupid), Birth by Sleep,Dream Drop Distance, Re:Coded, and 0.2.

Then there is the "movie" Back Cover and the Mobile game Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key (which you should avoid playing because the game has gone down hill this last year and there are rumors of a shutdown.) The cutscenes are available for that as well.

The best way to experience things though is the bundle. You get KH1,Re:Chain of Memories,2, and Birth By Sleep. You get all of these as the extended editions which were Japan exclusive for over 10 years, and you get all of the important cutscenes of 2 of the games which have never been released outside of the DS (358/2 and Re:Coded, which are probably the least enjoyable to play besides Re:CoM because they have some janky mid 2000's handheld control issues.)

Overall I hope I haven't deterred you, as none of these games are the size of things like GTA, The Witcher, or even Fallout, they are mostly linier games which usually take 20-40 hours on a first playthrough depending on your skill level, and if you play on the Beginner or Standard settings you can bladlst through the games pretty quickly if you just want the story.

All I can hear is a kid yelling 'yeet' at the top of their lungs....

Fire emblem heroes has an amazing gacha system, and great guilds :)

I've always hated this "illusion" or trick, it's like the "take your age, add 2 take away 2," or clock face things, it leaves 1 option with no big payoff.

Maybe it's because I like vanishes or full deck tricks, maybe it's because I don't like the "let's do it again, same exact resault" feel. I don't know, but it has always been my least favorite kind if trick, and is in no way 'black magic.'

PS. Yes, I know most tricks are forces or have no actual outcome that involved real skill, but years of enjoying magic, both performing and watching, has shaped an opinion that these tricks are not impressive. And that is my fault, but this doesn't fool children usually, let alone someone who actually tries to pay attention.

This doesnt even involve that ammount of planning, the motherfucker just copped us all out

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Seriously, I have never seen this trick done live. If you can pull this off live it is 100% a worthwhile trick because of the slight of hand card switches, but I've only ever seen this as a mid 2000's "OMG, you won't believe what happens!" thing.

Wiskey, straight from the Bung Hole.

I'm always an advocate of the Desktop, but if you are a student, or wish to become one, a laptop is now a necessity.

If you don't plan on school stuff I have to say there is almost no advantage a laptop has anymore. Power is so much higher, and replacement/upgrade parts are so much easier to install that it makes even the highest end laptops (at the same prices) feel like your using a modded game console.

For around 800~USD you can build a computer better than you can buy for 1200, and building a PC is so simple nowadays a child can do it (it is litterally "put the thing in the only place it can fit.")

Takko out on an inter-plannar stroll.

It’s Taako darling. Here have a macaroon my dude.

see more the hell did I sanely put 2 k's instead of 2 A's. What is wrong with me.

Comment deleted1 month ago

Your in the Woo Asmr subreddit, and your questioning why people are looking up the king of woo? The guy who shows the (flawed) math behind why the Bible's Firniment is real, and shows that he is Jesus incarnate?

6 points · 1 month ago

Did his channel get taken down? Couldn't find any of his videos.

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Yah, it's really sad, he may have a mental illness, but he still worked on that channel really hard.

8 points · 1 month ago

He’s Xehanort! He’s Xehanort! You’re Xehanort! I’m Xehanort? Are thre any other Xehanorts I should know about?

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Holy crap, I looked that up on YouTube, the 2015 video is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Helicopter video has way less. More were definitely edited in for this gif. Yes, I know perspective/angle were different. Still.

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Did you not watch till the end? It has a massive reach, and is a 360 degree explosion. There is no way this did not fill up the sky for a simple iPhone/Android camera. Even a DSLR would have a hard time getting a view that wasn't filled completely.

Still more in gif.

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Do you understand how perspective works?

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I've played this game over 50 times, and done every challenge people throw out there (besides the insane like no magic/drives/damage, or the 500 hour grind of twilight town lv99) and trust me, sometimes it's just not worth it. You just end up unhappy and resenting the game.

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