Hwayugi [Episodes 3 & 4] by jamthedestroyer in KDRAMA

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Piggy as a popstar and Sandy as a multinational CEO is pretty hilarious.

Has anyone dealt with Kogan warranty - phone repairs? by JuggsBunny in australia

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Interestingly, even through there is a Kogan HK, that acts as an importer in this scenario, they still seem to abide by ACL. Perhaps they got in trouble previously.

Anybody else have issues with the Holiday Samsung Trade In? by atade15 in GalaxyS8

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If you didn't do it correctly factory reset protection might still be on, meaning they can't use your phone.

Why does AusPost suck so much? by [deleted] in sydney

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  1. Your/senders fault.
  2. If you are using Safe drop, choose a better spot, or complain to AusPost head office.
  3. Your fault. Use name on your ID.
  4. Still your fault.
  5. If you are referring to a redirection service, this costs money, or can be managed through MyPost. If you did all that and they still screwed up, call AusPost.
  6. ????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. You are blaming AusPost staff for not instructing you on how to fill out a Passport form?
  8. Courier? Nothing to do with AusPost. Unless you are referring to StarTrack.
  9. Not enough information here to make judgement.

People enjoying the new seating on Market Street today by mubd1234 in sydney

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Actually pretty much all points of ingress had concrete barriers or bollards in place. I actually thought about this while wandering around, and couldn't really see a single place where you could gain enough momentum to smash through the small bollards.

PayPal refuses to close account, can't terminate user agreement by [deleted] in legaladvice

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Because for example they can make any amendment to their user agreement, and I can't opt out.

If they announced tomorrow they were selling transaction data, and if you didn't want that you had 30 days to close your account, what do I do?

PayPal refuses to close account, can't terminate user agreement by [deleted] in legaladvice

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they also refuse to close the account.

I suppose the term "use" is a bit vague in this context, but I imagine as long as the account is "active" they would consider me a user.

Emergency intervention to remove disabled man left in prison after NDIS providers refused to care for him by INeedACuddle in australia

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Why is this guy in jail. The whole article never mentions it? If he is violent I can see why some providers would want to avoid him, 1.5 mil per year doesn't help of your staff get assaulted.

FML the only note I have at TAFE Kogarah Wilson car park by balkiry in sydney

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Only if they previously said so. Like a term and condition that required payment via credit card.

FML the only note I have at TAFE Kogarah Wilson car park by balkiry in sydney

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you could probably argue that the parking company did not previously explicitly demand payment in any form, and that your $5 note is legal tender. That is assuming this is a ticket validation machine to get out of a car park, and not a pay and display machine.


China's Xi 'to get own political theory' by [deleted] in China

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I've actually met him briefly, he once visited my university while he was vice premier during a state visit. He came to our comp lab with the vice chancellor, looked us over and told us to study hard and shook a few hands with those of us closer to the door. At the time all I knew was that he was a high ranking cccp official, and when I googled him later on, a few articles had him on "people to watch" as this was before he was all but confirmed to be the next paramount leader. And yes he just seemed like a congenial 50 year old man dong yet another boring diplomatic duty.

[Spoilers] GARO -VANISHING LINE- Episode 1 Discussion by KirbyDogs in anime

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Does this remind anyone else of Kekkai Sensen?

[REGION CHANGE] Samsung Pay & Galaxy Store for S8+ Hong Kong variant by Hasayo in GalaxyS8

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Google odin and XDA. You will need to flash a firmware from your region. This will eat most of your existing files so backup.

A real account of a day in Xinjiang from a foreigners perspective by AfrikanusRed in China

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I can't really tell with 2 or 3 but Dilraba is uncanny. She has like a semetic face with Chinese colouration. Note the strong bridge of the nose and her eyelid folds.

Guy who built his own iPhone in China added a working internal headphone jack to the iPhone 7 by RavetcoFX in iphone

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Great video. I found it interesting that you didn't seem to have many issues getting factories to do such small runs, you must have great contacts.

What suburb are you living in and what are the pros and cons of living there? by ihaventthefoggiest in sydney

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Chatswood is basically Hong King/Singapore these days. That is both a good and bad thing tbh.

What suburb are you living in and what are the pros and cons of living there? by ihaventthefoggiest in sydney

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Try everything west of Strathfield, the inner west is generally considered to end there. Through many north shore tossers probably think Sydney ends at Balmain.