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Where's the best jajangmyeon in Sydney?

Looking for some good Korean Chinese restaurants. Strathfield is mostly BBQ and traditional Korean.

Is that whole LG or just LG Mobile ? Because LG makes a lot of things .

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Only LG Electronics.

CandyManCan commented on

OP was sentenced to 22 months, for piracy. His Kodi build was pretty good through.


Can you assign bulbs from different brands to the same room?

I have some LIFX and was thinking about getting some Yeelights, but I'm wondering if they can be used together.

I have some MagicHome bulbs and some Philips Hue bulbs both assigned to the living room. If I tell google to turn off the lights in the living room or make them purple etc, it applies to both brands (pretty damn nifty).

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Original Poster2 points · 9 days ago

Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Sounds like my plan should work fine then.

At the risk of winding up on /r/shitamericanssay, this is a post about an American athelete in a subreddit for American news, and RG3 was the first athlete in the US to have a nickname of that sort. And it should be pretty obvious to everyone else by now that most of the US doesn't give a shit about soccer.

I don't expect my Irish friends to know shit about LeBron or Robert Griffin III, I think its only fair to extend the same courtesy to someone who culturally isnt likely to give a shit about CR7.

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/r/news is for all news, both US and Worldwide.

Brown person here. This is not the sort of racism that upsets me. If you were a white guy, he would have found some other way to insult you - what you were wearing, your accent, your destination. I lump this in with just general loutish behaviour.

The type of racism that really gets to me is the more subtle stuff that happens on a daily basis, by people who wouldn't even dream that they are being racist:

  • Walking into Kmart, or a convenience store and people assume you work there.
  • In a meeting, people assume you are the IT guy
  • In a group cooking session, people assuming you know anything about cooking curry
  • People think I give a shit about cricket
  • People come up and just start speaking in another language to you - white people who visited India and know a few words.

That is the more insidious racism that pervades society these days, and only when these attitudes disappear will I feel truly welcome here. Which is saying a lot, seeing I was born here and speak no other language.

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If there was an east asian, a caucasian and a south asian in a cooking class, and all other things being equal, who would you ask about cooking curry?

Yep same.

Device information

Sync version: 16.2    
Sync flavor: pro    

View type: Fixed height cards    
Player type: ExoPlayer    
Push enabled: false    

Device: HWCLT    
Model: HUAWEI CLT-L29    
Android: 8.1.0

You can't have a mix of both. Either the means of production are owned by the workers who use them or they aren't.

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Why do you sound like someone who "audited" about 40 minutes of a commerce lecture?


[Suggestion] Let us map Captcha ourselves

Instead of mapping the captcha and then loading it from a remote server, let us map the captcha ourselves. ie: as we solve captchas, record the request("baseball, boy") and what pictures we clicked. Over time each user will have their own individual captcha auto solver.

Sorry but I can't add anything like that to the extension due to an agreement I have with the site admin.

For more info on this agreement, see this post.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I thought the idea was to stop bots using the mappings to DMCA videos.

Pretty sure both scenarios can end in needless death.

I get complaining about the helmet fine, people are only risking their own lives by not wearing one, but going through a red can cause cars to swerve/slam on the breaks and that can still cause accidents and kill people, one death or ten its not worth it. I love bicyclists and we should have more infrastructure for them, but seeing as the $400 fine isn't even stopping them from risking other's lives to save waiting at the lights, I think they deserve to pay every cent.

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Except we also have healthcare, which means the rest of us end up footing the bill for idiots who don't want to wear helmets because it is "inconvenient" or "ruins my hair".

Original Poster17 points · 1 month ago

Not yet, it's hard to mix both database nicely (for example only has censored JAV and is probably the biggest DB out there). Does uncensored JAV works like censored JAV (naming like [STUDIO_CODE]-[RELEASE_NUMBER], etc.?)

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Some studios focus exclusively on uncensored products. ie, Caribbeancom. I know this for ........ reasons.

Original Poster9 points · 1 month ago

Oh I saw some of that when crawling. If you have a few minutes I would love to chat so you can tell me how those work (like the studios, an official way to get structured metadata maybe, etc.). I'm available on the chat on the website for the next few hours!

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structured metadata

Check this out,

Remember the JAV studio code system is not official, nor is it really organized, mostly studios just pick a unique code and go with it.


If you like Moonlighter but want something with more depth, check out Recettear

Same concept but done better imo. Specific things like having to pay the loan back on certain days gives you a goal (and some much needed anxiety) besides grinding up the weapon tree.

Haggling gives you something to do besides watch for thieves all day. Also the decoration etc seems significantly more in-depth.

Heroes instead of weapons is a nice touch, especially because they level up, have stats and skills you can even sell them the weapons/armour they find for you. Do you give them a good deal so they are strong next dungeon dive, or make em pay.

Capitalism Ho


Not exactly new, uses a similar idea to things like Island, basically running an app inside a sandbox where you are root, allow you to inject anything you want.

It bothers me that Miyuki is described as so beautiful it turns girls gay but Saegusa's character design is so much better.

Moderator of r/starcraft, speaking officially2 points · 3 months ago

Event is generated from Liquipedia's list. The best bet is to ask them to add that event.

Drones aren't networked (at worst make this a researchable upgrade)

I feel like this is one of the worst things in the game. I thought if I built a giant hex grid network of Drone Hubs, that my drones would naturally move around and do whatever is necessary, but instead the main area is super busy, while the Drone Hub servicing my Water Extractor literally has nothing to do. Whats worse is the drones won't even go to the main supply stash to bring whatever they need to repair things, instead you have to build another stash in the overlap area and hope the game decides to allocate some drones to moving Metal from Stash A -> Stash B.

Basically a lottery?

I've got a good one. This happened to me at a work team building exercise.

4 of us (me, good co-worker, co-worker and owner) were doing an escape room. This one had 4 different rooms (technically 5) as part of our set to solve.

At the start we get divided up. I'm chained to a wall in one room with a dog lead with one end padlocked to my wrist and the easy remove latch to the wall (so if a fire or something happened I could escape but I'm not supposed to solve getting out that way).

Everyone else is in an adjacent room, not chained but the door is padlocked on their side. I give them the combo, they come into my room.

There is a puzzle involving liquids and weights to get to the next room which we solve. The next room opens and its a laser maze. Owner is super excited and rushes off with co-worker.

Forgetting they haven't solved or even found the clues to the padlock on my wrist. Good co-worker is pulling my chain, trying combos while I'm shouting.

"Guys? Guys? GUYS!!! A LITTLE HELP HERE!?" and frantically pulling to get free. I got bruises.

The walkie crackles with "You have to rescue ALL team members before you do the maze."

Owner reluctantly comes back, intermittently goes to stare at maze while not really helping me get unstuck.

We finally find the code that gets me free but I get to forever guilt him with that. And yes I've done more rooms with him since.

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Is this a room in Sydney? Pretty sure I've done this room.

Exactly my point. The state government should be liable for this and finding the funds to secure/compensate plate value as they have assessed. It should not fall onto the shoulders of the user.

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They are finding the funds, using a levy. Too many people on this subreddit act like the government is some 3rd unrelated to us. Obviously the funds were spent, and now it's time to get more. Whether we should be compensating plate holders in the first place is a different matter.

I sent this Ether to someone who impersonated Bee Token ICO and has now collected over 315.22 ETH or $347,419.46 USD as of right now. Can Ethereum somehow freeze this account and maybe reverse these transactions? Unless we find out this is actually Bee Token's account, which seems unlikely...

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haha, I can't believe you are trying to participate in ICOs, without knowing how blockchain even works.

11 points · 5 months ago

Given that Australians give billions to charities every year it's not really surprising that CanTeen has accumulated $13 million to invest.

Charities such as CanTeen don't raise all the money they can and then spend it all on their cause immediately, they will invest the money to fund longer term charity programs. Buying a property to base themselves in seems a bit unorthodox but renting another premises was going to be burning that same cash with no prospect of some eventual capital gains.

CanTeen's financials are available here:

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Yeah but in newtown?? Quite an expensive suburb for what is ultimately an office. Surely a complex in parramatta or wetherill park would be a better use of those funds.

But in Newtown?

You mean 5 minutes from a major hospital? With a major cancer treatment centre?

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Just like Westmead, Harris Park and Parramatta? Or if it has to be the RPA, how about Marrickville, Enmore or Annandale? Not literally the swankiest part of King St.

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