Jackie Chan's Mansion Hidden in Plainsight by bugalooflu in videos

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yea i think he meant that jackie was moving when this was filmed

Think of the Chilrens by wildfiredeux in excgarated

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me irl by ZafiPuffy in me_irl

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love the new vetements collection

me irl by ProDogEater in me_irl

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I'd like my first kid to be a minion. Like, straight out the womb. Just a minion. How fun would that be?

One cookie is facing in the wrong direction. by Correcc in mildlyinfuriating

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they’re officially cakes because they’re made with a sponge cake base.

All original unbred monsters by Floopadoopa in MonsterBreeder

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Actually yes, sorry. I missed Bates. That makes 45.

All original unbred monsters by Floopadoopa in MonsterBreeder

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Just some general tips:

You can find most of the monsters in several places that would be related to them. For example, you find most of the water-related monsters near any source of water (the lake, the moat near the castle, the pier at the city). Some monsters appear at specific locations with more distinct descriptions, most notably The Devil, who appears in the middle of the maze in the cave.

For The Tornado, follow the gust of wind in the desert.

Always ask the caller if they're a cop before you buy the breeding license.

After you've bought all the equipment and you're satisfied with the stable size, just start collect all the monsters and start mass-breeding - after breeding, release the unique monsters, don't bother selling.

The Blob often consumes the monster you're trying to mate it with, so keep track of who you lose. It's best if you catch a new specimen of the monster you lost right away.

When grinding for cash, breed once and return immediately to the menu. There will only be one crossbreed to sell so you can't make a mistake.

If you don't get a call, click back and forth between the Ranch and any other page (ie the store) until you do.

Fake tracking number, should I file a dispute? First-time buyer by rayg10 in Aliexpress

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You could file a dispute, even if only to see how they/aliexpress react. If you were actually scammed, aliexpress might help you get a full refund. You can always retract your dispute if all is fine.

[Fresh] Lil Yachty x Digital Nas - Revenge by erikperou in hiphopheads

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sounds a lot more like lil boat mixtape than his last project, in a good way

[Haiku] Ouija Board by thejewznextdoor in youtubehaiku

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the lights in my house are on a separate breaker. literally labeled "lights"

Man receives paranormal abilities from his Chevy Impala (2009) (25 views) by [deleted] in DeepIntoYouTube

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probably just exported wrong. i had the same problem when i first started out with editing software

[Poetry] Songwriting in 2018 by Wyvner in youtubehaiku

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If she did admit it, her label would have to pay Radiohead and their label co-author commissions, basically.

I don't think there's anything official out on this, but the main idea of what's going on right now is this - LdR's label offered 40% to RH's label. RH's label declined, asked for more (allegedly). LdR then posted on twitter saying that RH were suing her. RH responded, saying they weren't. That's where it stands for now.

It just gets better and better by AydanOfHouseCock in trashy

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There's actually some pretty specific shitposting groups with occasional high quality shitposts. I've mainly been using facebook for just messenger and shitposting groups for the last two years or so.

In Malcolm in the Middle's episode Red Dress, you can clearly see a crew member hand Lois the burned dress from a bucket of water by Crouch310 in videos

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There's a great story about how David Lynch actually took advantage of what would usually be considered a blooper, and how he came up with BOB for Twin Peaks.

How To Get Views Like Logan Paul by Boabdulrahman in videos

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they're fine

the joke is that they are named yeti

like the mythical creature

and that a lot of youtubers use them