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I googled abridged and it means a shortened version.. is this a shortened version that has the word in it and normal doesnt? Whats going on. Thanks

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the 'abridged' is just a joke in this case. as if to imply that this one sentence "Ron ejaculated loudly" is the most essential part of the book.

'ejaculated' is very rarely used as 'said'. usually ejaculation refers to a male orgasm.

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It's used in much older books, it's fallen out of favor in the past 30 years or so due to obvious connotations

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that’s fair, guess i haven’t read too many older books in english

God knows, it’s not even a ‘trending post’ really...weird.

(settings, notifications, trending posts, turn it off).

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but i already did that months ago

did you make this

i mean that sounds like an interesting concept go for it dude

trying to learn Japanese or korean with no prior fluency in any other language at all besides english

That's going to go well.

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why would prior fluency in other languages even matter

10 points · 18 days ago

His Isaac views jump up after a major release and then slowly start decreasing. I wonder what he will do when they get lower than his other stuff. (I obviously hate that this will happen, but it's inevitable.)

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look at rob’s youtube channel to see what will happen

That nigga is really fucking corny and lame now. He walks around in a Chanel purse and a leopard hair like some kind of drag queen faggot, he tries so hard to be something he’s not and it’s really cringy

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its not a purse its a satchel

wow thanks for sharing. glad to hear you’re now grounded in reality & full of real-world problems :)

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Me: “Just because I’m gay, doesn’t mean I watch Queer Eye, Tiffany! But yes, yes I have.” pulls out phone to reveal the shirtless Antoni wallpaper on my iPhone

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um share pls

21 points · 29 days ago

I think we're just getting old.

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haha go to bed grandpa ya frickin nerd haha

this is a violation of my rights

read some and decide for yourself? you can’t really appreciate art merely through others’ experiences.

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Pantomiim on terviklik termin. Kui palju aga räägitakse/kirjutatakse (panto)miimidest? Peaaegu et mitte üldsegi.

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"meme" on eesti keelde tõlgitud "meemiks", et käänduks ja kõlaks sarnaselt sõnaga "geen". "gene" on ka ingliskeelse sõna "meme" allikas.

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Stay hydrated. Expect a crowd. Show up hella early if possible. If you’re not familiar with rap shows, do some research and watch videos on YouTube. I wish I could tell everyone this. So many people at the show I went to were throwing up and acting a fool cause they like Tyler but they’ve never been to a rap concert.

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whats the difference between a rap concert and other concerts

youre all so negative, obviously people have different tastes my dudes. you dont have to get all defensive about it lol

yes daddy

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Mis sait see veel on?

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I'm convinced that no one enjoys artistic French films including the French. I think they exist just so people can feel miserable and cultured.

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i get that you’re joking but have you actually watched one? you really shouldn’t dismiss a whole genre of cinema only due to its reputation

haha yes

-36 points · 1 month ago

you guys must write like a bunch of elementary school girls then

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show us ur BLOCKY MASCULINE handwriting

It's ok, it's probably a Twilight collection.

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what year is this

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