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Mosi_ 1 point

nice melody and lyrics. The song needs some change in energy, start softly and find ways to elevate the song in energy throughout. It does not sound like hallelujah to me, although it has similar chord structure in some areas, but so do thousands of songs. Nice work

FungolianTheIIII 1 point

Thanks man, I'll try to work on that energy part. Just kinda hard when I'm one guy with no DAW/mixing equipment, but I'll find a way.

breakfastyoga 2 points

Its very close to Hallelujah

FungolianTheIIII 1 point

That makes me feel sick. Accidental plagerism is the worst kind. I didn't mean to do that, but the verse is very similar to the first half of Hallelujah's verse. I don't know how to feel.

dermonduebersoho 2 points

with this comment you changed the way i listen to this song forever in a positive way haha

FungolianTheIIII 2 points

Hopefully you find it as significant as I do.

dermonduebersoho 2 points

Probably not in the same intensity as you do. Motion Picture Soundtrack by radiohead is that song for me haha

FungolianTheIIII 1 point

That is one of the most beautiful/sad songs ever made.

FungolianTheIIII commented on a post in r/ween
FungolianTheIIII 2 points

Welcome fellow Evan! You will find there are many of us here!

mrwillzone 5 points

another Evan?!?

FungolianTheIIII 2 points

3 confirmed Evans on this sub.

DrumBxyThing 2 points

I've felt for awhile that the more they plan things, the less funny it is. I think the "High on Labo" video would've been way funnier if they did it like Drunk Mario Maker and just played a game.

I love Funhaus but I've never really liked their scripted stuff either, even going back to "WE GO TOPLESS". Their pacing when going off script is just off somehow.

FungolianTheIIII 1 point


stenreemet 33 points

You can't just force to have a joke as Scrobbles, it will come naturally and what you are talking is about taste not quality.

FungolianTheIIII 0 points

Let me rephrase what I said. I personally do not enjoy the content that they make as much as I have in the past. While the actual quality has undoubtedly gone up, the funnies per minute (FPR) has greatly decreased. The new format of shows are very restricted and give little room for the unexpected. Demo Disk and Wheelhaus were formatted, but they weren't restricted by it, they were simply guided by it. The best Funhaus moments are improvised and out of no where. They are never pre meditated, they're always unexpected. Hopefully this revision makes more sense.

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FungolianTheIIII commented on a post in r/ween
PurpleMonkeyElephant 2 points

My name is Evan and I also love WEEN. Looks like you got yourself a listener

FungolianTheIIII 1 point

My name is also Evan.

FungolianTheIIII 3 points

I really like the boognish with those colors!

FungolianTheIIII commented on a post in r/ween
FungolianTheIIII 15 points


Stairway_To_Tevin 6 points

Really though.. I couldn't make it past round two on quebec or White Pepper.

FungolianTheIIII 8 points

I can't participate in The Pod for that reason.

FungolianTheIIII commented on a post in r/ween
FungolianTheIIII 6 points

Don't Sweat It:'t%20Sweat%20It.html

Marble Tulip Juicy Tree:

Ocean Man:

Eye 2 The Sky:

Flutes Of Chi:


Old Queen Cole:

Sorry Charlie:

Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World:

Oh My Dear (Falling In Love): (Use version 2)

She Fucks Me:

Pork Roll Egg And Cheese:

The Stallion Pt.3:

Touch My Tooter:

Baby Bitch:

Drifter In The Dark:

Buenos Tardes Amigo:

What Deaner Was Talkin' About:'%20About.html

Piss Up A Rope:

I Don't Wanna Leave You On The Farm:'t%20Wanna%20Leave%20You%20on%20the%20Farm.html

The Blarney Stone:

Cold Blows The Wind:

Bananas And Blow:

Back To Basom:

I Don't Want It:'t%20Want%20It.html

The Rift:

I can add more if you want.

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