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This is probably right before they preformed in the Safety Dance music video

The graphics make me think of the original Star Fox on SNES

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Pam of the only women to look THAT GOOD in a pantsuit.

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Plus she was 48 years old when this was filmed and still looked stunning

I’m a straight man in a happy relationship, but I have the hugest crush on Brad

How is the TAZ book? Worth picking up?

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Even if they did steal ours first

It belongs in a museum!

Nice looking craft! However are those 4x vectors and a mammoth engines?

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Yeah, a little overkill I know

This is why I enjoy Plinkett's Titanic review the best. He doesn't hate the movie. It has flaws, but it also has a good amount of great filmmaking in it. I feel like it's easy to harp on and on about how bad a movie is, but more challenging and informative to analyze why a movie works.

The dialogue and line delivery is so bad, though. I have read so many times over the years about big roles that Billy Zane auditioned for (such as the Andy Garcia role in Godfather 3)... and this is the only one he ever got. It really makes me wonder how he even got auditions. Maybe Cameron couldn't tell, though, since other directors have gotten much better performances out of DiCaprio and Winslet, and fucking nobody could pull off some of the lines given to DiCaprio, even if DiCaprio has had to do a hell of a lot of improvement to become decent.

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I can’t disagree, but I tend to approach films from a technical and effect point of view. Just a nerd that way. Titanic utilized nearly every single effects technique available at the time to their fullest potential and I just have to admire it for that reason.

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I loved the positioning of the camera after he jumped out of the window, it felt like the way games transition from a cutscene to giving the player back control of the character.

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I’m sure that was very intentional

Carried a bit of the cliched serial writing of the games but yeah it wasn't great, and the direction was fairly uninspired. I've seen a lot of people advocating for this crew/cast to make the whole movie but in reality I'd just like this to spur on a Nathan Fillion casting, with a decent director/writer and someone else as Sully. As much as I like Stephen Lang, he's the last person that comes to mind for me.

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Completely agree with everything you said. The only thing this confirmed was that I want to see Fillion as Drake. Every other aspect of the production I would want changed

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The "Move children! Vamos!" is soooo out of place and almost kills the scene entirely. Why would Shyamalan include that??

That being said, I still got chills when the alien appears.

Sometimes, you just need to hear it the original again. No memes. No goofs. You just need to hear the happy, unadulterated sounds of Nintendo and be reminded of a time in your life when things felt pure and hopeful. The world didn’t seem so big and the only thing you had to be scared of were the ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion.

I get it. I understand.

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