He selling lean by [deleted] in funny

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What the fuck is r/funny anymore?

New Iron-Spider still [SPOILERS] by LastDreamer1 in marvelstudios

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I'm so glad the waldoes weren't spoiled by the trailers. I think they even might have altered some shots where he had them in the final movie but not in the trailers

NEW Thanos still! by realityavengers in marvelstudios

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When you first see his reflection, I was pretty impressed. And I thought it was a very clever way to hide that he was an imperfect CG character.

But then he turned around, and all I could see was a Looney Tune.

Not to say it wasn’t impressive, but to me it was very noticeable and very distracting. Maybe it’s something about trying to perfectly recreate an actors face that just doesn’t work quiet yet.

NEW Thanos still! by realityavengers in marvelstudios

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Not sure how much you’re joking or not but I think this is accurate

Emma Watson & Paris Hilton by [deleted] in gentlemanboners

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Is it just me or do they look like wax figures?

My Favorite Cap Moment [SPOILERS] by HipHopAnonymous23 in marvelstudios

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Now that I think about it, does he ever refer to himself as "Captain America?" I know he does to the POW soldiers he rescues in The First Avenger, but that was more in a jokey way. I think Steve has always just thought of himself as a kid from Brooklynn. The moniker of 'Captain America' was given to him, originally as PR stunt. I think the other characters refer to him as Cap or Captain as a sign of respect. "Captain" has become more of title of position as leader of the Avengers

My Favorite Cap Moment [SPOILERS] by HipHopAnonymous23 in marvelstudios

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The only thing I was disappointed about how Cap was handled in this film was that there was never an exchange between him and Thanos like this

I can only hope they're saving it for Avengers 4

And to think I had faith in the colonel... by Groot5eva in FellowKids

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I’m a great big fat person and even I think that shit looks disgusting

The World Design of Dark Souls | Boss Keys (Game Makers Tool Kit) [21:21] by EarlyIndividual in mealtimevideos

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Mark Brown has one of the BEST channels about game design on youtube. You can learn so much!