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1) Don't use the work fridge.

2) Arrive really early to avoid kitchen convo while gettin' dat free coffee.

Drive as fast as your vehicle will go at all times everywhere.

Happy now?

Ahhh, Denver. Where the clatter of hooves may still be heard to echo in the streets.

And then there's the mounted police.

Original Poster242 points · 10 days agoGilded1

Hello! If you repost this please be sure to credit me! My twitter and instagram

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Hello! If you repost this please be sure to credit me!

Mermaid Dorkis

10.2k points · 13 days agoGilded1

I can’t wait to do this to my girlfriend.

She would always take food pictures like this if she existed.

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I can't wait to do this to my girlfriend.

Yeah, but what about her food?

As a teacher I knew immediately that there was no way she was a teacher. Not only would most principals send her home today for too short of a dress, something like this in 1969 would have been scandalous.

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You should have seen my 7th grade Language Arts teacher. Mini-skirts, knee-high boots, tight sweaters, frosted lipstick...

Still thinking of you, Miss Paulson, wherever you are.

19 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

I had about a five-minute unit in maybe 5th grade talking about lightning, so count yourself lucky I guess.

But to answer your question, in ye olden days someone might’ve said “you can feel the electricity before a lightning strike, there must be something on the ground,” but nowadays we just use high-speed cameras. I imagine it might’ve been captured using that.

In fact, I just looked it up. Apparently, it was discovered using a high-speed camera, in 1938. Or at least the paper was published in 1938. My bigger question now has to be what their definition of “high-speed” was back then, and also when high-speed cameras were invented.

Edit: sauce

Edit 2: fixed a date typo

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Motherfucking Cambridge Public Library. Ave, Cantabrigian!

451 points · 20 days ago

Except for the stuck in the ravine part.

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We need to retire the use of “adorable” for awhile.

I know this chick who's son is in my son's class and I've never seen her wear anything but leggings, a baggy t-shirt, and soccer sandals or Toms with the backs folded down. I know she works nights at a hospital, but she doesn't own a pair of jeans? Or a top that wasn't shot at her from a t-shirt cannon? She showed up to their graduation ceremony this week dressed like that and even had me take their picture. It's just so sloppy.

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Or a top that wasn't shot at her from a t-shirt cannon?


Original Poster10 points · 20 days ago

Very true, pulled into that street yesterday and had to stop to take a few don't see that kind of style often.

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Yeah, those fins are super useful.

I prefer modern safety features.

They couldn't mount and frame it for him?

"Home devil, street angel" sermon theme got me dat look.

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