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And the wedge shoes are late style Famolare. Knee socks were like 78-83.

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The girl next to Famolare wave shoes girl appears to be wearing Earth Shoes, with the soles thicker in front than back.

Knee highs were worn continuously from the 50s-on. Hell, dudes essentially wore knee highs during the 70s. All those sweet, sweet tube socks and short shorts.


Do you have to polish lots of TruckNutz?

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The "I despise my back, so I punish it as much as possible" chair.

Straight wood is so god damn uncomfortable...

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Just throw them on the fire. Worst chair I've ever sat in.

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They're called BCGs. Birth Control Glasses. Like all contraception they don't always work, as OP can attest. Edit: Just so we're clear here, I'm not saying OPs mom is ugly. I'm saying the glasses are, and it's the nickname for them. As with anything some women can pull off the look, some cannot.

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No they're not. These were stylish then.

I think I was the only kid who chose a Schwinn Typhoon over a Stingray (My dad: Really? You don’t want the Sting Ray?).

One of my friends got an Orange Krate. I thought it was super cool, but the kid was also pretty much a tool.

You like that, you fucking frozen custard?

Nuke Stone Mountain.

"It's called Death Valley, man."

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You could hike at night, but that's when the desert CHUDs come out.

Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

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Major insult in Arab cultures. Explainer

Mannnn I just put my house up for sale 3 days ago and I had a crawl space that was hard to find! Fucking missed opportunity.

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At least it wasn't a missed fucking opportunity.

You think about those for years and years.

They could so easily make chairs of this design spell “sieg heil.”

It's kinda weird, this is a dish that doesn't sound good and doesn't look good (at least in my personal opinion).

But goddamn if it doesn't taste like a fucking angels vulva.

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1) Don't use the work fridge.

2) Arrive really early to avoid kitchen convo while gettin' dat free coffee.

Drive as fast as your vehicle will go at all times everywhere.

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