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Can I ask you what type of scores you were getting on the Boson ExSim before testing?


I am struggling on deciding on my next steps. A little background: I started as cable installer doing VOIP installs for a major cable provider just shy of 10 years ago. From there I ran my own company doing small scale installations in the commercial and residential sphere (small scale VOIP systems, home theater installations and just about anything on a low voltage wire). I then took a job as a help desk support position for a large scale Cisco phone deployment (18,000 sites) and worked my way up to working directly with installers troubleshooting wiring installations. I moved from there to another smaller Cisco phone deployment where I was tasked with doing user configurations.

Over the last year I have used this subreddit and the CCENT sub along with a laundry list of resources to attain my CCNA R&S. I am unsure of where to head next. I have access to some collaboration materials and I have thought of pursuing that since I have a good amount of experience in the voice side of things but I am reading that its best to go the CCNP R&S route before branching out to a specialized track. I have very limited access to network equipment at my current position and my concern is that a CCNP R&S with very limited experience will not look as good as a CCNA Collab with 10 years in telephony.

Thoughts? I apologize for formatting/spelling errors.


You could probably jump straight to Collab though I maintain that the best UC guys are ones with solid CCNP R&S level networking since I find a large pitfall of the old PBX guys is they may understand SIP options but they don't do so great when it comes to QoS or knowing how the RTP packets are reaching their destination.

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I see the value in this but my reasoning (and please correct me if I am confused here) is that if I go the CCNP RS first I will need to complete the CCNA Collab track and either recertify or take another CCNP level course within 2 years to renew the CCNP cert. My plan is CCNA Collab>CCNP R&S>CCNP Collab

I will reiterate what others have said that it really is company based and not the type of work we do. In my state if your hourly wage is over $27/hr you are OT exempt. Just depends.

Remembering that every port on a switch is a collision domain my guess is you are not counting the connection back to the router.

Also if you are starting over you might check out the CCENT subreddit.


First time poster so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.

Cliff notes background: I entered the workforce right after high school with zero college. I went from a call center job to being a cable installer. From the cable installation job I started doing home theaters and commercial data wiring on the side.

After about 3 years of that I got an entry level Cisco help desk job supporting a IP phone deployment for a major company. After 3 months I was moved to a team that just supported the wiring of the project (job title was Cabling SME which apparently looks great on a resume but in reality meant I told installers how to drill holes and run wires).

After that project ended I took a job doing provisioning for a slightly smaller UC deployment which is where I am now. I provision phones and users using Call Manager and Unity, deploy Lync software, set up fax to email accounts etc but all my experience is using the gui. I have done very basic command line interface work with the cable company to release and renew ip address but that is about it.

I am looking at a certification to make that next step in my career. I enjoy call manager so I am thinking of going the ccent ccna route because I have about 5 other people who would be interested in studying for it with me. Is that a reasonable start or should I get started somewhere else? I'm mainly looking for self study as attending classes would be very difficult in my current situation. Thanks in advance.

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