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It's horribly broken. But it looks sooo... good!

Looks great as long as you don't look too closely. Pretty noticeable image stretching to get the effect. But the idea's awesome.

What's qTorrent?

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Like UTorrent/Bitorrent, but not currently owned by the MPAA.

I can't find anything on it. Are we talking about qBittorrent?

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Wow, Development's going fast! I wonder how will this be looking up in the near future.

Btw: Is temperature a thing yet?

Cool! Mind saying how did you do it? Out of curiosity? :3

Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Of course! Here is the link directly to the blog post about this implementation.

However, we learned the day after that certain graphics cards aren't compatible (namely the GTX 760). It can't write to buffers in the geometry shader. This results in the meshes looking like the shader isn't compiling. We're currently working through this error, and will update the blog once we find an answer! Stay tuned! :D

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Sweet! Thanks for the article and the free source code! You have no idea how good this is of a learning experience for us... Less experienced folk.

Where can I follow this?

Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Definitely on Twitter @Vamped_Games as well as our website! :)

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So I checked your kickstarter/site.

Your game, despite some of it looking like one of those cheap shovelware from early 2000's. Somehow made the right mix of cheese and just plain cool in the right ways.

I'm impressed!

Love this sequence, although I think it should be more subtle than "in your face". Unless of course, its a puzzle/plot point.

Shaping up quite nicely!

That death animation is strangely satisfying...

Also sick work! Want to see more from where this came from! :D

At *60 speed it looks he is engaging in self-gratification with the tree in the shade.

I like the graphics. But holy hell the animations are janky as all hell.


Hello fine folks! Since I'm a young (and broke) developer, making a Rhythm game, and can't compose even if my life depended on it. So I had to turn to other artists for music to use.

In terms of usage, a single song will have a level dedicated to it, and its involvement with the rest of the game stops there. The game will be shipped with a functional editor, that allows for the level to be remixed as well (presumably fulfilling the part of the "Share-Alike" or something) If I'm correct.

This of course, created some problems and confusion.

Before diving deep and using and using a track, I'd be best to have these questions answered.

PS: If it doesn't make sense of what I'm trying to do, just look at Geometry Dash and OSU! It's pretty much the same thing.

-CC Share-alike: Does this mean that If I use a single track with this license, the whole game will have to share that license? Or just the level its used in?

If its the whole game, then does it mean I have to release the entire source code for some other person to release at their leisure? (Even though I made the whole code/assets/everything else. While the artist's content is on only a single isolated level?)

If its only the level its used in, then no problem.

-CC No Derivatives: Not really sure about this one... Its confusing, does a remix count? Or just its plain usage? I'm not planning to remix it, but either pauses, other sound effects, or a player finishing early will inevitably cause this to an arguable extent.

The base game will also be sold. But the "Commercial" part of the CC licenses seems easy enough to comprehend.

Lastly, since the game supports an editor, user generated content will be an inevitability. They will use their own music (most likely just glossing over its copyright) and make a level for it. Will I have to be liable for the level that the user created since they used my game? Or it's the user's responsibility?

I only wish to make it out there without being sued to oblivion, in the meantime, helping out some generous artists.

Best of luck for other fellow creators!


Basically (BTW legal specifics vary and I am not a lawyer), ShareAlike only comes into play when you "adapt" the licensed work and create a derivative. When you remix a song, paint a version of an existing photograph, draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa, you're creating derivative work. On the other hand, if you include a work in its entirety in a collection of other works, you have not [generally speaking] adapted it. So you could include the song as a background track without SA being a factor. Since SA only comes into play if you adapt it, the big question for you would be whether creating a level based on a song counts as adapting it or using it. I don't know the answer to that. If so, I think you'll need to release the game with a compatible license, though that doesn't necessarily mean you have to release the source code. Also, if you are adapting, you would also be unable to use any work with ND as part of its license, since those do not allow derivative work.

The remixing feature you mention would definitely call the SA element of the license into play, but perhaps just for the songs players' create, and only if those songs are saved/published. Also a little unclear. Certainly adding the remixing does not fulfill and ShareAlike purpose, though.

As far as using their own music, I would be willing to bet there's some information written about this with regard to Audiosurf. In that case, if I had to guess, there no issue because the user presumably owns the music they're using, and if they aren't distributing the levels they create (i.e. still personal use only), I don't think it would be a problem. Obviously, if they upload it to youtube, it becomes an issue, but only for the uploader. You wouldn't want to facilitate sharing users' music, though.

Again, not a lawyer, but hope this helps. :)

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

First of all, thank you for your words on this.

Well, going by your line of thinking, then it seems that there shouldn't be any problems.

You see, the game's whole shtick is that it creates challenges/bullet hell patterns based on a song.

The song is never actually remixed, it's only used as a support for other content, and then played in the background.

This is a mock-up of the editor btw:

This seems to me like the license doesn't actually apply because it's only used, and even if it is used. It only applies to the individual level.

Since the song is never remixed, it presumably, doesn't create derivatives. It's... only used. Unless of course, I needed to remix it for tighter gameplay, in that case. Then it creates a derivative and licenses apply.

One problem that you mentioned though is the level sharing. It could make me sorta liable if I make it easier for Copyright breakage. (like pirate sites. They don't break copyright directly, but they make it a hella lot easier to share copyrighted content)

One solution I see for this is when the user decides to put in a new song, a disclaimer pop-up comes up saying something like:

"Do you own this song? Blahblahblah, Or have permission to use it? Blah blah blah. We take no responsibility if you get in trouble for using this. Blah blah blah..."

Therefore shifting the blame from me to the user. And then include a report button for upset creators.

Well. It seems like this is a fairly secure path. I was just a little worried that the levels included with the game's base sale would compromise the entire thing.

Since it more than likely won't, then yeah. I'll go ahead with this.

Also again, thank you very much for your comment/time on this. It really helps :)

9gag? Seriously!?

Also your flamethrower looks like a shotgun with flame pellets.

Fucking sick as usual. Good job!

Graphics looks ok, this looks like it could a strong noir graphical theme but it seems like its been missed.

Overall it looks like a facebook game.

First, learn to type in a way that doesn't fill me with the deep desire to strangle you.

Secondly, the two designs on the right look decent.

Also, do you have permission to use these characters?


Looks like perfectly generic horror game.

No offense.

Hope you bring something new to the table. Cause this is seriously overdone.

Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

This took way too damn long to make. But it pretty much fills the necessary criteria and is designed to run in-game.

Unfortunately, the current Editor is still incredibly primitive and looks nothing like this.

But its a proof of concept of what it might look like if it were to be finished.

Follow the game's progress... More coming soon!

Hopefully. :S

Edit: Feel free to criticize the design listed here. Since its not an implementation yet, it's way easier to adjust the design progress for any changes.

Edit2: Please press the up arrow to inject validation directly into my veins.

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

You can play the game in browser here:

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Did not play the game and I'm only going by the gyf here... I really like the art style going on here, even if its a weird combination.

Looking forward to seeing your game posted from time to time with progress.

Whoa... This looks like a serious production here.

Which is why I wonder... Why the hell is this screenshot so damn small.

And where can I find info on the game/gameplay... etc,

I actually did check out the App page... And I'm highly surprised it isn't a low effort "Tapper". It's likely an average effort "Tapper"

Also btw, Pro tip if you're selling out. Wouldn't be too difficult to post a link here to your app's page. wink wink


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