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Is she acting? I watched like 5 mins and only saw her put a drink to her mouth twice, even then she took tiny sips! Every time it cut she had just finished a drink and was pouring more, seems totally fake to me and of it is I think it's sad as fuck. Not for the reasons she wants me to think it's sad as fuck though. All she had to do was drink 3 beers a bottle of wine and some voddy, in Belfast we call that post work refreshments

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Americans man. I mean she thought getting drunk alone was a noteworthy thing, they really have no idea

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It was for an art project actually... see my comment below.

Well I think she's just a lightweight. 3 beers, a bottle of wine and half a bottle of vodka and she was on the table.

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someone really needs to add "please for the love of your higher power, even if that higher power is a profound hatred of aa dogma, take all the probiotics you can acquire even if they seem exorbitantly expensive, even/especially when you are on an all-rotgut diet" to the nutrition sidebar. i feel i truly saved my own nether regions with them.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

It's not booze. I was just on a two week course of heavy IV antibiotics though, so they're probably a good idea.

Sober huh?

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Original Poster3 points · 2 years ago

Had three beers with visitors to a housemate last night but that's been it for a while now.

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I wonder if some of the mods are still alive. Like /u/MindfulDrugHoover hasn't posted in 2 years.

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still alive :) just got back on reddit for the first time in ages. dune can be found on twitter. dunno about deighv.


Have at it folks. Post a comment to make a nomination, reply to lodge your vote for the nominee. Obviously if someone is already nominated you reply to that comment, don't nomate them again :P

Voting closes in 48hr time give or take, midnight Friday 4th Jan GMT. That's Thursday 3rd 7pm US east coast time.

Oh and nominating yourself is just fine. :)

6 points · 5 years ago

My (at that time very new) girlfriend had a bottle of spice on the shelf. The label said chili powder. I started pouring and the smell was... odd. After dumping in perhaps three tablespoons I stopped and tasted the spice directly. It wasn't odd. It's just that it was cinnamon. And I had just poured in about three pumpkin pies worth with an apple crisp to spare. My intention was vaguely Mexican, some kind of shit to put in tacos or burritos. It is a cuisine I am regularly intimate with and I have no problems just grabbing things off the spice rack and ending up with something pretty fucking fantastic when you toss it in a tortilla with some cheese, sour cream and avocado. At that point I thought I was fucked. Instead I took a sharp 180 and did something... vaguely... Indianish? Fucking Moroccan? All I know is I added some brown sugar and vinegar and we wrapped whatever the fuck I made in tortillas and it was FANTASTIC. I have no real proof and it isn't a great story, but it actually fucking happened. For all you know I am a single male living alone who eats nothing but Hungry Man dinners and dreams up bullshit comments for bullshit subreddits, but I swear to you this is all true. It was my third date with my current girlfriend and the first time I cooked for her. Now, I may not have much in the way of evidence, but let's just say I made her find a pen:

Now you may wonder why she had cinnamon in a chili powder jar? To this day she has no fucking idea. Today was our six month anniversary. We went to see The Hobbit. It was fucking terrible.

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My boyfriend's mom had gotten this nice spice set as a present. She didn't use it that much, so when we moved, she gave it to us. Only, it turns out that she had replaced the spices in like 4 of the jars with random other things. I knew enough about spices to notice, for instance, that oregano is usually not white (it was garlic powder). My boyfriend, however... let's say he made some unexpectedly amazing creations.

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Original Poster4 points · 5 years ago

Perhaps she didn't want the ethnic peoples stealing your spices; that's why Malory Archer swaps the labels on her pill bottles..?

Original Poster3 points · 5 years ago

Proof or not, you're currently in the lead pretty solidly ;)

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I think it speaks for itself, really.

Anyone can get pissed and fuck up a casserole. I'm looking for recovery efforts where drunken inspiration or ethanolic ingredients helped save the day.

This should really be what y'all do best. :P


A while ago I made a drunken chilli or stew or something and it was as salty as fuck for some reason, fucking inedible and there was a whole pan of it. I panicked and asked around chat how to fix it and someone said throw a potato and a lemon in. I thought they were taking the piss but I was drunk and went and did it anyway. And it worked. God bless you drunken chat chefs.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 years ago

Heh that's how Kreger saves the day a second time in one night in the Italian Prime Minister Buttplug Mystery episode of Archer. Makes sense, nice elegant solution - you can throw the potatoes out when done or keep them as appropriate. Although I don't get the lemon....

The acidity helps cut the saltiness.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 years ago

I had assumed they acted kind of like a sponge as you cooked them, absorbing liquid with the salt still in? Whatever.

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Moderator of r/drunkencookery, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster1 point · 5 years ago

Be sure to check out latt's topic. Gin_Intoxic and I_RAPE_CATS haven't posted theirs yet. Haven't heard back from MDH yet.

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The Inaugural MDH "Back from the Brink" Award for Culinary Disaster Recovery and Aversion.

1 point · 5 years ago

What do you suggest? That these drugs don't exist? The reason there is ~10mg Of Fentanyl base in a 100mcg/hr Fentanyl transdermal patch is because the half life is very, very short.

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The folks in the article were injecting the patch contents. The safety threshold is very high for fentanyl yes, but not if 100hrs worth is administered in one go.

1 point · 5 years ago

I can guarantee you they weren't injecting the entire patch at once.

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Fentanyl tolerance builds very rapidly. Doses of 100mg/day are not unheard of when users have unlimited supply (that's 10 max strength 72hr patches). Don't underestimate the drug lust of a junkie who's just managed to get on after hanging for ages either... leads to some questionable decision making to put it nicely.

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-1 points · 6 years ago

No, it's ignorant to say "these people won't talk to me because I don't want to learn two languages." Who the fuck wants to learn two languages? That's like me getting mad at an Asian kid because he won't learn English.

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If said hypothetical Asian kid expects to be able to have any meaningful interactions with English speakers in the English Speaking Community, I don't see how it's unreasonable to expect him to learn the language to that end. The same would apply in reverse if a white guy became heavily invested in an Asian community for personal or business reasons.

Similarly if OP wants to be an active part of the broader deaf community, using ASL seems a perfectly reasonable ask, especially since she almost certainly learnt it before her implant at 7yo anyway. However I tend to suspect that there are a few personal grudges behind their disdain for the "deaf community" in general.

6 points · 6 years ago · edited 6 years ago

Feeling a bit grandpa simpson-ish right now, so I'll make sure to include a tl;dr...

I was going to respond when you first made this post, but got distracted. It's only now that I come back to it two hours later that I've realised how thought provoking the question you've laid down has been.

The Meandering Back Story

My childhood (i.e. <17), like most peoples' it seems, was pretty shitty on the whole, although i can't complain for a second about my family life. I have light social drinking parents still happily married after almost 40 years, who took care of me with love and nurtured my idiosyncratic and ever changing intellectual passions and encouraged me to embrace my eccentricities. So yeah, I lucked out with my parents, I can't think of even a minor trauma growing up which can be pinned on them.

But that's home life, it at least gives you a solid foundation but the real world is still out there. For a conspicuously intelligent, quirky, somewhat effeminate kid, redneck rural Australia was a tremendously isolating and dehumanising place to grow up. I might have done well with my family, but virtually all my other relationships were dominated by mutual disdain.

I still can't honestly say I've shed some of the more fucked up shit from my childhood/adolescence, nor will I probably ever (details aren't important). When your formative years leave you with a completely warped view of humanity, you have to accept that you'll probably spend the rest of your life actively trying to connect with people or you'll become a slave to cynicism.

The Devil is in the Detail

Life only got progressively more fucked up after leaving home and moving to the city, but that's a story for another time. The bottom line is that I know unequivically that emotional baggage is one of many factors that fuels my substance dependance. However there is a huge difference between acknowledging the impact this baggage has had on my behaviour and blaming it, or the people involved, for what I put into my body.

TL;DR: I have no doubt that my past at the very least excaccerbates my substance use, but never for a second would I blame anyone but myself for the decisions I've made (and continue to make).

Edit: accidentally saved before finished...

I'm getting a vivitrol shot soon for opiates. I sure hope it doesn't affect my drinking too much...

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It probably won't have a noticeable effect at all. For indications other than opioid dependence, naltrexone acts pretty subtly - from what I can gather its action is largely tied to regulation of impulse control rather than being directly related to alcohol. Hence it is more or less equally effective for non-substance addictions like gambling and SI. I'm actually quite surprised, now that I think of it, that I haven't seen it used in eating disorders, too.

There are some who say that opioid activity is a contributing factor to alcohol euphoria, but from all I can tell it's virtually insignificant compared to the effects on GABA etc.

Is the vivitrol a monthly depot? Do you know what kind of amounts of trex are released? I know that the implants which have been used "experimentally" here plateau at about 6mg/day equivalent for most of their 6 month life span, which is almost an order of magnitude less than the doses used in psychiatry.

22 points · 6 years ago

There are a few of us out there who used to be 'regulars' who have quit drinking, hopefully for good. If you find yourself wanting to quit, but the above resources are not enough feel free to shoot me a msg and I can tell you what I've done to remain a quitter for the past 8 months. :)

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Hinkz has the wisdom, folks, if he's offering it by PM then take advantage :)

On the whole moderation issue: I personally haven't been alcoholic for months... can't pinpoint when, it wasn't a deliberate move, but somewhere along the line I just slowed down and went back to mostly drinking socially with the odd solo binge here and there. I've probably consumed alcohol 2 or 3 days out of the last 30, but that's unusually little - it's largely been for medical reasons. Normally these days I'll have ~2 beers 2-3x/week with family, maybe 6-12 beers with friends every 2 weeks or so.

So, moderation seems to be possible for me, but there are a few caveats. I take benzos daily anyway, in quantities large enough that I basically don't get alcohol withdrawal, even after sustained periods of heavy drinking (>fifth/day). I do kindle though... every time I make a conscious effort to reduce or stop it gets harder, and I know there will come a time when I can't be as blasé about booze as I am now.

Also, in the bigger picture of my history of substance (ab)use, alcohol has been a fairly minor player. I've probably only been physically dependant on booze for a total of ~2 years in my life, compared to 10+ years for benzos and ~3 years for other downers (principally GHB). It's never been my drug of choice really... grog's just easily accessible and packs a punch when you want to get fucked quick smart.

So bottom line I'm basically drinking in a socially acceptable manner but to be fair I'm anything but sober, at the very least there are always benzos in my system (always).

If anyone has any questions feel free to shoot hinkz a msg ;)

Yeah, I suppose YouTube links in general is way too broad.

Keep fighting the good fight, though.

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The mods are debating how to best deal with this kind of thing right now.

I absolutely agree.

MODs: Could we ban YouTube links?

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Can we ban YouTube links? Not easily. Plus some are worthwhile.

Do most crappy music link posts never see the light of day? Better believe it. The spam filter has tuned itself to this one quite hard...

About 2am sun, underestimated the amount of opiates I'd need for the weekend, smoking weed to try and stop The Fear while oral codeine kicks in... 250mg or so, the last I had. Uncontrollable spasms in the legs when I tried to sleep, drank 6 glasses of wine but still wake up awake and searching for a word that doesn't make "restless" sound pathetic.

Either way I'll have to rustle up fifty bucks tomorrow to give even my immediate future any certainty. So I sit here smoking cigarettes in the darkness, waiting for a relief I've only dreamed of for years. Until then I seize and shake, reminded each burst that I did it all to myself.

31yo swm.

6 points · 6 years ago

I'm sure the designer must have been going for something sleek and elegant but man, those are horrible. There is literally no privacy when using that urinal, you might as well be peeing in a sink.

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That's pretty much par for the course in Australia at least.

Does all this shit get removed or what? I've been here everyday except wednesday and I don't remember seeing anything. Mhmm.

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yeah i've been slacking off, every day but wednesday i try to catch all the good posts and remove them before people can think to F5.

wednesday's hump day. people deserve a break on hump day.

207 points · 6 years ago

Not sure, but I'd say vanilla milk is even better.

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A few teaspoons of sugar, some ice cream and a cap of vanilla essence goes lovely in a glass of milk.

You can't ask a doctor these questions. You always get the same answer. "Drinking's bad...mkay?"

Work on your relationship with your doctor, particularly trust/honesty. For patients they only see irregularly or for the first time, doctors inevitably make a LOT of assumptions in order to diagnose things quickly. If you don't already have a doctor who at least somewhat trusts you, they are likely to make the same assumptions they will for any other patient off the street - you drink and smoke 2-3x as much as you will admit, you only want benzos to abuse them or get drunk quicker and cheaper, if you're a heavy drinker there is no safe option but to quit ASAP and permanently, etc etc.

Will my liver be less fucked up? I'm I less likely to off myself on Clonazepam? Less likely do go through withdrawal?

Yes 1/2L less of vodka a day will reduce damage to your liver. It will happen more slowly than if you completely detoxed, but it will happen. Probably a good idea to throw in a completely dry week every now and then to flush things out a bit more solidly, especially since you have k-pins to get you through it.

800-900ml -> 200ml is a pretty heavy drop though. You are likely to have modest withdrawal symptoms if you drop that amount overnight; it'll be less of a shock to the system if you taper it down over the course of a week (the link on the sidebar might be helpful).

What do you mean by off yourself? Clonazepam is less likely to induce the kind of emotional extremes that make some folks suicidal under the influence of alcohol, and on its' own is a lot safer if you take too much. However drinking on benzos pushes your chances of accidental overdose substantially.

Clonazepam, like all benzos, will allow you to avoid most but not all alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately it's the worst of them that are covered - seizures, sleep, tremor, anxiety, panic, etc are helped out substantially.

Are these stupid questions?

Only fools are afraid of stupid questions.

I've kind of rambled in a vague way here because I'm not 100% sure if what it is you're asking. If you can provide more specifics perhaps it'll be enough for a more useful response? :)

Let me know if you need a hand with css etc.

7 points · 6 years ago

i know its perfect! ill start looking for camping places soonish as i would like to do this while its still summer and pfag is here...

we dont even have to get like a camp site, i would prefer just some straight up woods near a lake or something. unless yall need a fancy pants campground... oh wait we are all nerds and will need outlets to charge our various electronics...

ill look into it

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maybe this is where planning comes in... if you bring enough liquids (duh) and hired a generator, you could easily go off the grid as long as you have 3G reception.

if you pick a site ahead of time with line of sight to a cell tower, you could even ghetto a high gain directional antenna onto a 3G-WiFi router or such. range improvements of a few miles are possible with largely salvageable equipment.

just try and make it at a moist time and place to minimise fire danger... and in general try not to fuck the place up too much just because nobody's looking.

also regardless of what you guys do next, streaming web cams for those not present would be nice (not just the shitty cam images).

without the cardio you cannot eat at all.

not recommended!

I won't dance lest someone be watching, nor sing in case they hear; there was a time when I loved, but now my spirit lies broken.

So what is your identity then?

Moderator of r/cripplingalcoholism, speaking officially31 points · 6 years ago

This has nothing at all to do with CA, but I love pissing off redditors, so I'm approving and upvoting this.

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Any ca mod that doesn't get routine downvotes probably isn't doing their job...

2 points · 6 years ago

Barbiturates are the only exception to that rule that I'm aware of. As for the clonazepam, please try to be very careful. It lowers inhibition and it is cross tolerant with alcohol, you are going to want to eat a handful of those minty little pills to escape at some point.

I would suggest portioning them out before hand, find a dosage that is safe and will help with the withdrawal for you and stick with that. 'X'mg every 'y' hours.

Be careful and good luck.

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Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Iboga as a magic bullet. Phenobarbital is used in inpatient withdrawal sometimes in the US still, it's not really superior to benzos in itself, it just works out better because it has an insanely long half life (120hrs or something crazy).

Not sure if you're talking to me or the OP about clon... I've been taking large prescribed doses of benzos for almost a decade so the dependance ship has long sailed for me. Thankfully I don't get the urge to eat handfuls of them, regardless of how many I have lying around.

In regards to the OP, 90x2mg clon is definitely enough to start a habit. 1 tablet a day for 3 months will leave you feeling pretty damn shitty once you stop. They're not-fun drugs that give you terrible, terrible withdrawals - it's not worth risking addiction unless you have a very good reason to take them psychiatrically.

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