ELI5: What happens in a civilized country when an underage woman applies goes to a hospital to give birth? by Sehrengiz in explainlikeimfive

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You're right about the exile thing. He has not been exiled or reassigned yet for this case. And the fact that he has already been reassigned twice shows that he may be keen on stepping on some toes, contrary to what you say, i.e. an indication of his reports not being accurate. This government's credibility is so low, if the say a report is inaccurate, we need to consider is accurate to start with (not all cases of course).

İzmir'de deniz taştı by lyravega in Turkey

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O kadar super yeniay diye bağırıyorlar bas bas, hazırlansana. Hem de Ocak yeniayı. Belediye gelgit alanlarını boşaltmamış. Bir de deniz seviyesi yükselse vay halinize.

Afrin'deki gönüllüler by blgram in Turkey

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Çünkü silah zoruyla askere alınıp Kürdistan'ın dağlarına sürülen Türk askerleri Tayyip'in savaşında ölmek için can atıyorlar!

Galiba vs Heralde ("maybe" in Turkish) by 1sep1969 in Turkey

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Completely different meaning.

Galiba: I guess, perhaps

Herhalde: probably

[Serious] Request for evidence on some controversial topics about Turkey by radyokafa in Turkey

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But isn't any Turkish person who says "we killed a million Armenians" immediately demonised? Look at what happened to the only Turkish Nobel literature prize winner Orhan Pamuk. Average Turkish people still thinks that they gave him the prize because he said that!

And even if there was no plan to kill them all, isn't sending them on a hundreds of kilometres long walk without provisions equally an intention to kill?

And i know it was not systematic within the whole country, and there were some good reasons for displacement. (My family suffered terrible atrocities at the hand of Armenian gangs during the war, while all Turkish men were fighting the war somewhere else.) But it's still murder, a massive murder and ethnic cleansing and we need to recognize this and apologize for this.

[Serious] Request for evidence on some controversial topics about Turkey by radyokafa in Turkey

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Thank you. I guess you didn't need to search very much for evidence. I grew up in Turkey and when we were teenagers, sometimes the police would ask for id. They'd check mine and let me go and would take all my Kurdish friend to the station each time. It was systematic. And this was Istanbul. It happens with much more severity in Kurdistan. Just read the news and you'll see. But travelling around in Kurdistan is very very sad, seeing all the oppression people have to endure from the government.

And just a note: Most r/Turkey followers are very racist and nationalist. Any comment or post emphatic to the lives of Kurds get downvoted. So i was expecting this but i also didn't want this very nice post also to be censored. Just keep in mind that you'll only get a heavily biased respond to your enquiry here. Good work. Thank you.

Israeli soldiers shoot 3-year-old Palestinian child in the head during West Bank military training exercise by EmperorOmnesDux in worldnews

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Imagine what this news would look like and how much we would be bombarded by it if the headline was "Palestinian soldiers shoot 3-year-old Israeli child in the head during West Bank military training exercise"

Thoughts on Erdogan by datglassdud in Turkey

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Trump is following Erdogan's footsteps. Read recent Turkish history and you can see how Trump is turning more sadistic and incredible in time.

Help with translations by [deleted] in Turkey

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Türkçesini ver de çevirelim!

[Serious] Request for evidence on some controversial topics about Turkey by radyokafa in Turkey

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Turkish government is treating the Kurds unfairly and killing civilians

Why do you need proof of this still? It's simply self evident in Turkey.

Bill Gates: “Consider a world where the age-old scourge of malaria is finally eradicated . . . where hundreds of millions of people no longer suffer from tuberculosis . . . and where we have a cure for HIV.” by Sehrengiz in UpliftingNews

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“Consider a world where the age-old scourge of traffic acidents is finally eradicated . . . where hundreds of millions of people no longer suffer from horniness. . . and where we have a cure for baldness.”

I (F) needs clitoral vibrations during sex which causes partner's (M) penis to go numb by futureabnormal in sex

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I'm aware that there are some women who cannot orgasm, or can only have clitoral orgasms. I guess I should use the word "deeper" instead of "higher" but somehow from a yogic point of view they are the same. The stimulation of deeper points helps your orgasm more easily connect you with your divine self. According to classical tantric sexuality, there are 5 orgasms a woman can experience. Clitoral is the most shallow one and regarded as being very similar to male ejaculation, thus is cautioned against. It is powerful like fireworks and also last just as long and then drains your energy. Then there's the G-spot which is ok. But the ultimate, most deeper and spiritual way to orgasm is cervical orgasms. It takes a lot of tuning for this to work for a woman, and it requires good size matching between her and the partner (as far as I have heard, toys kinda ruin this subtle sensitivity). And patience. I was lucky enough to be with a woman during her journey from clitoral orgasms to patiently waiting for a long time for deeper orgasms and then achieving it in pure bliss after over a year, maybe two. Of course it is not like fireworks, it's more like the northern lights that go on and on but does not explode and drain you. After a month of this and you'll be in a gentle state of orgasm throughout your life. I'd say it's worth a try.

(As a man, when I stopped ejaculating, it was hard to enjoy sex for many months, and orgasming without ejaculating sounded like a dream. But now after years I see I was missing so much.)

And yes, most women I make love to for years do not want me to touch their clits not to move the energy down and out (in yogic terms) but want to be stimulated inwards and upwards. That is because women I associate with are like me more health conscious, eat simply and do yoga or something and are usually aware that sexuality is a big part of the main spiritual work we're all doing.

How do you view the future of Turkey with Selahattin Demirtaş as your president? by tanyalukyanova in Turkey

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Eeee? Heykel dikecekmiş. Diksin. 2018 ve biz hala neyi tartışıyoruz.

Cumhuriyet: "CHP'nin oy potansiyeli yüzde 85" by wolfofbistreet in Turkey

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Ne içmişler de %85 çıkmış? O zaman akp %130, hdp %40, iyip %60 falan di mi?

Leyla Zana’nın vekillikten düşürülmesi ile ilgili Meclis oylamasına hiçbir İyi Parti milletvekili katılmamış. by wolfofbistreet in Turkey

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Bu büyük şerefsizliğe ve oy veren onca millete yapılan bu ihanete ortak olmamışlar, ama milliyetçiliklerinden de gidip ret vermemişler. Milliyetçinin insanlıkla imtihanı.