To Turkish redditors, I'd like to inquire about Fethullah Gulen by Count-Barouhcruz in Turkey

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It seems creating one terrorist organisation after another and arming them to the teeth didn't create that result yet.

Bu subda aynı fikirde olmadığız insanlara downvote vermeyin lütfen by shamanthesky in Turkey

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Pardon, sadece siyaset konuşulmasının nesi var? Ben bu sub'ı ve reddit'i haber yorumlarına bakmak için kullanıyorum ve burada yok eski İstanbul fotosu, yok eski şarkılar falan paylaşanlara gıcığım, facebook var, instagram var, bu grubu neden siyaset ve haber alanlarının dışına çekiyorlar. Bence en öne yazalım Turkey-politic. Çünkü gerçek bu.

Milli egemenliğe karşı, çocuklara gelinlik giydirenlerin de bayramı kutlu olsun! by bai1923 in Turkey

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Çocuklara gelinlik giydirenlerin de, asker kıyafeti giydirip kefene sokanların da bayramı kutlu falan olmasın. Sapıklıklarımızı çocuklara aktarmamayı öğrenmemizi diliyorum bu bayramda.

To Turkish redditors, I'd like to inquire about Fethullah Gulen by Count-Barouhcruz in Turkey

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He's the moderate islam flag carrier of CIA and his schools and charity organisations are all over the world, especially Asia, unless those countries already discovered what they are doing and kicked them out. This is the Islamic version of the evangelists around the world. They find the poor and illiterate, support them, indoctrinate them and use this religious card as political power. In Asia you can sometimes spot local people who are feto trained act and even dress up in the same feto way, talk like evangelists. Global moderate islamism for CIA, that's it.

Do you think Erdogan allowed the coup to happen so he could increase his powers afterwards? by teepeetastic in Turkey

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AKP cannot handle the truth so there is no proper investigation. Just like 9-11 never was properly investigated, we will possibly never know who bombed the parliament.

Türkiye'nin ilk başkanlık seçimlerine 2 ay var ve halkın yarıya yakını kime oy vereceğini bilmiyor. Bu doğru mu? Bu normal mi? by Sehrengiz in Turkey

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Ciddi misin? Tayyo dışında chpnin adayı belli değil, Demirtaş hapiste, akşenerin durumu bile belirsizdi. Sen tayyipçi değilsen kime vereceğini biliyor musun?

WW3 Prediction Map. Not finished; be judgy. [6460x3480] by IManipulatePeople in MapPorn

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Turkey should have blue and red stripes as they are in various alliances and conflicts with both US and Russia. Perhaps Philippines should receive similar treatment.

TIL that the Megalithic temples in Malta are the oldest temples in the world and are older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza by sammyjamez in todayilearned

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"The oldest standing stone structures" as the report claims are in Göbeklitepe, Turkey, as far as i know.

Turkey's Erdogan declares early elections on June 24 by [deleted] in worldnews

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On the positive side, he didn't announce that the elections were last week.

Turkey's Erdogan declares early elections on June 24 by MasBlanketo in worldnews

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This is not an election. This is a show to the West to show the AKP regime as legitimate and His Highness's rule as somewhat democratic. But you're a dictator Erdo, and the whole world knows this except for your idiotic followers.

Turkey's Erdogan Calls Snap Vote for First Time in Party History by ImNotGaySoStopAsking in worldnews

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What election? Anyone who's seen his latest version of the electoral law will know that the AKP regime is doing everything to stay in power forever, even if this means not counting the votes, or jailing opposition leaders (the second opposition party's leaders, MPs and local administrators are mostly in jail). This is not an election, it is a show to the West so that crooked politicians like Merkel can keep supporting his every move. Oh, Saddam had an election victory few months before he was disempowered. Let's wish the same for him.

Turkey's President Erdogan announces early elections by gaykittenbellies in worldnews

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I'm also from Turkey. Erdoğan IS a dictator in so many definitions of the word. He came to power by elections, like most dictators, changed the laws slowly blocking any democratic action, suppressing the press (Turkey leads the world in that), changing the electoral law to favor his new system to allow him authority over everything, did a fake coup to gain ultimate authority, and changed the constitution by a referandum during state of emergency, lost it but announced winning, started the invasion of another country without asking people, and now single handedly called for snap elections. All f these are dictatorial and he IS as much a dictator as Saddam or Gaddafi. By the way, there hasn't been fair elections in Turkey in the last 10-12 years, but at the last election and the referandum the AKP regime didn't even feel the need to hide their cheating, namely adding 2.5 million more votes when it was getting clear that he was losing. In this coming election, they legalized this kind of cheating. So anyone who believes that this regime will change with an election loss is in deep sleep.

Turkiye Goes To Early Elections by [deleted] in worldnews

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The government media channel even don't know the name of the country in English. It is TURKEY if you don't know it. And if you have a complex about a beautiful bird being named after your country, go get ridiculous somewhere else, not at the national media channel!!

Erdogan calls snap elections in Turkey amid crackdown on dissent by internalocean in worldnews

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Everything is going so bad, even the dictator couldn't hold the country together until November 2019. The economy has collapsed and they are selling in a rush the last things that belong to the country, the mines and factories. He has set p the elections to a degree that he has to get 35-40 percent to win and this is barely possible now, given that many of his opponents are in jail, and anyone who speaks against him is in jail and the two parties left which can say a few things about him don't have any power to change the totally skewed new electoral system. It's Saddam all over again.

Dünya’nın küre olduğunu kanıtlayana 50 bin TL veriyor. by atnr in Turkey

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Ben de Tanrı'nın varlığını kanıtlayana 50 milyon veriyorum. Hadi bakalım!

Why so many Turks are losing faith in Islam by Syriancivilwar6 in Turkey

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Türban gibi islamcılığın da modası geçecek, şekli değişecek. Ama şu anda islam adına yapılan şeyler öyle berbat ki, bu daha hızlı oluyor o kadar.

What's it like being a cat in Turkey by HuffinJBW in Turkey

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Being a cat in Turkey is like being back in your homeland. House cats originated in Turkey and after travelling half the world, i couldn't find another cat country as Turkey.

Bugün Erdoğan'ın öldüğünü düşünün. by [deleted] in Turkey

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Milyonlarca insanın yıllardır ettiği duaya "yok, çıkmaz bu, başka şey isteyin" demek bu. Komik.

The United States, Britain and France attacked Syria! by portalgenc in Syria

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"confirmed" LOL How's your confirmation doing today?