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gibson335sg 1 point

Hi! Looking to get cheapest possible flights to Melbourne in mid may from Spain (flexible on this, that's just where we will be at the time). Any advice?

Vedran_Beader 1 point

I've just posted a deal from the UK to Melbourne laat week to our subscribers. That price was £397 return from London during that time.

From Spain it's a little trickier. All the best deals leave from Barcelona and alot of them change over in the UK anyway as that is a major route to Oz. Those prices are in the £500's return. I'm not sure whether you are looking for an open jaw flight (so that you return to a different destination from where you departed) but this would work if you are going from say Spain, and flying back to somewhere like France or Germany.

Smithyweather 1 point

Thanks, I'm booking it around May. But I've noticed this year there haven't been too many deals, compared to last year's fare at 800-1200. Do you know why that would be?

More demand? Currency issues?

Vedran_Beader 2 points

While demand certainly could be in an issue as every flight I've taken recently, and I've taken alot, has always had its business class cabin full. I think the dip in the pound is a major contributor as most airlines are valued abroad.

Still, I think a simpler reason still is simple economics. There is fierce competition for economy class seats as they make up 80-90% of a plane's capacity so airlines oust each other on price, some even taking a loss to fill their planes. Business on the other hand, is where they make some of that money back as the type of customers who book these flights, are oftentimes unconcerned with cost (as they might be companies, high net worth individuals etc) and seats always sell out. With that I'm mind, cutting business class flights is not a priority.

I reckon the future will bring a standardising of business fares but these will still be over 5 times the cost of economy. For the meantime, we do our best to grab the error fares or one hour flash deals airlines put out!

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Vedran_Beader 3 points

This is excellent! May I suggest an alternative? I am from a little place in Croatia known as Drnis which is in the Krka National Park. About an hours drive from Split, it is the gateway to Skradin and the Krka Waterfalls! As the summer months cause Dubrovnik, Split and the like to get super crowded, I'd recommend seeing this on a day trip to give you a little taste of the hidden Croatia.

You can combine it with a trip to Trogir as it is on the way (if you drive along the coastal road) and even up to another little gem called Vodice where you can swim with the locals.

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