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officeworker2017 1 point

When is the cheapest time to visit London from Los Angeles?

I would like to go there for my honeymoon.

Do you recommend staying in London 9-10 days?

Vedran_Beader 1 point

There isn't really a "cheapest time" to go to London but there definitely is a "best time". London is notoriously lowsy for weather so to avoid disappointment, come between May and September. The British summer is very pleasant and will appeal to you if you like t-shirt weather which isn't at all humid or stuffy. Almost perfect.

As for being in London for 9-10 days, I would not recommend it. In fact, I would say stay in London for maybe 3-4 days, walk around, take in the sights, enjoy your honeymoon in a nice hotel etc. Then, go and see the real UK. Maybe take a few small trips to other parts of the country (its a small place) like York to see Historic Britain, If you are outdoorsy types head over to Cornwall and St Ives. Maybe even combine it with a 2 night break to Paris on the Eurostar Train which can be had for about $40 during sales like the ones on now.

Flights to our fair isles can be fairly cheap nowadays from LA, use the likes of Norwegian Air who tend to fly direct and you could grab a bargain for about $300 odd bucks round trip! Prices are currently hovering around the $400 round trip range but depending on when your honeymoon is, it could pay to wait a little while and check often. Here is a link to the current prices.

way2there 1 point

Wow, that's a great collection, thanks! Sure thing, I plan on coming back sometime, but at the moment I do not know. Would prefer to just get the one-way for now and keep things flexible, taking it slowly. I would not mind spending a few days in say India if that happened to make the total flights cost to there cheaper.

Just need to be in the SEA area on the 14th the latest. I like to plan as I go ...

Vedran_Beader 1 point

If you want to go via India, it can be had for cheaper. Flying to say Mumbai or New Delhi will cost about 200 Euros from Prague, then you could take an Air Asia flight from there to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Thailand for about 85 Euros. So for 285 Euros you could get to SEA this way? Not much difference on the fare compared to above, but at least you've seen India on your way which I think is a great bonus.

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Vedran_Beader 3 points

This is excellent! May I suggest an alternative? I am from a little place in Croatia known as Drnis which is in the Krka National Park. About an hours drive from Split, it is the gateway to Skradin and the Krka Waterfalls! As the summer months cause Dubrovnik, Split and the like to get super crowded, I'd recommend seeing this on a day trip to give you a little taste of the hidden Croatia.

You can combine it with a trip to Trogir as it is on the way (if you drive along the coastal road) and even up to another little gem called Vodice where you can swim with the locals.

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