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Jaltheway 1 point

How did you get info on South Sudan specifically in 1980? I would assume that at the time data would be collected to represent Sudan as a whole

Yamamba78 3 points

I would assume that the data was collected by provinces.

cornonthekopp 2 points

Senegal really improved a lot, especially compared to the rest of west africa, anyone know why?

Yamamba78 4 points

Possibly tourism? Senegal is a very popular tourist spot for Europeans, especially French.

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VarysIsAMermaid69 3 points

Is Swaziland really autocratic or is it due to their monarchy still being around?

Yamamba78 24 points

It’s an absolute monarchy.

jocker1992 6 points

nigeria full democracy?

Yamamba78 17 points

Well, it’s a scale from +6 to +10. That being said, they just had a peaceful change of ruling party in 2015.

Magic_Beard1 -12 points

I think they're gonna put barbed wire on top. I mean it's a stupid idea but the people building the wall itself aren't that stupid

Yamamba78 22 points

So you need a bolt cutter or a thick blanket, too?

Magic_Beard1 -19 points

There's going to be cameras and some dudes patrolling

Yamamba78 16 points

On the entire wall? How many thousands miles long was that thing supposed to be again?

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