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Send it to a VC :)?

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

Do you think L1 would be worthwhile in my case? Let's assume they are motivated to work with me but not a PhD or some other really specialized highly valued skill.

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Well it takes a lot of papaerwork and good amount of money so you must really really want to help. If he/she is not dead set on US Canada is a ton simpler.

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

How much money all said and done to get them into US?

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Would be hard to say you have to establish a subsidiary in their home country and after a year of employment at subsidiary you can transfer the person to US on L1. But they have to stay employed at your company to stay on L1.

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Would COBRA be too much money to keep your current insurance?

Original Poster2 points · 7 months ago

This is actually a good idea for the first 18 months. The price is about the same but we'd get to keep our current medical/dental/vision providers. After 18 months your COBRA coverage ends. I'd need to figure something out by then, perhaps either my wife would change to full time job with benes or I'd bring on at least one employee to work with me. Thanks

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NP prob will be in the same boat some time next year so keep us posted if you find good option after COBRA coverage ends :)

If you are extremely good at AI/ML HFT etc.

pass it own to someone who might be interested to try and do something with it (keeping some equity)?

Well aside from actual App development you would need to develop the backend and given the functionality you are describing it will likely be the more time consuming part. You can use something modern like Kotlin to do both so you don't need to learn 2 languages

avg recruiter in tech can barely distinguish between Java and JavaScript how do they plan to train them to evaluate "learning agility, passion, and fit" is beyond me

That depends on the school you can get into and what kind of assistance you can get. There are also online options from good schools too. Plus networking is important.

Online store that sells whatever is that you recommend to your clients? (vitamins, food supplements, equipment, sports clothing)?

Well depends do you care to learn Swift or would you rather learn biz. skills.

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

I don't actually care to program at all. The money is in the business and marketing.

However, I am a nerd, I can program, I could program for free.

I'm just unsure if my self-taught programming for the last 11 years should go into production without having another brain constantly looking at it.

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"The money is in the business and marketing" everything is relative (say someone very good at AI/ML can get 600K - 1M signup bonus) so any generalization is faulty. I guess main question would be (a) Do you actually like performing business and marketing functions (b) Can you do it well ?

In established industries like this I bet there is a standardized way services are getting priced so following that convention would be a good strategy.

Not to mention if you plan on selling your business...documenting is very important.

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very good point

Document all of your processes. This is really important at one level of abstraction you business is just a set of processes so having them documented well is really important plus the process of documenting them will force you to think about them and possibly find more optimal solutions.

To be a forensic analyst you must have at least some very basic programming skills in something like Python. There are always gigs available.

25K as a computer forensic analyst WTF? The starting pay for a consultant straight out of college is way above 100K

"Kids, agree on equity split first." At the very least or better yet start an entity pay a lawyer and get things setup properly

Google had a very good idea PageRank and they actually were able to raise money and build a product now have they not been college buddies with Jerry Yang it's anyone guess how things would have turned out. So even if you have truly revolutionary idea and ability to raise capital and ability to execute having a network is still very important.

Planing on producing LV bags :)?

I'd argue Increase service capacity is def not something you want to always spend money on.

Suppliers of what? For many of the things they buy the number of suppliers is tiny if yo take Apple for phone CPU production Apple basically has 2 choices Samsung and/or TSMC. For wireless modem they have 3 potential suppliers MediaTek, Intel or Qualcomm etc.

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

This is what I feared would happen when I came to Reddit for advice hahahaha. Thanks for your help man :)

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Don't get discouraged even if you build an app and it does not take off the time is not wasted you'll pickup valuable skills and start building your resume. Having a quality app in a portfolio at the very least will add 10-20K to your first job offer and can land you well paying gigs while you are studying.

Unlike most people who bring a post like this you actually have a huge advantage as you can actually work on building it :). Work on a prototype and apply to YC.

You prob can use something like given the simple needs

At first glance it looks like it would pretty easy thing to setup with a bit of coding. Since I am guessing you do not have data exchange with retailers you would need to scan the coupons you get back though.

If you see a market for this why not? Being from tech side of things I thought with all the emphasis on Data Science/BI this would be the minimum everyone is doing already.

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