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That's the one. The text for Stadium isn't vertically aligned with the two next to it, even though it clearly should be. I believe Sm4sh has similar issues.

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I think the really distorted orientation of the box and the super bolder capital first letter of every option probably throws off the alignment , assuming that they do center it before stylizing it lol

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Yeah, but I don't think that games have a way of reading captured screenshots, so if that were the case they'd have to save them in-game somehow.

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If I remember correctly than I think they do, either it was on my Wii U or 3ds, I remember viewing captured screenshots in game of different titles, and each one had a corresponding link to the Eshop page listing on the meta details of the image! That would def be a cool way of incorporating saved memories for the game, the screenshot button seriously needs more functionality lol

I would def love this if it were the final title, I love the minimal approach. But it would make sense as a demo title only, just because on event show floors and things, they’d want a screen that’s easily readable and direct, to attract and be read by the attendees from across the room. Nothing is more readable than a black/white combo!

This is a parody of the (real) "When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler" ad, and is most definitely not a real poster.

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I'm just in awe of the 40s' [THING WE DON'T LIKE] MEANS YOU'RE HITLER

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Lol I know right 😂😂😂 everything! If you don’t share cars, keep secrets, save resources like metal and gasoline for the war effort, and even buying at bonds, than it means your hitler hahaha

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Haha you nearby?

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Oh snap I’m from Wichita but just arrived at John Wayne for the week to shoot a wedding ayyyyy let’s have a Reddit meetup 😂

Subscribed to you during the finer pics. Love these, keep up the great work bro

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Thanks a lot dude!

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*DINER pics not finer lmao!! All your work is fine 😎

Someone is very interested in Hitler... Not the slightest bit worrying

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Lol *world war 2 and the Vietnam war in general

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So i’ve loved the P&S analog world after seeing so many big named photographers i follow, constantly praise the convenience and results from their P&S analog cams (Yashica, Contax, Olympus, etc) and it’s been surpassing my expectations but i’ve have a few worries that i was hoping one of you guys would be able to help address, one is repairing p&s cams even a thing? i know that normal sir/dslr bodies have so much support behind them, but with kinda niche items like these nicer p&s cameras, would probably have a lot less options in terms of modifying and repairs because of not many people shooting with them, but i’ve bought a nice Yashica T3 that have a few issues that has been worrying me a lot.It drains the 2CR5 battery inside of it 100% of the time, on or off, the only way to really prevent it from draining is to remove the battery entirely. i’ve had to purchase so many batteries because of this, and i can’t keep doing that! any tips on that problem? second is that if i half press the shutter, the camera glitches out (the little lcd screen starts going wild) and i have to remove the battery and reinsert it to reset it just to attempt shooting again. Those two issues, and the last one i keep having is just focus issues, it gets the focus right maybe 70% of the time. These are all issues that i’m really hoping other analog P&S owners have had and can help me with, it’s quickly becoming my primary for street photography and these issues are seriously a huge burden to continue with! Thank you in advance

Are the stocks the street wear?

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It’s a oversized cut n sewn shirt that’s the main piece on this photo, drop shoulders, heavy weight, etc

You took away the star of david and added matroska doll? Why?

Is it an attempt to whitewash SS?

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Hmmm didn’t realize that when tracing. the version I had, had watermarks going through that area so I didn’t even make it out until looking up a different version just now

And did you make customcovers for the games? I noticed that the text placement is a little off compared to what I have, same with the font and thickness,m of everything, but the little green triangle on the bottom is something I’ve never actually seen lol

Man it’s not the red spine, I think that’s universally agreed to be awesome lol 😂 BUT! It’s the titles that really disrupt the uniformity of the switch physical library that use the title’s actual logo, or any special graphic/colored spine print, like freaking SUPER BOMBERMAN R! That title is like the only one in my collection that doesn’t use the typical system font in white on the spine and it’s soooooooo irritating lolol

In my opinion, you should really keep your dale and save for a nice analog on the side, or a better option, is to sell the 6D and get another , more affordable DSLR as well as a nice film camera at the same time, the reason is so you can shoot with the DSLR, to browse the photo and see the settings that were used on the photo, and then match the same exact settings on the film camera so that you can get used to/learn analog shooting a lot easier. You should buy a film camera that’s the same brand as the DSLR, like Nikon, so that you can share and use the lenses between both bodies, not only would that really save you a lot in the long run, but having lenses that can be used on either camera is just the smarter decision! I recommend Nikon because of the vast selection of lenses that can be used between then, anything from 1950’s+! The mount on canon is a little different so it’ll be a little more difficult. Plus going with Nikon will give you soooo many options with lenses because there’s not really another brand with as big of a selection of lenses, that are interchangeable between digital and analog!

Awesome photo! Great job yo. Is the model wearing white leggings? Or is it on a mannequin? Lol

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Every time I walk in Walmart I still see this

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Lol I was gonna say the same thing, they had it on OG Xbox too, it had always had me interested because it was still priced at either $19.99 - $29.99 too 🙄

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And yes I did do a remake for clean, crisp art without watermarks and pixelation!!

This is Fuji 400?! Wow, I’ve gotten mixed results but nothing this nice, might be that mines was always a bit expired lol. What time of day was this taken? I love how everything is nicely lit, you’d think there’d be some harsher shadows from how sunny it is. Post more!

Can you tell the difference between 4K Blu Ray & regular Blu Ray?

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If you were also curious about what you would experience when viewing the 4K HDR discs, here’s how I would explain it (made the jump just 3 months ago and have been a huge advocate ever since!) the 4K is immediately noticeable and best with tv’s 60” and up, that’s what there mainly for, anything smaller than 1080p is just fine. Aside from the super rich and deep colors ( more data/bigger size means less compression and more hues/tones will be visible), the HDR will really be the main attraction, imagine scenes of the sky actually being as bright and making you squint like in real life, the blacks will be deeper than how your TV looks when off, and little explosions/bursts of light will feel as if it’s happening in front of you. If you’ll be making the jump, please get a TV bigger than 60”! 1080p really starts breaking pixels around the 70” mark and you’ll get a very muddy image if your tv/player tries to “upscale” that 🤓

I currently have a Vizio 65” 4K, but my PS4 Pro doesn’t play 4K Blu Rays and I’m not about to go slap down a few hundred for a 4K Blu Ray player. Have you had experience with 4K streaming?

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Yup sure have, it’s fine lol just note that it’s still pretty compressed, but it looks good. When you have to stream a movie they do some pretty good compression to ensure it’s versatile enough for most people’s internet speeds but it’s great. Best Buy has a nice player LG for $75 right now if you don’t mind no WiFi

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Except he's not, and often talks of each game being the last in the series after they've released. He pours himself into his job to an unhealthy degree, and did so with Kirby as well.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Sakurai needs to be more like an old dog and learn to take a break, and let more people try to pull everything together too.

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The Hideo Kojima of Nintendo

It doesn’t matter about how your habits are now, habits change depending on the situation. If you had a device that you can play your console games on, that can go with you in the bathroom, work/school, anywhere, than you’d probably do it! And don’t be silly with the specs, if you really did understand hardware, then you’d understand that resolutions really matter when it comes to display size, like having 4K on anything smaller than a 60” TV would be a waste, 1080p would fit anything smaller amazingly. So 720p on a little handheld is incredible.. anything more you’d have even smaller text + assets to worry about.

And it’s not Nintendo being cheap, they could’ve did a lot worse you know lol! It’s a business, and at the end of the day, you have to do what you can to make sure that your margins are good enough to make a profit, keep the doors open, keep the investors happy, ensure a future for the company. Try not to compare a $700+ smartphone to a $299 Nintendo portable man, when was the last time you played a game and the difference between 720p & 1080p really affected you? Genuinely curious

Yep. That’s the official name.

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I’ve heard of him being in every fallout game, is it the pip boy guy from the logo? It looks like him, but then again anyone would with a fedora on lol

i know im late but i'm trying to remake some as well, and im kinda new to it. how do you get the complete background and etc. did you make it yourself? i know its a very bad question but still. thanks

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No question is dumb ask away! But yeh I remake them. In this video I just kinda simplified it by grouping everything into layers so hat I’m not having to show a Hundred layers lol. Ask away

i wanted to ask about how did you get the layers. do you make them yourself?

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Oh yup, everything was made separately then combined together in groups, I use both photoshop and illustrator

What the hell. This is an insult to anyone asking for a major update

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I feel like this is the actual major update, with China being the beta testers since they developed it

It is worth pointing out that the spade wasn't exclusive for Easy Company but used by the whole of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

The other 3 Regiments of the 101st Airborne Division used the other suits of cards for their helmet marks.

The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment (Hearts) The 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (Diamonds) The 327th Glider Infantry Regiment (Clubs)

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Another fun fact about the symbol was that it was used by American GI’s in the Vietnam war to symbolize that death was coming. The Viet Cong were very superstitious that they believed just the sight of the symbol brought imminent death that they would retreat in droves whenever Americans would scatter them via playing cards on helicopter, and leave them in the mouths of the killed commies. Bicycle playing card company sent the army packs of cards of just the ace of spades!

Not entirely true. It is true that the US troops believed that the Viet Cong thought that the symbol represented death and indeed one company bought in bulk just Ace of Spades cards but it was from the United States Playing Card Company. It was said that the crates were marked as 'Bicycle Secret Weapon'. While the VC may not have been scared of the symbol, the concept did help morale and there is evidence of US soldiers placing the card into the mouth's of the dead and scattering them in known VC operating areas.

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Yeah the photos I’ve seen were grim. But maybe they feared the cards because they knew Americans were close by rather than the actual symbol now that I think about it. I’ve googled the cards and they’re pretty neat. Like mini compact propaganda pamphlets lol

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This is fantastic! Do you have a store or would you be willing to upload that?

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago there you go comrade

I want to download it and actually use it as a cover. Do you have a source for the edited art?

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Original Poster2 points · 18 days ago there you go comrade

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I’d read it as the USA being outmatched and outnumbered by a country of guerilla warriors willing to fight tooth and nail in the jungle chaos, symbolized by the all encompassing darkness around the GI, only taking shape to hurt him.

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With fortunate son playing in the background

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