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DreamerInMyDreams 3 points

i got one for Christmas as well, haven't tried it out yet. I'm not going to try to fry chicken in it but figured it would be good for tots and such.

What have you tried? In what ways did the results fall short of expectations?

boombapbaz 3 points

I made potato fries yesterday, followed instructions from the manual and videos on YouTube. They were edible don't get me wrong but very dry and some of them looked done but were hard in the centre. I'm gonna try wings soon I hope they're good.

DreamerInMyDreams 2 points

hmm, that's disappointing

I'd assume anything battered is a no go. how are you going to do your wings?

boombapbaz 3 points

I'm just gonna hope for the best or moms gonna be disappointed. I think I'll do them plain no batter, flour or anything.

Astriaaal 23 points

More like:

Travolta trying not to look at Willis, Willis wondering where he went wrong with Demi Moore, Thurman wishing Tarantino would get his hand off of her, and Tarantino wishing he could see her feet.

boombapbaz 5 points

Hahaha Very accurate

boombapbaz commented on a post in r/Frugal
jomangojo 7 points

I'm at 200k minutes and yet to find someone who beats me

boombapbaz 24 points

Proof or BS, That's almost ten hours a day everyday for 365 days.

jomangojo 1 point

Shared account fam but I'll post proof anyway x

boombapbaz 2 points

Cool no hate but I assume OP put in those hours on his own

Fluff_Machine 7 points

Oh my god... my mom has the same model. that I think of it, it's always been in her room. It's at least 25-30 years old.

Maybe they're twins!

boombapbaz 2 points

My Dad is NOT A TWIN!!!!!!!

Iwasiamka 24 points

Clicked expecting to see something truly vintage, then realized.....1987.

My ex bf had this alarm clock. He's frugal. Probably here on reddit. Probably on this sub. Waves.

boombapbaz 9 points

I AM your ex

boombapbaz commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
ComicalKumquat 3 points

I permanently have one nostril 90% blocked. No idea why. So I have 33% less holes to rely on.

boombapbaz 1 point

If you consume dairy go a few days without eating/drinking it and see if that helps, helped me no lie

ComicalKumquat 1 point

I’ve had this nostril things since I was a kid. I’ve gone months without dairy and I’m still plugged like a prison drain

boombapbaz 1 point

Damn I feel bad I know how it feels but not for that long

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boombapbaz commented on a post in r/todayilearned
F4ll3n_4ng3l_4ndre 19 points


boombapbaz -7 points

Don't listen to this guy it's a wholesome film for the whole family.

boombapbaz -13 points

Dude did you not know all film is based on true events?!?! Check out a Serbian Film that was based on my uncle

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