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chasingpackets commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
chasingpackets -1 points

Protip: any site you go to (like MEW, Binance, etc) you should hard code the domain name to IP address(s) in your host file on your local PC. Why rely on someone else when you can rely on yourself?

RealFightfrog 2 points

that might fuck you over later tho... what if they change servers/hosts? someone might even conveniently host a phishing site on the old ip

chasingpackets 1 point

When I deal with money it's not a "set it and forget it" situation, yes, if they move hosts, or add new load balancer, etc, you're right. However just like you should regularly check for malware, you should make sure these types of safe-guards are up to date as well.

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/ccnp
homelaberator 4 points

You should know this because it is 'expected knowledge' [it's covered in CCNA], although specifically SWITCH only looks at DHCP snooping, that's easier if you understand DHCP.

ROUTE covers DHCP is more depth, so it's not like you would spend time 'learning something useless'.

chasingpackets 3 points

Yea this. DHCP is basic CCNA knowledge.

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
chasingpackets 1 point

The "mooning" and "lamboing" isnt localized to crypto. Might want to venture over to /r/options or /r/wallstreetbets where those phrases, and many other you would be familiar with, are commonly used.

Its less of a sector, and more of an age thing.

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/BinanceExchange
Goldshredder 3 points

I thought the creation of API keys involved having to enter the 2FA code again, and that you couldn't re-use the same 2FA code more than once because the system should say "wait for the next code".

I can't 100% remember now if Binance followed those basic security rules.

Perhaps it's other exchanges I'm thinking of that has those requirements. Which would be quite an oversight on Binance's part, if they did not.

chasingpackets 2 points

You’re right, can’t use the same 2fa you used to login to create the API keys. Good point.

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/Vechain
chasingpackets -1 points

So confused... must down vote for moon post, but must upvote because i wish I had that high-res for a desktop background... what to do what to do...

Drbaitmanz 0 points

All it needs is Vechain logo in the top left corner

chasingpackets 2 points

semi-transparent V over the earth

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/ciscoUC
chasingpackets 4 points

CUIC as mentioned

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

I haven't worked with CUIC as much as I did with the old historical reporting client. From what I hear from my customers it's gotten better, but sounds like it's still a bit difficult to navigate/understand, would you agree?

chasingpackets 2 points

There is an initial learning curve but no worse that anything else UC wise.

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/Ripple
canshred 14 points

You took a wrong turn bud, r/bitcoincash that way.

chasingpackets 5 points

It literally says it in the OP. Does not require XRP.

[deleted] 10 points


chasingpackets 2 points

Thanks for the actual response instead of BS

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chasingpackets commented on a post in r/SubstratumNetwork
wageroe 3 points

Legit questions. As said before, team provides "weekly" updates since a couple of weeks. There is no roadmap as far as i know.

I have Good vibes about this. But no one knows for sure. Kinds great,....
what they are trying to accomplish isn't an easy job and when beta arrives it has to be 100% up and running without any flaws,....

So this "may" take a while.

chasingpackets 2 points

So this "may" take a while.

so may then?

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/Cisco
chasingpackets 4 points

quick and dirty is ssh into cm and run a "file tail active /cm/trace/ccm/sdl recent" then perform whatever action(s) you wish to capture... make sure trace settings in serviceability are set accordingly

you can dump the capture to translator x as well, it's pretty self-explanatory. RTMT log collection is another way to go

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