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I still have bug bites from shooting sunset from that area. Nice shot! Love the long expo.

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The more recent pictures... look like he/she is boosting the shadows, lowering the blacks and whites, and maybe adding some clarity. Gives it a bit of that washed out look. Curious to hear what others think too

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I think time of day the photo shot is a big piece of the puzzle here too. Most of these photos were shot outside of golden hour in a bit harsher light.

Fargin iceholes yes! Also, you a coder in real life?

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Ugh unfortunately (also fortunately). I was in npm hell all day. Full stack dev but mostly front-end. We just recently switched to an Angular stack with angular-cli/node package manager. It’s been a bit of a learning curve.

Oh yeah, I bet. I've worked on one Angular project with a team and when it was over all I could think was "what an over-engineered nightmare". I'm a front-end guy too. Used to be a Flash Actionscript guy, which was perfect. I started a React course this week. Seems pretty cool. You guys use Git? Is that something I should learn?

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Yeah we use Git. Just moved over from TFS. We still use the TFS web interface but it is connected to a git repo. It has been another growing pain but I’d say yeah it is definitely worth learning.

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Plus its harder to make friends as an adult because of jealous partners, work responsibilities, decreased sexual desirability, and kids. No more place to just "hang out". All social interactions now have to have a purpose, that purpose usually being earning more money.

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I’m 32 and made a new friend recently and was embarrassingly giddy about it. Hooray for finding someone just as excited about standing behind a camera for hours as the light changes.

I ran the algorithm on my code and it just said it was written by some dumb asshole.

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I don’t need an algorithm to tell me that. I’m reminded by it constantly while maintaining my own shitty code.

PREACH preach PREACH! My friends uncles cousin knows a guy who’s interested in enrolling in a university to be a dietician. Don’t eat candy you people!

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It’s not just candy. High fructose corn syrup is in pretty much everything.

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I really like the idea of Alex Jones as performance art, with a sad comedian inside, thinking things like "okay, SURELY they'll realize it's satire if I start talking about globalist mexican jew-lizards, right? ....right?"

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I took Colbert getting The Late Show for an embarrassingly number of people to realize that his character was satire on The Colbert Report.

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when I was 7...we learned how to gouge someones eye out.

I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Ohh, and teach them to gouge a fuckers eyes out.

-Whitney Huston-

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Please tel me this is a real quote.

It is now

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Should we ban cars then? They cause thousands of times more accidental deaths than guns do.

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Nah, i don’t think prohibition works. One look at our failed drug war indicates that. It be nice if guns were regulated as heavily as operating a vehicle tbh. Let’s start there.

It be nice if guns were regulated as heavily as operating a vehicle tbh.

Vehicles kill well over 30,000 people every year. I don't think car regulation is a good place to start.

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Are you claiming that the number you cited would remain unchanged, go up, or go down if we got rid of existing vehicle regulations?

Original Poster10 points · 6 days ago

You are correct!...and now I need to go make sure it's perfect before I print...

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Masking trees is so forking hard! I don’t have a tracker (yet) so I do a lot of stacking for my astro. Just finished a shot yesterday that had a trees in the foreground, very difficult.

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

It definitely sucks and honestly I wish I did a better job on this one. That being said, if you go into channels, duplicate one of the color channels and Dodge what you want to get rid of so it's white and burn what you want to keep so it's totally black, you can get better selections with your masks.

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Great tip, thanks!!

Beautiful shot! When was this taken? I was staying in Canmore all last week and it was smoky starting Tuesday.

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Correct, I took this the weekend before the smoke and smog rolled in. I haven’t been back but I am hoping for some dramatic shots with the smoke in the distance.

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Nice! Glad you were able to catch some clear skies. I was thankful to get a clear night for some astrophotography while in the area.


Nested comments don’t expand when the row is tapped. Anyone else have this issue?


It’s only happened to me when my signal is really bad.

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Original Poster2 points · 7 days ago

Okay thanks! I’ll see if my router is being a dick.

Just when I thought the creativity in these shots had run dry...holy shit. So cool!

“Goose stepping”...ahh...who wouldn’t want to debate such a cultured and open minded individual such as yourself?

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Did I hurt your fee fees?

Why would you have? You've only shown that you're a stupid person.

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Because I used a bit of hyperbole? Lighten up.

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It's better when someone makes it for you.

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This is true. And he has the experience to make them even better. Touché.

I also do not possess the smoker

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Okay okay. Fair enough.

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20 points · 8 days ago

It's hilarious. Martin Lawrence and Dave Chapelle. Absolute gem.

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Is that the one where they steal some gems or a big gem and hide it in a vent somewhere and try and get it back?

Edit: I guess I can google this shit.

It's actually fucking terrifying seeing the encroachment of Fascism coming in from both the Left and the Right at such high speeds now. The Center Cannot Hold.

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We must.

you can't ban just some speech.

if you think my feelings are hurt for the people attending this rally, you're wrong. and you're dangerously wrong. Don't attack the people defending your rights on objective grounds just because you don't like the people they are defending. You must separate the rights at stake from the particular issues at hand. you can't ban just some speech. what part about that is so hard for you to understand?

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8 points · 9 days ago · edited 9 days ago

Nobody is banning anything. Why is that hard for you to understand?

If I don’t want to sell you a product or service because you are an asshole that is my prerogative. You can still think your thoughts, speak your speech and be an asshole all you want. Preventing a transaction is not the same thing as silencing you.

Edit: Typos

Edit 2: Yeah I thought you wouldn’t respond to any of my comments as it would destruct your cognitive dissonance.

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225 points · 10 days ago

And that's why all the major ski resorts here in Canada are predominately staffed by Aussies and Kiwis, while many of my friends have taken a gap year in Australia.

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Interesting. Currently vacationing in the Banff area and took the gondola up to the top of Sulphur Mountain and noticed that half of the employees were Aussie. Makes more sense now.

Are you planning on having more children? Because PPD and PTSD usually get worse with each child.

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Annnd that settles it. My wife and I were pretty sure we were done at one. Now I’m 100% convinced. I can’t imagine her anxiety/depression being any worse.

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You wanna trade? I love Canada but this place is too cold for me and the amount of power your states have means that even with trump places like California are still more liberal than pretty much anywhere in Canada except maybe bc

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Interesting. To be fair I’m quite ignorant when it comes to your politics. I’m hoping this whole Trump thing is just a bit of temporary insanity and I will stay and fight for what America stands for. I’m just currently vacationing in Canmore and I’m quite smitten at the moment.

Sigh. Im conflicted about that. On one hand i want to welcome people fleeing shitholes. But on the other hand. The 2-3000 illegals walking into ontario alone per month plus large imports of refugees is....eyebrow raising. But i know most of our recent problems terrorism wise is homegrown. But gang problems are questionable.

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It was a joke really. If I ever decided to immigrate to Canada I would do so legally. I have a desirable skillset and would be a good contributing member of society. And besides, I grew up in Upper Michigan. I’m basically an honorary Canadian anyway.

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I had a feeling was okay. a foot injury doesn't all that bad.

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Sometimes foot injuries turn into season long nagging injuries. Gates turf toe comes to mind. But ya, I hear ya. No need to get too worked up.

Manti Teo and his foot injuries were pretty frustrating

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Another great example.

If you think there aren’t millions and millions of young Trump supporters that are now old enough to vote, you’re in for a shock

Dismiss them and pretend they aren’t real at your peril.

It sucks, but it’s true :(

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Yup. My little brother is in his 20s and he is soooo far gone. I have hope that he will see the light and move past this like I did with my Ron Paul days. I’m afraid however that he won’t. I left my home and went to college and grew up. He still lives with his “Sovereign Citizen” father and is in deep with the bull shit.

I guess bringing him along with you as much as possible could help, exposing him to as many, varied opinions in ways that aren’t confrontational, “ Us v Them” type conversations

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Yeah I hear you. Problem is he is on the other side of the country outside of my influence and living with patient zero so he is pretty lost at the moment. Sadly him and I avoid any political discussions at this time.

If you're my friend or a photographer I trust, I'll share every location I know with you. I hate when people hold spots to their own.

Reminds me of that one Nat Geo photographer from back in the day who photographed the Bone Yard next to the Wave, found a great composition, then destroyed the foreground subject so no one else could ever have the shot. Chicken shit.

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Wow what a fucking douche bag. The only argument I think actually holds water with withholding location information is when it comes from a desire to want to preserve nature. The whole “protecting my uniqueness” bullshit is pretentious but I at least understand the argument. But to then go ahead and actually destroy something so no one else can get the shot? That’s like a whole new level of narcissism.

Original Poster17 points · 14 days ago

I cranked the saturation right up in ACR and ran it through a few colorFXpro filters.

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And don’t forget the most important didn’t crank your ISO so high that you lost color detail in the stars. Great shot! Love placement of Polaris in the composition. It’s like the best of both worlds! Get that nice circle action and the nice change of direction. Love it! I’m inspired to try something similar now.

And yet his clan owner doesn't think he's worthy of being a co-leader

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Who cares? Some people just want to play the game and don’t want to worry about clan politics or enforcing policies and all that “fun” stuff.

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