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bn1979 80 points

I was walking up to my cabin in the middle of the night recently when there was a New Moon. I shut off my flashlight for a minute and it was so incredibly dark that I couldn’t make out the ground and couldn’t tell the driveway from the forest. It was unreal.

codeByNumber 51 points

And if you stick around for another 10 min or so you can start to see everything around you with just starlight. So cool!

Kiwi_bri 1 point

And have you noticed that moonlight is actually silvery?

codeByNumber 1 point

Yaaa! It is neat! That’s actually because of how our eyes work. We have both cone and rod photoreceptors in our retinas. Rods are responsible for low light vision but don’t resolve color. Cones are what resolve color for our retina but they don’t work well in low light.

The result is essentially “silvery” black and white vision at night.

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junipermonkeys 923 points

I stayed up all night as Boston PD started closing in on the Marathon Bombers. I didn’t really think anything would happen and it was really quiet .

Then, suddenly a hard Bostonian accent came over the channel: “All yuuunits all yuunits there are reports of gunfire at MIT... can anyone confirm? Please advise.”


Sean Collier was shot in his cruiser at point blank range on MITs notoriously safe campus.

It was at that moment you could feel this very weird tension; something about that silence said it all- this had to be related somehow.

The next morning I watched the sunrise completely beside myself as to what I had just heard all night on the scanners.

I remember the odd sense of surrealism that I felt as I listened to Watertown police screaming for back up as they got BOMBS thrown at them during a GUNFIGHT at point blank range and all out warfare unfolding in the middle of a quiet neighborhood.

I also remember the moment BPD and the surrounding towns went completely radio silent, wondering where all the police went. No chatter, no reports, nothing.

I walked up to my living room window, and It was just then that it occurred to me, in seeing nothing but SWAT and trucks that looked more like tanks than anything:

They were hunting.

I missed the call that came in but heard the chaos unravel as the entire Boston area got word that the last remaining bomber was in some dude’s boat. Then, one cool calm collect voice came over and said:

SWAT and HRT has it guys. Please keep all traffic off of all channels until we come back.

I like to think it was that same guy who was the one with his laser in between the eyes of the last bomber before he was arrested.

codeByNumber 2 points

I was wondering how far I had to scroll to find this. That was such a crazy night. That’s nuts that you were already listening and heard it from the very beginning.

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standingblue 9 points

It makes them look fat.

codeByNumber 1 point

Wouldn’t it be the opposite? It skinnies faces, why wouldn’t it do the same to a train? Or am I being obtuse and missing an obvious joke?

standingblue 1 point

It was a joke. Trains are thicc as is.

To answer your question, my guess is that there would be noticeable distortion of the train. Wide angle lenses and specific geometric designs don't always agree with one another.

40-50mm focal lengths are an approximation of what the human eye sees.

codeByNumber 1 point

Gotcha. That was my understanding as well. Thanks!

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AstroBoolin 1 point

Agreed man. I was corrected by someone and acknowledged what he saw and complemented him on his attentiveness. Literally that's all people have to do, if I'm wrong, correct me. Tired of this 'downvote because you didnt see what I saw' bs.

codeByNumber 0 points

Well I can’t speak for everyone but after following this whole thread it was just funny to me to go back and downvote all your comments. Sorry, sometimes the voting system becomes a meta joke in itself don’t let it twist your panties too much.

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/politics
Automantic 0 points

No the 2nd amendment is fine, it says "a well regulated militia". They just need to fine tune regulation.

Also you can't go about "abolishinging" the bill of rights as it sets an even more dangerous precedent than having a bill of rights did in the first place (which is the government taking the stance that because the bill of rights prohibits certain powers, the government has all powers not prohibited, rather than the government having no powers that are not specifically enumerated in the constitution, as it was intended)

codeByNumber 1 point

You can abolish an amendment with an amendment. You don’t have to throw out the entire bill of rights.

An amendment of pretty much ANY kind wouldn’t get enough support in this polarized political climate though. Thankfully we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

SCOTUS has already ruled in the DC vs Heller case that the 2nd amendment extends to individuals rights to bear arms and isn’t restricted to a militia. Reversing that precedent would be a near impossible hill to climb but again, we don’t have to.

As part of the Heller decision SCOTUS determined that the second amendment does not prevent gun regulation.

From the conservative Scalia’s pen strokes directly:

Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts rou- tinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.

Automantic 1 point

Abolishing anything from the bill of rights set a dangerous precedent.

Next lets abolish the 1st amendment. or the 9th amendment. We don't need birth control right? or abortion? or privacy? Lets abolish the 4th amendment too.

codeByNumber 1 point

Did you even read my comment? My whole point was we can legally and constitutionally have gun regulations without abolishing he second amendment based on SCOTUS decision. Don’t argue with me, argue with SCOTUS.

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tee-dub 56 points

I grew up in that desert. While I can't guarantee what it'll be like this year due to the lack of rain, I definitely recommend that you head out to the Mojave Desert or Death Valley, even the desert in the Coachella Valley, in mid-March and take in the marvel of the wildflower blooms that blanket the desert.

codeByNumber 31 points

Add Joshua Tree to the list. Also there are plenty on mountains near LA.

Edit: Any other random music suggestions?

Tjrulesz 60 points

Thank you so much for your photo. (:

I was born in Weinheim and moved to the US as a baby and have never been able to afford to go back and visit. It's so nice to see at least pictures of the area.

codeByNumber 23 points

You should check out more of this guy’s work then when you are missing home. He has lots of great stuff from his local area!

Hat Cat Photography

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/photocritique
Cheese_is_love 14 points

Oh I didn't even realise that she is smiling! Told them all to " act tough for the next minute ", guess she didn't hear me 😆 Thank you for your critique!

codeByNumber 20 points

I think it still works. It is more of a mischievous “we’re up to no good” smile to me.

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/EarthPorn
NiNmaN8 102 points

You are either Jesus with a camera or Jesus with photoshop.

codeByNumber 26 points

Jesus dice; “Por qué no los dos?”

Edit: Fixed my conjugation ; P

anweisz 1 point


codeByNumber 1 point

Thanks! I’m rusty with my conjugations.

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absintheandfreckles -5 points

I mean, this is r/itookapicture not r/itookapictureandthenobviouslyeditedit. It's still a nice pic tho

codeByNumber 2 points
vign5440 4 points

It is. Just that I'm a musician so I just thought of my time spent editing sloppy guitars

codeByNumber 1 point

Right on...I didn’t mean to disparage your comment with mine.

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franklinsteinnn 18 points

I had the place to myself thankfully

codeByNumber 1 point

Well that’s a gift in itself!

franklinsteinnn 6 points

97% of visitors don’t leave the valley floor. Majority that do, mainly do the more popular hikes (Upper Falls, 4 Mile, and Mist Trail). After passing these crowded areas, or if choosing a different trail, you’re most likely gonna be on your own.

codeByNumber 1 point

That’s a far point. I’ve only been once and it was with my wife and toddler in tow. Next time I hope to be able to explore off the beaten trail a bit more.

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/EarthPorn
ilikefishwaytoomuch 96 points

This is from my trip to the deserts and mountains of the southwest. This was actually my least favorite location out of all of the places we had been to. Great for photographs, but not really much else. It was mostly just really hot, dry, and shitty the entire time. People always say how beautiful the desert is.. And yeah its beautiful for like 20 minutes after sunset and before sunrise. Would rather be in mountains/10.

ALSO: This area had very little usable mud tile for good photographs. It is a fragile area, and even though I didnt like the area that much I still will not give out the location. Its off of a main road. These can be found about 1 mile away from washes known as alluvial fans. If you want to find one of these playas just follow a wash (mud river) down until it ends. A couple hundred feet later and you will find something like this. They are all over the place.

You can see more of my photos over at:

codeByNumber 1 point

Goddamn dude! Nice portfolio!!

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/recruitinghell
ugello 42 points

Yes, and it filters out people who are confused by such request. At my company we used to ask candidates to give us a presentation on "anything". Some folks were so confused by this and asked so many questions about what that meant before even showing up that we kinda grew cold before even meeting them.

codeByNumber 70 points

In my line of work we would prefer to hire the people who ask questions. These are the people who thoroughly vet protect requirements and don’t build something based off of assumptions.

Jhago 2 points

That's kind of it, isn't it?

Selecting people based on how compatible their personality is with the job? Same task done by the same person getting different outcomes in an interview... Hence why a "bad interview" can just be lack of compatibility...

codeByNumber 2 points

True that!

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splergel 21 points

And Activision Blizzard owns Blizzard Entertainment. Different companies, both of which happen to have the word "Blizzard" in the name. The company that made Warcraft 3 and Overwatch does not own King.

codeByNumber 16 points

One is a parent company to the other. Do you really think parent companies have zero influence on the companies they own? Especially when it comes to monetization?

ConvenientlyNoAnswer 4 points

True, but just because they can fuck with Blizzard doesn't mean they are. It wouldn't take much to lose all the trust they've built up over the years.

codeByNumber 2 points

Fair enough, I'm sure the development team would try and riot if the suits tried to force something like that for the reasons you mentioned. I guess my point is isn't something they are morally opposed to as a whole.

The fact is $4 billion of the $7.16 billion in revenue last year came from microtransactions. $2 billion of that $4 billion came from King games.

To be fair the comment I responded to said that only Blizzard can do microtransactions right, and they largely do get it right. It is their sister company King that does it "the dirty way". As others have pointed out though, that is King and not Blizzard so I will concede that point.

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HebrewHamm3r 10,335 points

For anyone reading here that might get confused like me initially, "IRA" here doesn't refer to the Irish Republican Army, but the Internet Research Agency (which is the troll farm/company/whatever you want to call it that the Russian gov't set up in 2014 or so to sow discord)

edited for clarity

codeByNumber 263 points

Thank you because I literally just gasped “THE IRISH?!!” In hindsight that’s pretty hilarious.

yurtyahearn 2 points

Hey now, the IRA aren't "the Irish"

codeByNumber -1 points

This is true, but my joke would be less funny if I explained that nuance.

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/photography
codeByNumber 21 points

This one makes me cringe a little bit. I mean, I still think it is a decent idea and execution but choosing a famous WWII photo for the viewfinder is a bit much lol. Maybe it would have made more sense if I were posting it on Veterans or Memorial Day but no.

aaron_rabago 20 points

The made in Germany completes the photograph

codeByNumber 8 points

That must have been my stupid thought process. Grandpa, Germany, WWII, Normandy!!! Grab the tripod!!!!

codeByNumber commented on a post in r/IAmA
athennna 317 points

Especially in a school that size, I read it was something like 3,000 people? That’s insane.

I went to a comparatively tiny jr high / high school with 100 kids in my graduating class. When some of my classmates died it was absolutely devastating - because even if you didn’t like the person you definitely knew them, after being stuck together for seven years.

With nearly a thousand kids in a class I can imagine there are classmates you’ve never even spoken to before.

codeByNumber 120 points

I went to a high school with around 3000 students. My wife and I went to the same school. We never met until after I graduated though. She was the ultimate wallflower though. You absolutely can go years without speaking with someone in a school that size.

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