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denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
walkwithred 3 points

Has the wtc tech been revealed yet? I remember a statement about the tags writing to the blockchain directly without an API and people were questioning the feasibility of that statement.

I hold ven and wtc. My wtc bags are lighter though so I don’t follow the news as closely.

denny_weinberg 2 points

Its confirmed that tags dont write directly to the blockchain. The RFID Scanner does.

denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/androiddev
PuzzledProgrammer3 1 point

I can never get the emulators running on my old 2011 macbook and cant figure out how to take a screenshot on my LG phone I bought back in 2015 :(

Right now some of the spacing is off and letters are coming on top of each other and the pics arent showing up

but this is what it is supposed to look like

denny_weinberg 9 points

You cant take screenshots while you are a developer?? How is this even possible?

PuzzledProgrammer3 1 point

sorry I figured it out after looking into it here it is

I was just kind of frustrated as I have a long position in btc right now :D

denny_weinberg 0 points

I sold all my coins because it drove me crazy :p i got out with gains so Im fine. But I could have much more :p as always in cryptos, at the and its frustrating :p

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denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
denny_weinberg 2 points

Same in belgium

gyulak 2 points

Which bank you mean? I have no problem with bnp paribas or axa?

denny_weinberg 2 points

KBC Blockes visa buys in coinbase for some weeks now

denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/Freyrchain
FacesOfEth 1 point

Nah ETH is down too low right now. 0.2 is all I can do Denny.

denny_weinberg 1 point


FacesOfEth 1 point

Okay you sent me a PM saying you don't have any gas to send them to me and you're saying you are going to send me the private key?

Guy.... That is the definition of sketchy...

denny_weinberg 1 point

OK if you don't trust me you send me gas, I send you half of the coins, you send ETH to my exchange address, I send you the rest. You can choose. You have to understand my Problem. I have frec on MEW without gas and want ETH on binance. Thats all

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denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
denny_weinberg -5 points

Hey guys, I need some gas on MEW. Can someone send me like 0.10$ please?

ryanonthevedder 2 points

you can sell some coin through kyber network for eth and it is done "in wallet". It happened to me once and kyber bailed me out in less than a minute!

denny_weinberg 1 point

Sadly FREC is not available to trade there. Thanks anyway.

denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/waltonchain
FinnishPlankton 10 points

I sold majority of my position on the "lows" straight after the pdf was released. Have been a holder since October with a balance of little over 1k WTC. I see the recent news good for GMN holders (and rightfully so) but since crypto is a jungle, it is every man for himself. Over 1 million tokens created in a short term will push the price down even more, I expect 100k sats this month and will be buying back in those levels. Those with a balance fewer than 5k are now putting their hopes on staking. But when you put the staking rewards in perspective: 1m total stake rewards for the rest of time when roughly the same amount is given in one day for "few" holders.

All I am saying that from my perspective there is little reason to wait and watch from the sidelines to see the price fall. I know this is not certain and there might be a big announcement which will change everything, but for me that is a risk I am willing to take. Feel free to down vote.

denny_weinberg 2 points


denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
denny_weinberg -1 points

Serious discussion: What do you think about pow? I mean, it's just waste of computing power and energy just to make sure nobody can manipulate the blockchain. But so many coins are building there mechanics and tools around this that it will not be easy to replace by another tech. Did you heard about holograph/hashgraph/simply other consensus mechanisms like iota to resolve this problem? What about nano (I think it's really interesting)? Please say what you know and help me to get out of this problem. I mean, blockchain with pow can't be the solution right???

theslayerofFUD 1 point

POS is the solution which is why the Cardano IOHK team are spending so much time on the Ouroboros Proof of Stake Algorithm to get it right and ensure that it attack resistant

denny_weinberg 1 point

Thanks. I will read this.

denny_weinberg commented on a post in r/waltonchain
travis- 3 points

I give up. Ran it as admin, allowed in firewall, created new wallet. Nothing I did will sync this wallet. Theres also confusion for masternode holders. Some people on slack are being told to create a new wallet and mine to your eth address while other people are saying NOT to do that.

I guess I'll just wait for the next update.

denny_weinberg 1 point

Create a new wallet, disable firewall, run as admin. Should work.

Dalto3 9 points

Check out Disa

linkme: disa

denny_weinberg 2 points

Nice, it also supports SMS! Thanks!

VarkingRunesong 1 point

I don't think there is another app that does both Facebook Messages and SMS in one other than Facebook Messengers. I am in the process of converting my whole family over to something else and no longer use SMS.

denny_weinberg 1 point

Unless all of them have smartphones, this works. So for you whats the best fb messenger app without and so without sms? What app are you switching to?

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